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My Version

Main Goal:

The Main Goal of the Series to set up a Batman Universe. Through the Series we need to

get clear Motivations on Characters and why they end up where they end up. The series needs to

show an evolution of the city as it starts to self-decay from the start of the series.

Set Up:

Like with Smallville, with Gotham you want to tell a core story. Its an Origin story. Its

covering the origin of some of the most notorious Batman Characters: Batman, James Gordon,

and The Penguin. The idea is to do the show in the most controversial and unique way allowing

the for the series to become something unique and undone before. This takes all aspects of the

Batman canon to create a unique and fresh take on the Batman Mythos.

Ground Rules:

1. Bruce can only be Batman for the Last Season. Batman is protected by the movies,

and Bruce is Batman. While the lack of Bruce as Batman can hurt the series, there are

plans to work around it.

2. Must give the audience an origin for the Joker. That is one of the key goals for the

actual show. I decided to take mine and work with what has been done to give

something satisfactory over creating something like Jerome.

3. No Fancy Gadgets. No real budget, and the show is intended to be somewhat

grounded, so unfortunately no Batmobile.

4. Each Season will tell a fleshed-out story. Gotham has been doing this odd thing

where it splits each season into two story arcs while it works for it, it hasnt made

Gotham any better.

5. Supervillains at a Minimum. This is to keep the show from breaking focus from the

protagonist. There is certainly a place for Supervillains, just not as a main or primary

focus of the show. The show is setting up the more grounded figures of the Batman

Mythos with care.

6. No other heroes. As cool as it would be to see The Question or Phantom Stranger, it

doesnt really fit the idea or the vision set up in this series.

7. 8 Seasons only. While 10 seasons are the standard hope for Comic Book shows, I

found it better to do a shorter series. Ending at 8 Seasons allow the show to end on its

own terms instead of the terms of a quota.

8. 20 Episode Seasons. Its the standard for Cable shows to do roughly 20-23-episode

seasons. Personally I would prefer 13 episode Seasons but a production schedule set

at only 20 Episode seasons would be best suited for the show as it meets a network

desired amount, while also working with the story and being able to develop it


9. Like Smallville, and the actual Gotham t.v. Series, This Universe Isnt connected to

any prior T.V. Series continuity. This allows Gotham to work as it needs and as it

wishes, giving little to no trouble for the writers as they develop the story further.

10. This does not change the DCEU films from existing. The only thing it might do is,

with casting only, keep certain actors from portraying certain roles in other T.V.

Show. I am not recasting everyone but most of them.

Season 1
Main Plot Threads:
A.) Maria Kyle has been murdered, G.C.P.D. begins investigating her Death with new

Transfer James Gordon and his Partner Harvey Bullock.

B.) James Gordon is a transfer from Chicago, already marked as an I.A. rat, the result of

which nearly killed his wife, leaving him in intense Physical therapy. Theyve come to

Gotham where Gordon is forced to try to clean the city up while being plunged deeper

into the corruption via Harvey Bullock.

C.) Bullock is punished for fucking up a murder that was supposed to look like a Suicide. As

Punishment, hes forced to Partner with Gordon, finding Bullock to more often be in

trouble. To get back in Loebs good graces he has to convince Gordon to play ball in the

Gotham environment.

D.) Thomas Wayne is entrusting his Company to Damian Head, while he and Damian

attempt to develop a cleaner Gotham Initiative called Wonder City, an environment to

rebuild and reshape the city allowing low-to-no-cost homes.

E.) Martha is attempting to use the Waynes Influence and the Wonder City initiative as a

platform for a Mayoral Campaign while seeing the oncoming danger, they hire a former

British Special Forces Officer, Alfred Pennyworth.

F.) Carmine Falcone is attempting to get Gordon on board with the Program while also

getting the Kyle Case Hushed, as it stands to be the only likely way of him getting

brought down. This forces Carmine to enlist the help of a figure, in his opinion, similar to

the Devil Drury Walker.


A.) Maria Kyle was the Lover of Carmine Falcone, learning information from pillow talk

and investigating she found information linking him to Mayor William Klass. She

leaked it to Martha in hopes her election would allow her to clean up Gotham. Her

murder was handled by an associate of Falcone.

B.) Thomas and Martha are unable to get City clearance for Wonder Tower, This hurts

Thomass attempt to give Gotham a Landmark to strive for, a physical representation

of hope for the city.

C.) Thomas and Marth Wayne are murdered in the season finale, setting up Season 2, as

the Maria Kyle murder was the Crutch of Season 1, Their murders is the Crutch of

Season 2s Plot.

D.) Gordon begins to see how deep the Well goes, seeing that the Commissioner and

Mayor both actively work alongside the fleeing Carmine Falcone, whos territory

now belongs to Drury Walker. Walker begins his complete domination of the Gotham

underworld, striking fear in the underbosses.

E.) Selina Kyle is revealed to be the Daughter of Carmine Falcone, brought into the Mob

by Drury as his premier apprentice. Drury sees a bigger world for her, and sees her as

the daughter he never had.

F.) Carmine escapes the United States Leaving his Lieutenants to fight, in fear, against

Walker, over what territories are left.

Season 2
Main Plot Thread:
A.) Bruce makes Detective Gordon Promise to find who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne.

This case becomes the primary focus of GCPD. This leads to Bullock and Gordon

establishing a bond over genuine detective work, learning through the season the usual

suspects (Cobblepot, Mooney, Walker, Zucco, Nor Falcone) had anything to do with it.

B.) Bullock is working with Gordon in secret to get Loebs foot off of Bullocks neck.

Bullock wants Flass to work with him to turn over Loeb to I.A. Bullock is slowly

realizing he is an internal optimist and wants to make Gotham a Better Place.

C.) Bruce is taken under the wing of Wayne Enterprises New Head, his fathers best Friend

Damian Head. Damian takes over as a Pseudo Parent to Bruce, under Alfreds close

guidance. This allows Bruce to learn the lifestyle of a billionaire and meets Damians

Twin daughters Nyssa and Talia.

D.) Drury Walker is the king of Gothams underworld. Selina is learning how to run

operations from him on a day to day basis. She is learning to be a Falcone. Meanwhile

The three of Falcones underbosses decide the best way to seize Gotham is to work

together, putting together a string of plans to eliminate Drury.

E.) Flass works for the Underbosses wanting to get Drury out, feeling that Walker is ruining

a good deal by paying Cops less and using more Blackmail techniques. Flass wants to get

Bullock in on the action.

F.) Clara attempts to talk Gordon into leaving. Revealing herself to be pregnant with

Gordons child.


A.) His name is Joe Chill. He killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, mugging them for a

Heroine fix. He is found and imprisoned in Blackgate Penitentiary.

B.) Loeb proves to Bullock there isnt any way for him to be dethroned as he works for the

highest bidding mobster. Hes set in power and has hands all over I.A.

C.) Bruce begins to suspect a darker side of Damian. This ends with Damian leaving Bruce a

heartfelt goodbye, returning to his home of Nanda Parabat to reclaim the countrys


D.) Drury and Selina evolve into darker characters. Drury takes hold of his Killer Moth

Persona finding himself psychologically transformed by the freedoms permitted, while

Selina begins to explore her darker natures, taking on the role of a burglar named the


E.) An all-out Mob war, that has transformed Drury and the face of Gotham. Each of the

former partners begin to delve deeply into a transformation of their inner selves. Oswald

becomes Penguin, Bruno takes her full Nazi-style fashion, Zucco becomes The Boss.

F.) The news of Clara being pregnant disorients Gordon, who fakes happiness to her while

hiding inner depression especially at the thought of raising a child in Gotham.

Season 3
Main Plot Thread:
A.) Bullock and Gordon are tasked by Commissioner Loeb to take down Drury Walker. Loeb

wants to end the Mob War as well as get the territories back to Falcones Former


B.) Bruce is lost, with his father having died and his potential mentors having left, he finds

solace in Alfred who, up to now, has fought the idea of being a father but embraces the

idea as he sees Bruces need for a Father Figure.

