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126 Paper 2 Part 2 FURTHER PRACTICE AND GUIDANCE ‘A DETAILED STUDY - Letter of application : Content | Read question 4 again. What points co you need to respond to? Find them i the sample application | below. Dear Sir or Madam, | | \ Thave read your advertisement for camp counsellors this summer and I ain | ; f) VERY... interested in applying for one of these positions i Tam in my second year ai university, studying Foreign Languages, and I 2) HOPE... ta become an interpreter for the United Nations after my graduation in June 2010. My (3) BIRT... language ts Swedish but Lam also quite fluent in English and Spanish so (yadaeeeteln. with the elildren and other Cale | camp counsellors would not be a problem. | (5) ALTHOVEH I have never worked on a summer camp before, [ think I have some i ‘uitable qualifications and skills that a counsellor might need. Firsily I am able to 6) ADAPT... to different routines quickly and learn the (1) PAPEE.... in a new situation Iam used to working with children since have 4 (8) PART-DHE | jb teaching Swedish to 8-11 year olds who have recendly emigrated here with their ' families. Part of the job requires me to co-operate with other volunteers in planning \ lessons; in this situation I am willing 40 listen to other people's ideas as well as (J ATRIOTE ny own Twould be happy 40 get MOMYQEYED with the sports activities at the camp as L usually play volleyball of take (tt) “PAT... im tennis tournaments most | weekends. I also have several certificates in life saving which T think might be quite useful. Could you please send me a list of the (12) LOCATIONS and dates of recruitment days in Northern Europe? E would be willing to travel 4o an interview if no | recruitment fairs are planned for Sweden | T look forward 40 hearing from you, | Yours faithfully, Christina Rekn Writing Part 2 Setter of application) Model answer This model has been prepared as an example ofa very good answer However please note tha this s just one example out of several possibie approaches. eee ‘Dear Sir or Madam, | saw your advertisement for people to work on environmental projects in @ magezine aad would very much like to take part in ‘one of your projects ‘The work appeals to me because I think it sof vital importance that we should do all we can to make the environment wo live ina heather and more beatifil pls, Thalive his can hve hhuge impact on society. I people live somewhere tha looks tidy und attnetive then they will fel beiter about their Lives. They ‘will find pleasure in going about their dally routines and may bo aspired to be more creative and energetic in their own work. Creating interesting play areas for children is, 9 my opinion, also of particular importance. [¢ will encourage children to spend ‘more time playing outside rather than siting indoors infront of @ "TV or computer screen and that can only be good forthe Future health of the nation Thelieve thet I should personally be able to contribute most ‘a gandening project either in a ety park or in the eountryside. 1 have always loved working with plants and, while Lwes a student, Thad a series of summer jobs working inthe university grounds, helping to keep the laws and flower beds tidy, However, I should ‘be more than willing to become involved in any project where it ‘was flt I could be use [would be more than willing to supply any further information or to attend an interview as required. “Yours itil, Notes + Appropriate opening and closing fora letter of application + Opening paragraph gives a clear statement ofthe reason for the letter + The instructions are clearly followed + Clearly defined paragraphs © Good range of vocabulary and structures used + Karety of sentence lengths used + Appropriate register ~ suitably formal + No language errors rect length 3 CETER of ee conenpt ro) {have no hesitation in recommending Kasia Pawlovska asa suitable person to do a summer job for you. I have known Kasia for five years asa friend and follow student. Kasia meets all the desired requirements that you outlined jn your leer to me, She as a very friendly aad outgoing personality and always gets on well with people. She lived in several different countries in her childhood and it was possibly ‘his that has made her interested in different cultures and peoples. Se respects everyone whatever their religion, race, age or gender may be Kasia moved to this region five years ago and she says that she mediately fell in love withthe area. She is very interested in loca! history and certainly knows far more about tis area than 1 do, even though Thave lived here all my life. Last year a group of Brazilian students visited our college and Kasia volunteered to show them the sights. They were very complimentary about hor skills as a guide and were very impressed that she was able to answer all their questions about our area, Kasia always manages to stay calm even when she is under sure. She has six younger brothers and sisters and this pethaps explains her ability to cope well when there area lot of Aiferect demands on her time and attention. ‘Tam sue that Kasia would be very popular with visiting tourists. They would love ber warmth and friendliness and would consider themselves lucky to heve such 8 talented, charming and. helpful person to take care of them. Notes *+ The writer deals with all the points required by the task *+ The letter is clearly organised into paragraphs + The ist paragraph clearly states the reason for writing * Bafa pargraph sums up pins made troughou the reference + The writer gives examples to support the points being made about Kasia suitability FURTHER PRACTICE AND GUIDANCE PAPER 2 PART 2 GET oF OPLAINT SAMPLE ANSWER Now read this sample answer for question 4 in Part 2 and answer the questions that follow It. Dear Sir or Madam, tm writing to complain about your Hotel Blue star, where | iit staying for two nights on 24th-25th of november during my business trip. Despite of a endations ofa friend of mine, | encountered three major problems that made my stay vather unpleasant and unnecessarily ‘complicated. Although Sree cio Efe were of high standard, certainly cannot say the same ‘about your service. ror the fst night resered a table fr four people in your hots restaurant. For some reason the feservation had not been made and my business partners and | had to wait at the lobby for more than half an hour to get a table. Considering that my guests were ‘some of the most important: painess partners of mine, this was most unpleasant. ‘The next evening t arrived atte hotel very tired at 7pm, hoping het dinner, which ordered in the morning, will be delivered to my room at 7.30pm. At8 o'clock, starving, | rang the restaurant. They knew nothing about my oy tre (ad to walt (or my dinner for another 45 minutes to be ready. ‘the same evening | rang the reception, asking them to prepare bill forthe following morning as 1 was about to leave at 6am for the airport and could not wait. This had not been done either, which | was etter wait for me. 100K more than 20 minutes CO get my ‘eauly. Not mentioning that my taxi booking was omitted too. {strongly advise you to inform your hotel staff n the reception well as in the restaurant about the appalling service | had to endure ‘and instruct them in the service they should provide, especially for aera pte who usually ack the time for waiting | dont ‘require any financial compensation, faithough your apology and information about ‘steps that have been taken to avoid such a situation in the future is awaited. Yours faithfully, Content ‘Ar all the main points mentioned in the question covered? Where are these points covered? If any are Ae covered, which are missing? Are any adeitional points included? If so, what are they, and are they relevant? ‘Communicative achievement Arete style and tone of the letter appropriate? How would yOu describe them? Why are they appropriate or inappropriate? Is the format sultable Tora letter of this kind? If so, why? Hf not, why not? 10 you fee that someone reading this letter would be cieet what the writer's point of view is throughout Pe ito, summarise the writer's point of view briefly. not, Say what you fee! is unctear in the letter. Organisation Ie the totter well-organised in terms of the beginning, mide ‘and end? Is it divided into paragraphs appropriately? Describe briefly the content of each paragraph. oes the letter flow well in terms ofthe linking of points and ideas within paragraphs and between paragraphs? Give examples of places where the Faxing is good. If there are oacasions when the inking ear jequate or inappropriate, suggest improvernents Language Is there a wide range of vooabulary and grammatical structures? If so, give examples. If there are to eerons when the vocabulary or grammar is too simple, suggest alternatives. ‘Are there any mistakes in the use of vocabulary or grammar? Correct any that you find. Now check your assessment of this sample answer with the assessment. 7 mil LETEIL OF COMP LAMNST~ Fortune Goods 317 Orchard Road Singapore 14 February 2014 ‘Attn: Mr David Choi Sales Manager Everlong Batteries 171. Choi Hung Road Hung Hom Hong Kong Dear Mr Choi Re, Order No. 768197 | am writing to inform you that the goods we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly. 0n7 February 2014 we placed an order with your firm for 12,000 ultra super long-life batteries. The consignment arrived yesterday but contained only 1,200 batteries. This error put our firm in a difficult position, as we had to make some emergency purchases to fulfil our commitments to all our customers. This caused us considerable inconvenience. 11am writing to ask you to please make up the shortfall immediately and to ensure that such errors do not happen again. Otherwise, we may have to look elsewhere for our supplies. ook forward to hearing from you by return. Yours sincerely J. Wong J. Wong Purchasing Officer