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Name: ____________________________________________ Period: _____ Date: ________

Extended Learning: Position Paper

Topic: ______________________________________________________________________

Goal: To write an argument about a historical debate using specific textual evidence and
persuasive commentary to support your position.


1. Start! Chose a topic from those posted for the unit or chose your own and get approval
from Mr. Smith.
2. Research! Find and read a diverse group of sources that offer evidence and arguments for
either side of the issue.
3. Decide! Chose which side of the debate you agree with more and write a thesis statement.
4. Support! Gather textual evidence from your sources to support your decision.
5. Outline! Complete an Evidence-Based Outline (EBO) to organize your evidence and
6. Write! Make a persuasive argument using plenty of evidence backed by convincing
7. Edit! Edit! Edit! Start by editing content: is your paper well-organized? Are all of your
points well supported and connected to your thesis? Next edit for clarity: is your paper
easy to understand? Can the reader quickly and confidently identify your argument and
reasoning? Finally, edit for style: is your paper free from spelling and grammar mistakes?
Do the sentences have flow and avoid repetition?
8. Submit! Turn the paper in to Mr. Smith!
9. Reflect! Using the feedback from Mr. Smith, reflect on what you did well and how you
can improve your writing for your next paper.

Note: Papers will be assessed using the standard Evidence-Based Essay Rubric (EBER).
Additional points will be rewarded for briefly presenting your argument to the class.