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Statistical Methods in Education REMS 5953 (Online)—Fall 2016


Laura L. B. Barnes, Ph.D.

Office: 2444 Main Hall OSU-Tulsa Phone: (918) 594-8517


Statistical methods needed by conductors and consumers of research in education and the behavioral sciences. Introduction to interpretation and application of descriptive and inferential statistics.


Description of

Sampling techniques, assumptions underlying the use of statistical tests, selection of appropriate statistical techniques, calculations, and the interpretation of results of the analyses are presented.

This class is fully online—there is no face-to-face component, no physical classroom. This course will take place on Brightspace. online.okstate.edu



This is a 16-week course. Most weeks you will have a set of “Aplia” problems to complete online for each chapter assigned. You are also required to post weekly what you consider the most important thing you learned from the course materials that week and what you feel was the muddiest point. During the 16 weeks, you will also take three exams. You are welcome to work ahead but please don’t fall behind. The course schedule is posted on Brightspace and you should consult it regularly for dates of exams and other due dates. It is the student’s responsibility to know due dates for exams and assignments. It is not the instructor’s or TA’s responsibility to remind you though we will sometimes post reminders in news. If a reminder is not posted and there is a due date, the lack of reminder does not nullify the due date!


Office Hours

I will read and return emails within 24 hours, usually sooner. Email is the best way to communicate with me. Please don’t leave a message on my office voice mail because I don’t check voice mail regularly. If you feel you need to speak with someone, please call Mrs. Linda Raska at 918-594-8277 during regular business hours M-F. She can usually reach me.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing course materials, please email me with your problem immediately. In the subject area, please write On-line technical difficulty”. I will try to attend to those emails immediately.


The textbook for the online sections of REMS 5953 is Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 10th edition by Gravetter and Wallnau. The publisher is Cengage. The ISBN listed for this course package includes all required components for the course: a 3-hole punched paperback copy of the textbook and access to MindTap online learning resource and management system. You will not be able to participate fully in the course without access to MindTap.



The ISBN for this package is



Additional options and ordering

information are contained in the document Textbook and Preliminary Coursebook Information. IMPORTANT: Only my sections of REMS 5953 (68683, 69076, 69313) are using this textbook this semester. Other sections are using a different textbook that has the same name but different authors. Be very careful to check your section number if ordering from the bookstore.

Drop Policy

All university policies for withdrawal and incomplete grade assignments will be strictly enforced.


Problem sets are required for most of the chapters and will be completed online via MindTap which is accessed from the Content tab in Brightspace. These are called Aplia assigmements. Instructions for accessing Aplia assignments are located in Brightspace Content.

Weekly discussion board participation is required and described fully on Brightspace.

for Grade

Three online exams are required—dates posted on the course schedule.

I am often asked how much time students should be spending on this class. As a general rule, for a 16-week class, you should plan on spending 3 hours of study per credit hour. So, for a face-to-face class during the regular academic term, you would spend 3 hours in class and 6 hours out of class studying. For an online class, you would spend 9 hours per week during the academic year. Some weeks there may be a little more, some a little less but on average you should plan on spending 9 hours per week.

The course schedule regarding exam dates and due dates for Aplia assignments and discussion is posted in the Course Schedule and will be followed. Exams are to be taken during their scheduled times unless prior arrangements have been made. Students must contact the instructor within 24 hours of the exam period if they are prevented by illness or other emergency from taking the exam as scheduled. Weekly discussion board postings will receive a grade of zero if not completed by the due date. You may exempt from three discussion postings without penalty. All discussion and Aplia assignments are due Sunday 11:59 p.m. of the week they are assigned.


The exams will count 60% of your final grade with each exam contributing equally.


The Aplia problem sets in MindTap count 25%, and the weekly discussion assignments count 15%.

A composite grade will be formed: .60 (exam percentage grade) + .25 (Aplia percentage grade) + .15 (Discussion percentage grade). The composite grade will form the letter grade as follows: 90 - 100 = A; 80 - 89 = B; 70 - 79 = C; 60 - 69 =D; below 60 = F.

The level of your engagement in the course as evidenced by, but not limited to (1) your contributions (both quality and to a lesser extent, quantity) to weekly discussions and (2) your use of MindTap resources will be considered in evaluating borderline grades.


Oklahoma State University is committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct of its members. This level of ethical behavior and integrity will be maintained in this course. Participating in a behavior that violates academic integrity (e.g., unauthorized collaboration, plagiarism, multiple submissions, cheating on examinations, fabricating information, helping another person cheat, unauthorized advance access to examinations, altering or destroying the work of others, and fraudulently altering academic records) will result in your being sanctioned. Violations may subject you to disciplinary action including the following:

receiving a failing grade on an assignment, examination or course, receiving a notation of a violation of academic integrity on your transcript (F!), and being suspended from the University. You have the right to appeal the charge. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs, 101 Whitehurst, 405-744-5627, academicintegrity.okstate.edu

and Academic


Students are encouraged to form study groups. However, students are expected to work without collaboration on exams. Giving other students advance notice of exam questions is cheating.


For information pertaining to important dates, student disability services, academic and other university services and policies, please visit the following location: