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The Green Dot Strategy helps develop these cultural norms:

Personal violence will not be tolerated

Everyone does their part to maintain a safe community
Green Dots are effective without putting people in harms way.

The Green Dot Strategy has proven to reduce violence by 40%.

Green Dot is about preventing violence from ever happening in the

first place. We believe that everyone has a positive and vital role to
play in making our community a safer place!
The Green Dot program provides education about tools everyone
can use to reduce domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse
and stalking. The tools are designed for use in any community.

How does it Work?

Most of us can think of times when we saw something happening or had a feeling that something wasnt quite right
a co-worker whose new relationship seems off, a neighbor who talks about their partner in a fearful way, or a
customer who grabs her child by the arm and says something in a mean way. If you see something going on that
doesnt look right, you have a lot of options.

What are these dots all about?

A red dot is a moment in time when someone choses to use their actions or words to hurt someone else.
A green dot happens when someone choses to use their actions or words to stop a red dot from happening.
Reactive Green Dots can be done when you see a red dot happening.
Direct actions include talking to someone who might get hurt or to someone who might do harm.
Delegate by asking the police, a manager or group of friends to intervene.
Distract by starting a conversation about sports or ask if you have met before.
Proactive Green Dots help to stop violence before it ever happens; posting a violence prevention video on
social media, talking to friends and neighbors about Green Dots, put information about Green Dot in a

How can I participate and help reduce violence?

Like the Green Dot Ybor Facebook page and share it with friends.
Start doing and talking about Green Dots on social media.
Request a Green Dot Overview Talk for your group about how to reduce violence.
Attend a Green Dot Active Bystander Workshop to learn safe intervention tools.
Join our monthly team meetings & help organize community events.
Sponsor an Active Bystander Workshop. Tom Mueller
Green Dot Program Coordinator
Green Dots are INDIVIDUAL CHOICES that meet in a shared
vision creating the momentum of a social movement.

In order to enhance community safety, a critical mass of people will need to engage in a new
behavior or set of behaviors that will make violence less sustainable within any given community.
The new behavior is a green dot.

une, a Health Care

EXAMPLES: ary is submitting another online order of Center Director, adds
green dot lapel pins to her usual vendor. screening questions
This time, the vendor writes back What do about power-based
eturning to her apartment late on a these pins mean anyway? Mary sends personal violence to
Friday night, a young woman steps onto back an email describing in detail the the standard intake
an elevator to find two guys attempting power and purpose of the green dot. Within form at her Health
to coerce an intoxicated female into hours, the vendor writes back I have Clinic and trains all of
getting off at their floor. Just as the begun wearing the pin. I printed off your her clinicians to
drunk woman is about to step off the explanation, and whenever someone asks respond to any
elevator with the two men, the sober me what the pin means, I simply pull your disclosures patients
woman touches her arm and simply explanation out of my pocket and give it to make.
says, This isnt your floor. Why dont them to read. Ive had three people just
you let me get you back to your room? today ask me.

orey, a reporter for a local

eff has been designated as the sober driver sing Green Dots for station responds to an invitation
for the evening. Upon receiving a call, he pulls Men as his guide, from the local crisis center to
to the front of the bar and picks up a friend and Alfred, a local Minister, forge a partnership. He educates
a woman he has never met. His friend instructs strikes up a himself, and proactively seeks
him to take them both back to his place. The conversation with his out stories to cover that will raise
woman protests that he had promised to get son on the car ride his communities awareness of
her back to her own house. His friend insists home about mens sexual assault and the things
that Jeff ignore the pleas of the woman. With powerful role in they can do to prevent it.
only a moments hesitation, Jeff takes the girl preventing violence.
back to her place.

onald, a business owner, is hief realizes an inadequate response of

ran, a law enforcement
concerned as his wife shares his well-intentioned force and makes the
about a young student of hers officer, attends additional
training because she choice to partner with a local center on an
who has just been removed from ongoing basis to ensure that officers are
an abusive home. Aware the sees a weakness in her
knowledge of power- trained to respond to domestic violence,
increased risk this young boy stalking, child abuse and sexual violence.
faces of becoming a perpetrator based personal violence
himself, Donald begins spending and how it impacts
one-on-one time with the boy victims.
each week before school
reading, mentoring, and talking.
Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each
of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in
www.livethegreendot.com the total of all those acts will be written the history of this
2014, Dorothy J. Edwards, Ph.D. generation. Robert Kennedy