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1. Turn Sheep Token to Attack Position.

2. Special summon Soul of Purity and Light, remove 1 Mars and 1 Saturn.
3. Tribute Soul of Purity and Light to summon Airknight Parshath.
4. Use Miraculous Descent, special summon The Agent of Force - Mars in Attack Po
5. Chain summon with Inferno Reckless Summon.
6. Enter Battle Phase, Sheep Token attacks Blue Eyes White Dragon.
7. Chain with Inferno Tempest.
8. Use Celestial Transformation, special summon Neo-Parshath in Attack Position.
9. Airknight Parshath attacks Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger.
10. Neo-Parsath attacks the other Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger.
11. The Agent of Force - Mars attacks Blue Eyes White Dragon.
12. Remaining monsters attack directly.

1. Use Tuning.
2. Chain with Raigeki Break, discard Plaguespreader Zombie, destroy Light and Da
rkness Dragon.
3. Chain with MST, destroy Gravity Bind.
4. Tuning's effect: send Junk Synchron to hand.
5. Light and Darkness Dragon's effect: special summon Stardust Dragon.
6. Normal summon Junk Synchron.
7. Activate Junk Synchron's effect, special summon the Tuner X which was sent be
cause of Tuning.
8. Activate Plaguespreader Zombie's effect, discard Book of Taiyou.
9. Use Enemy Controller, second effect. Tribute Plaguespreader Zombie and take A
rcana Force 0.
10. Tribute Tuner X and Arcana Force 0 to synchro summon Formula Synchron.
11. Activate Formula Synchron's effect.
12. Tribute Formula Synchron and Stardust Dragon to synchro summon Shooting Star
13. Use another Enemy Controller, second effect. Tribute Junk Synchron and take
Colossal Fighter.
14. Use Pot of Benevolence, send Junk Synchron and Tuner X to deck.
15. Activate Shooting Star Dragon's effect.
16. Use Book of Moon on Magician of Faith.
17. Use Book of Taiyou on Magician of Faith.
18. Enter Battle Phase, Colossal Fighter attacks Magician of Faith.
19. Shooting Star Dragon attacks directly 5 times.

1. Use The Cheerful Coffin, discard everything except Goldo.
2. Beiige's effect: Special summon it in Attack Position.
3. Sillva's effect: Special summon it in Attack Position.
4. Normal summon Zure.
5. Enter Battle Phase, Scarr attacks White Magical Hat.
6. Goldo's effect: Destroy both Blue Eyes White Dragons, special summon Goldo in
Attack Position.
7. All monsters attack and attack directly.

1. Activate Summoner Monk's effect, discard Monster Reincarnation, special summo
n Queen's Knight.
2. Use Generation Shift on Summoner Monk.
3. Use Reinforcement of the Army, send King's Knight to hand.
4. Normal summon King's Knight.
5. King' Knight's effect: special summon Jack's Knight.
6. Use Polymerization, fusion summon Arcana Knight Joker in Attack Position.
7. Use Premature Burial, special summon Jack's Knight in Attack Position.
8. Enter Battle Phase, Jack's Knight attacks Newdoria.
9. Arcana Knight Joker attacks directly.

1. Turn Throwstone Unit to Attack Position.
2. Enter Battle Phase, Throwstone Unit attacks Newdoria.
3. Chain with Option Hunter.
4. Ancient Gear Soldier attacks Newdoria.
5. Enter Main Phase 2, Use Tremendous Fire.
6. Chain with Serial Spell.

1. Turn Banisher of the Light to Attack Position.
2. Set Soul Release.
3. Use Giant Trunade.
4. Use Soul Release, remove 2 D.D. Dynamite, 2 D.D. Assailant, 1 monster from op
ponent's graveyard.
5. Normal summon Helios - The Primordian Sun.
6. Special summon Helios Duo Megistus.
7. Enter Battle Phase, Helios Duo Megistus attacks Needle Worm.
8. Golden Homunculus attacks attacks Five-Headed Dragon.
9. Banisher of the Light attacks instantly.

1. Flip summon Magician of Faith.
2. Magician of Faith's effect: send Creature Swap to hand.
3. Activate Armed Dragon Lv7 effect, discard Soul Tiger.
4. Tribute Magician of Faith and Man-Eater Bug to summon The Creator.
5. Activate The Creator's effect, special summon Soul Tiger in Attack Position,
discard Tsukuyomi.
6. Use Creature Swap, swap Soul Tiger with Elemental HERO Electrum.
7. Enter Battle Phase, Elemental HERO Electrum attacks Soul Tiger.
8. The remaining monsters attack directly.

1. Normal summon Petit Moth.
2. Use Multiplication of Ants.
3. Use End of the World, tribute 2 Army Ant Tokens to summon Ruin.
4. Flip summon Magician of Faith.
5. Magician of Faith's effect: send End of the World to the hand.
6. Flip summon Spirit Caller.
7. Spirit Caller's effect: special summon Elemental HERO Avian.
8. Use End of the World, tribute Magician of Faith, Spirit Caller, Avian, and Ko
zaky to summon Demise.
9. Enter Battle Phase, Ruin attacks Mystical Elf.
10. Activate Ruin's effect, Ruin attacks directly.
11. Demise attacks directly.
12. Use Ojama Trio.
13. Use Mystik Wok, tribute Ruin, take ATK as LP.
14. Enter Main Phase 2, Activate Demise's effect.
1. Normal summon Parasitic Ticky.
2. Use Opti-Camouflage Armor, equip to Parasitic Ticky.
3. Use Multiplication of Ants, tribute Petit Moth, summon tokens in Attack Posit
4. Set Statue of the Wicked.
5. Use Premature Burial, special summon Breaker the Magical Warrior.
6. Use Book of Taiyou, flip Magical Plant Mandragola.
7. Activate Breaker the Magical Warrior's effect, send Statue of the Wicked to t
he graveyard.
8. Statue of the Wicked's effect: special summon token in Attack Position.
9. Enter Battle Phase, Army Ant Token attacks Cobra Jar.
10. Breaker the Magical Warrior attacks Magical Plant Mandragola.
11. Use Ojama Trio.
12. Parasitic Ticky attacks directly.

1. Normal summon Emissary of the Afterlife.
2. Use Axe of Despair, equip to Mystic Tomato.
3. Enter Battle Phase, Emissary of the Afterlife attacks Mine Golem.
4. Mystic Tomato attacks Summoned Skull.
5. Activate Axe of Despair's effect, tribute Emissary of the Afterlife, send par
t of Exodia to hand.
6. Use Backup Soldier, send remaining Exodia parts to hand.

1. Use Shield Crush on Sand Moth.
2. Sand Moth's effect: Special summon it in Attack Position.
3. Use Acid Trap Hole on Giant Soldier of Stone.
4. Enter Battle Phase, Sand Moth attacks Millennium Scorpion.
5. Chain with Rope of Life, special summon it in Attack Position.
6. Use Call of the Haunted, special summon Berserk Gorilla in Attack Position.
7. All monsters attack directly.

1. Use MST on Mirror Force.
2. Flip summon Apprentice Magician and Lady Ninja Yae.
3. Enter Battle Phase, Lady Ninja Yae attacks Troop Dragon.
4. Use Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi, tribute Lady Ninja Yae and discard Skill Dra
5. Apprentice Magician attacks Troop Dragon.
6. Activate Apprentice Magician's effect, special summon Hurricail.
7. Use Desert Sunlight.
8. Wynn the Wind Chamber's effect: take control of Troop Dragon.
9. All monsters attack directly.

1. Use MST on Mirror Force.
2. Use Dust Tornado on Skill Drain.
3. Flip Summon Hiro's Shadow Scout.
4. Tribute Double Coston to summon Dark Magician of Chaos.
5. Activate Dark Magician of Chaos' effect, send MST to hand.
6. Use Mystik Wok, tribute Elemental HERO Bladedge, take ATK for LP.
7. Activate Ultimate Offering, tribute Hiro's Shadow Scout for Ancient Gear Beas
8. Activate Ultimate Offering, summon Helios - The Primordial Sun.
9. Use MST on Widespread Ruin.
10. Use Card Destruction.
11. Special summon Helios Duo Megistus, then Helios Trice Megistus.
12. Turn Banisher of the Light to attack position, enter Battle Phase.
13. Ancient Gear Beast attacks Nobleman-Eater Bug.
14. Dark Magician of Chaos attacks Mechanical Hound.
15. Helios Trice Megistus and Banisher of the Light attack directly.

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