C.) Drury has trained Selina to be an expert fighter. He plans to indoctrinate her into a secret

society that Drury belongs too known as the Court of Owls.

D.) Drury has used his resources to purchase and finance a re-furbished Arkham Asylum.

This leads to Chief of Medicine of the Asylum, Professor Hugo Strange, to work on the

inmates with insane experimentation.

E.) Gordon begins seeking therapy to assist in his depression, hiding this from his wife,

Clara. Gordon admits to having suicidal thoughts and thoughts of trying to leave Gotham

but being unable to.

F.) Members of I.A., Allen and Montoya, begin working with Gordon as a way of going

behind the system to take down Loeb.


A.) Bullock and Gordons efforts trap Strange and Walker, who unleash Stranges Monster

Men upon Gotham.

B.) Alfred has begun to teach Bruce order, with Bruce seeing him as a Drill Sergeant and

gaining comfort from that.

C.) Selina decides to remain in the shadows. Wanting to become the best physical fighter she

can be, without the help of any organization. She wants to become her own Woman and

her vision of that is different than from Walkers vision for her future.

D.) Drury is saved by the Court of Owls while the Monster Men destroy Gotham turning it

into a No Mans Land.

E.) While Gordon is trapped on the Main Land, Clara is safe across the Harbor. She

discovers Gordon has been going to therapy gives her fears that Gordon hates her.
F.) The Rise of the Monster Men in Gotham forces all GCPD to work together in unison. For

the first time, all of Gotham wants to keep the people safe.

Season 4
Main Plot Thread:
A.) Gotham is Overrun by the Monster Men (referred to in show as Metahumans) locking

down the Main island. 6 months has passed and its a No Mans Land. Police, including

Gordon and Bullock, struggle to keep order as it takes numerous officers to take down 1.

B.) A masked figure has been taking down the Metahumans, helping the Police, while

another figure has been slaughtering them.

C.) A Man named Henri Ducard, a Blind War-Vet friend of Alfred, shows up to Wayne

Manor finding a home with Alfred and Bruce. Ducard begins teaching Bruce, alongside

Alfred, in various forms of Martial Arts. All the while Alfred holds Ducards Secrets.

D.) The Masked Figure hunting Metahumans for the Police begins hunting the Court of Owls

and their main headhunter The Talon.

E.) Gordon meets the Masked Vigilante, who reveals his name as The Bat. Gordon is

hesitant to work with this man, while the Bat continues to show him that he can be


F.) The Court of Owls give Talon an Execution Order for The Bat. As they try to infiltrate

Wayne Enterprises.


A.) Most of the Metahumans are Jailed, allowing citizens to come back to the City, thanks in

part to The Bat. Refugees are returned from Wayne Manor to their homes.
B.) The Bat is revealed to the City putting the Falcone Lieutenants and Drury Walker on

notice that he is coming.

C.) Alfred tells Ducard he knows hes The Bat, telling him he wont let him do this to His

Son Alfred pressure Ducard to tell Bruce who he really is. Ducard tells him that for

Bruce Wayne to be safe, Thomas Wayne must be dead.

D.) Talon Fights The Bat only to be brought down. The Court of Owls disperses from

Gotham for the time being.

E.) Gordon establishes trust with The Bat, with an eye towards taking down Loeb and the

Mob. This reaches to Bullock and I.A. who all begin to work on defeating the Loeb and

his mob.

F.) Penguin decides it is time to make his move for control, taking on Bruno and Zucco.

Season 5
Main Plot Thread:
A.) The Bat and the Police are systematically going after the Mob. Taking down The corrupt

members of I.A. and the Politicians, Leading to Loeb and Falcones Lieutenants.

B.) Drury sees the posing threat of The Bat. He recruits a young hitman known as Jack

Napier a.k.a. The Red Hood to tackle The Bat.

