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News Story Two

Sophomore Stacy Carol will attend a disciplinary hearing for her actions on April 10, to
decide if she should be sent to another school until she removes her facial jewelry.
Stacy believes she should be allowed to wear a lip-piercing because she is expressing her
I am a straight A student, Stacy said. I just want to get back to class. My mother and I
joined the church over winter break. Our spirituality comes from what we choose to do to
ourselves. Through body modifications, we can change how we see ourselves and the world
around us. Not every member has a facial piercing. You chose how you want to express your
superintendent Parker Gordon doesnt understand why students can't follow the dress
code which is given to them.
I cannot comment on this specific case or discuss an individual students discipline
issues, superintendent Parker Gordon said. When we created this dress code in 2009, the
district sought input from students, faculty and community members. Facial jewelry did not
make the cut. We have a dress code to have order and discipline in our school.
Although the school, facility, and other students want Stacy to remove her lip-piercing,
her mother, Lareina Carol, understands and supports any decision Stacy makes.
The piercing is part of Stacy's religion, Lareina said. My daughter wants to go to
class, but she also doesn't want her First Amendment rights trampled. I asked Stacy if she wanted
to back down and take out the lip jewelry, but she believes in our church and in our freedom. She
wants to stand up for herself and for that, I am proud.
The school allows two Muslim students to wear their hijabs even though the dress code
prohibits headwear; however, they don't allow Stacy to have facial jewelry. But junior Amina
Shakuri doesn't agree with comparing the Muslim religion to the Church of Body Modification.
I don't think you can compare the Muslim religion to the Church of Body Modification,
Amina Shakuri said. We have a rich and long history. There are more than a billion Muslims
worldwide. Our beliefs are documented. I don't have a problem with Stacy's lip piercing, but
comparing her lip piercing to my hijab is absurd.
Most people disagree with Stacy and her actions, but the ACLU lawyer who agreed to
defend Stacy at her discipline hearing thinks otherwise.
Stacy has a solid case, Sonia Stephens said. It is in the best interest of the school
district to allow her a religious exemption from the dress code. A court case could be costly and
lengthy. The district doesn't have much to stand on since it already has two religious exemptions
on file. It will be hard pressed to defend that in a court.