C.) Ducard and Alfred train Bruce, making him a proficient fighter, and giving Bruce a sense

of comfort about his situation, he learns and gets a sense of Control.

D.) Penguin plans the assassination of Tony Zucco and Bruno using an extraordinary

assassin, Wrath.

E.) Bruno begins hunting Penguin, working directly with Zucco in his efforts to take over

F.) Jim, Harvey, and I.A. Begin work on destroying, what they perceive as the Falcone grip,

that exists in Gotham.


A.) Loeb is taken down along with other Prominent Mafia Figures, Zucco, Penguin, and

Walker. This leaves a massive power vacuum up for grabs from the criminal underworld.

B.) Napier is beaten and left in the Hospital and anonymously transferred to Arkham

Asylum, now under the care of Warden Quincy Sharp.

C.) Bruce is learning to be a detective, from Gordon, as well as to be a powerful figure like

Ducard, who has revealed to Bruce that he is The Bat.

D.) Wrath is Beaten by The Bat, as a last Resort, Walker dons the guise of Killer Moth to

take on The Bat, only to be tore down and jailed in Blackgate Penitentiary.

E.) Bruno is killed by Wrath. Leading to a fight between Wrath and The Bat.

F.) They succeed in taking down the Corrupting forces of the G.C.P.D. including Brendan,

Flass, and Loeb. Gordon is promoted to Captain for his outstanding efforts and the acting

Captain take position as Commissioner of G.C.P.D.

Season 6
Main Plot Thread:
A.) Damian Head Returns to Gotham under his true name, Ras Al Ghul. Having tracked

Thomas back to the City, he has used the Power Vacuum to establish a controlling party

for the League of Assassins. Ras Plans to demolish Gotham via underground bombs,

causing a massive reign of destruction allowing Gotham to rebuild into his Wonder City.
B.) Ducard struggles with telling Bruce the truth about being Thomas Wayne, especially at

the revelation of Ras Al Ghuls arrival. This causes the Bat to train Bruce more


C.) Jim uses his position as Captain to try to clean up Gotham, as well as establish he

commitment to Clara. After being distant he begins to open up, but worries it might be

too late for their relationship or Daughter.

D.) Penguin finds his way out of Blackgate without power or even a home. He is taken in by

the Godfather of Gotham, Arnold Wesker. Who takes Penguin under his wing and molds

him into the cruel monster Penguin can potentially be.

E.) An insane Woman known as the Jester has been Hunting The Bat. Wanting to murder

him for past aggressions. She targets Gordon and other friends of the GCPD, as well as

Targeting Alfred and Ducard.

F.) Ras Al Ghul begins to puppet master a group of The Bats enemies in order to weaken

him. Ras knows that of all his students Thomas is the only one who truly has the destroy

everything Ras has built.


A.) Wonder City Fails, The Bat stops Ras from being able to execute his plan and publicly

turns Damian Head into a pariah that the G.C.P.D. will hunt forever. Ras is painted into

a corner. He must develop a new Identity and scrub all traces of Damian Head from the

world, so that he can hide in the Public systems and set up new plans for his Eco-

B.) In a final confrontation, Ducard dies in Wayne Manor as it burns down, before he dies he

calls Bruce His Son. Giving Bruce much needed closure. As Ducard lies in the burning

mansion, Bruce takes the Cowl and Cape holding it back for when he is ready.

C.) Jim and Clara Divorce. She takes their Daughter back to Chicago, seeing Jim as unable to

leave Gotham, nor make the right choices for her or their family. Jim is left alone in his

little World, as Bullock resigns from the G.C.P.D. unable to cope with his own


D.) Penguin sees Wesker as Father Figure and a person of immense respect and cannot bring

himself to kill the Old man. Penguin instead begins formulating a Plan to allow himself

Control without killing his mentor.

E.) The Jester is revealed to be Martha Wayne. It is learned that after their Deaths

Damian/Ras took their Bodies to Nanda Parabat, and had them drenched in the Lazarus

Pit. From then they were trained to be assassins as they few memories of life before. But

when Ras wanted to use their status and power for his own Means Thomas rebelled and

left, being hunted by the League. Martha, desperate for her old life began to hate Thomas

for this and broke psychologically, becoming the Jester. She dies, like in Flashpoint,

falling down a deep cave, here after being discovered by Bruce and having a surge of

self-loathing, causing her to commit suicide.

F.) The Bats enemies are locked up in the Maximum-Security wing of Arkham Aslyum.

Under the secure watch of Quincy Sharp, the new warden of the Asylum.

Season 7
Main Plot Thread:
A.) Bruce feels alone, seeking acceptance finds it in the arms of Alfred who intends on

continuing his training, hoping it will allow Bruce to feel a sense of control. Alfred

begins to teach Bruce lessons he learned as an M.I.6 Agent.

B.) Gordon takes Bruce under his wing, following The Bats request of keeping an eye on

him. Gordon teaches Bruce the tools of a detective, helping the now 19-Year-Old Bruce

learn the ways of criminals.

C.) Penguin continues his plan to destroy Arnold, after Arnold tells him the story of Peyton

Riley a Jewish Girl he fell in love with decades prior, before being separated because of

his life of Crime. Penguin wishes to either reunite them or use her to psychologically

destroy Arnold and allowing the Penguin to be the Godfather of Gotham.

D.) Wesker has become the number 1 target of Gordon and Commissioner Michael Akins, as

His criminal influence finds itself taking back the G.C.P.D.

E.) Bruce begins training himself, attempting to make himself closer to the image he had of

Ducard, wanting to take The Bat mantle up himself.

F.) Bullock comes back to the G.C.P.D. when he hears the Godfather Wesker is back in

town. Bullock has a personal vendetta, having seen his late-wife slain under Weskers

order, in effort to break him down.


A.) Bruce has advance beyond Alfreds teachings. He has become a proficiently skilled

fighter, willing to hit low. This is a sign of Bruces Psychological manifestation into


B.) Bruce becomes a decent detective passing his criminology courses at Gotham University.

Bruce has learned how to track criminals and to follow trails.

C.) Penguin has destroyed Wesker psychologically. Leaving him to be locked up in Arkham,

after having organized the murder on Peyton Riley. The last thats seen of Wesker, he is

given his only gift from Peyton Scarface, a ventriloquist doll based on Weskers old

mob world persona. Wesker speaks to the doll as a way of trying to speak to his former


D.) The G.C.P.D. has never looked this clean. Wesker has been taken down and the Mob

looks like its on notice by the Police.

E.) Bruce leaves Gotham, in search of advancing his technique and to become a master


F.) Bullock finds closure in Wesker being locked in Arkham, but cant bring himself to

leave. This allows him to stay on the force as Cpt. Gordons top detective.

Season 8
Main Plot Thread:
A.) Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after a 3 Year absence. The Now 22-Year-Old returns

very transformed and with a Plan to take on The Bat mantle. Dedicated to turning

Gotham into the City He knows it can be.

B.) Falcone has come back to re-establish Control, working with Penguin to form a Mob

Counsel. Commissioner Akins has been executed, with Peter Grogan acting as the new


C.) Gordon is broken. His Ex-Wife died in a car wreck and he was given custody of their

Daughter, Barbara. Gordon is unable to be the feisty man of Law and Order that he was

years ago. He is left to care for their 4-year-old daughter. Its his new wife, Sarah that

helps Gordon keep his depression at bay.

D.) Napier escapes Arkham upon learning about the Return of The Bat. This causes him to go

insane and take his Red Hood mantle back.

E.) Selina lives on the streets of Gotham as a burglar. Her father, Carmine, attempts to re-

establish contact while Selina tells him to piss off constantly. She stands as the only one

protecting the Girls of Gotham. They girls refer to her as The Cat.

F.) Harvey Dent Joins the crusade to clean up Gotham, joining The Bat as the two try to

wrangle Gordon in as part of the team.


A.) Bruce is The Batman, with the whole season having played out like an adaptation of

Batman Year One and Batman: Earth One Volume 1. We see him in full costume in the

back half of the season and see his influence as Batman.

B.) Falcone is Brought down, along with Commissioner Grogan. Leading to the Mayor

establishing Gordon as Commissioner.

C.) Gordons faith in the system is rejuvenated with the resurgence of Batman. Working

closely with the vigilante to bring down the crime in Gotham City.

D.) Napier attacks Batman, having been paid by Falcone to kill him. Napier attempts a series

of different crimes to lure him out, which ends in Napier being dropped into a vat of


E.) Selina sees the Batman and develops her own persona to protect the girls. Selina becomes

the Catwoman, protecting one of the girls, Holly, who ends up helping Gordon put

Grogan and Falcone away for good.

F.) Dent and Gordon have formed a deep-seated partnership with The Batman, being able to

put Falcone away, with all of Gothams criminals on notice. The Batman is out there.
Season 1
Det. James Gordon, 20s ruggedly handsome, Hes a rough around the edges boy scout of a cop.

Hes clinically Depressed, his rap shows he isnt a figure with anger issues, just authority issues

especially when theyre dealing with Mob Bosses. Series Lead.

Bruce Wayne, 13, hes a bright and arrogant kid. He has an edge on the inside him thats clawing

out. He doesnt know what it is and his parents are little help despite trying to help him adjust.

Series Lead.

Eileen Clara Gordon, 20s, a Beautiful All American good girl. Shes been with Gordon for

years. She struggles with the way Gotham is constantly beating him down and seeks to be a

foundation of hope and inspiration. Supporting Role.

Det. Harvey Bullock, 40s, Heavy set and depressed, Harvey is partnered Gordon as part of his

shit detail for botching a murder cover up. Hes been deep in the mud and doesnt see any hope

in the world. Supporting Role.

Dr. Thomas Wayne, 30s, Handsome and irresistibly charming. Hes a medical professional first

who inherited a billion-dollar empire and is very agreeable to the advice of his advisor and best

friend Damian Head. Season Regular.

Lucius Fox, 30s, Brilliant and Wise. He has mentored Thomas for years in Business

management. Former head of R&D it was on the suggestion of Damian that Lucius become V.P.

of Wayne Enterprises. Supporting Role.

Damian Head, 50s, Arabic. Cunning and Handsome, Damian has had years of Knowledge of the

Inner workings of Wayne Enterprises and worked with Thomas father to reinvent Wayne

Enterprises made it a Billion-Dollar power company. He is the President of Wayne Enterprises.

He has two young daughters who school out of country. Reoccurring Role.

Selina Kyle, 16, A beautiful young woman from a hard life. Her mother was murdered by Arnold

Flass and was half-hazardly covered up as a Suicide by Bullock. Bullocks reluctance to kill a

child caused trouble. She is alone for the first time in her life, fortunately she knows how hard

life in Gotham is. Supporting Role.

Commissioner Gillian P. Loeb, 50s, Corrupt Police Commissioner working in tangent with

Carmine Falcone as a way of controlling the Gotham crime. He sees himself closer to the light of

a revolutionary mob boss than a Peace officer. Supporting Role.

S.W.A.T. Cap. Branden Miller, 30s, a Psychopath. Brenden has used his military history as

leverage to gain a position of S.W.A.T. Captain. He works happily as Loebs enforcer, if for

nothing else the freedom to kill. He the picture-perfect representation of a horribly un-moral cop.

Supporting Role.

Det. Arnold Flass, 30s, Strong and Arrogant. He is Bullocks best friend and longtime partner.

He tries to get Bullock back as a partner but is re-assigned to work Loebs Special Collections.

Supporting Role.

Det. Crispus Allen, 30s, Black. Crispus is a smart an honorable man. He is a church deacon and

believes in the letter of the law. Its his wish to clean Gotham legitimately, he finds Gordon

being the best possible opportunity. Reoccurring Role.

Officer Renee Montoya, 20s, Fresh from the academy and eager to learn Gotham. She suffered

a tragedy at the hands of a dirty cop, Harvey Bullock, who shot her father. She seeks an

opportunity to bring Law and Order back to the Police force. Reoccurring Role.

Martha Wayne, 30s, Beautiful and Elogent. Martha seeks to use her name and influence to bring

a new Element of care to Gotham. She is running for Mayor to inspire the People of Gotham to
feel cared for using projects at Wayne Enterprises as a way of influencing voters. Season


Alfred Pennyworth, 40s, British, Strong jawed. Alfred is a former British Spy. His father

worked for the Wayne family. Upon the beginning of her Mayoral campaign Alfred has been

hired as more of a body guard to care for Martha, Bruce, and Thomas. Supporting Role.

D.A. Marion Grange, 50s, Marion is beautiful and hard edged. Shes been a force of cleaning up

the Corruption in Gotham and wishes to see the city fixed. She has agents in the G.C.P.D. In

Crispus Allen and wishes to sway Gordon to her side. Reoccurring Role.

Oswald Cobblepot, 20s, Small and heavy set, Oswald is insane having been abandoned by his

father at a young age, he is trapped with his mother and is as overly protective of her as she is of

him. Supporting Role.

Bruno Mooney, 30s, Black. Angry and Strong. She is an a-moral monster. She is a full-on hate-

monger who sees the world in broad stereotypes. Shes been raised by Carmine Falcone to be a

mobster and likes to take men on one-night stands only to kill them as a show of power.

Supporting Role.
Tony Zucco, 30s, A slimy little bastard, Zucco is the pitch perfect vision of what Carmine sees

in a Mobster and is likely to inherit Carmines empire. Tony is quick to backstab any alliance he

would gain for nothing but the betterment of his situation. Supporting Role.

Mayor Wilson Klass, 40s, Klass is a Mob pet and very inept in his work as Mayor. Hes driven

Gothams economy to ashes, but due to his Mob connections has ran unopposed for decades.

Supporting Role.

Carmine Falcone, 50s, Old and Bitter. Carmine has ran Gotham for 40 years. He killed his own

father to get ahead as the Kingpin of Gotham. He isnt willing to give up his spot. Seeing the

Cover-up Bullock botched as the only legal recourse for bringing him down, Carmine is actively

working towards getting out of the country. Supporting Role.

Drury Walker, 40s, Tall, handsome, and Deadly smart. Drury is a very social Sociopath.

Carmine as well as the rest of Gotham recognize him as a man of talents, but Carmine recognizes

Drury as the Devil Himself. Supporting Role.

Season 2
(New Characters)
Joe Chill, 50s, Tall, scruffy. An alcoholic and drug addict by trade, he killed Thomas and

Martha Wayne while on a drug high and has been living with the nightmares of it. Joe is thought

to be the low end. Reoccurring Role.

Season 3
(New Characters)
Hugo Strange, 40s, Intelligent and demanding. Strange is as much a scientist as he is a

psychiatrist. He is focused more on unethical experiments than he is on any emotions. He has a

cold demeanor because of his actions, intending to put up a logical front. Reoccurring Role.

John Wycliffe, 40s, A person of gluttony. He is the 2nd in command of the Court seeing his

position as the stepping stone to taking over Gotham. Everything he does is out of some form of

desire or want. Reoccurring Role.

Sebastian Clark, 60s, Intelligence wrapped in insanity. Grandmaster of the Court of Owls,

Sebastian is a master at manipulating the odds to his favor. He doesnt hide under any veil of

politeness, instead stay the cold cruel person he is. Reoccurring Role.

Season 4
(New Characters)
Henri Ducard, 40s, A Blind ex-soldier, friend of Alfred. A clever disguise put up by Thomas

Wayne. He has mysteriously returned to Gotham in Disguise to keep Bruce Safe. Taking up

activities as a cold vigilante known as The Bat. Supporting Role.

William Cobb, 30s, The Talon. A Cold-blooded assassin who is covering the tracks of the Court

of Owls. He moves with cold efficiency and executes his victims is a straightforward manner. He

relishes the challenge that The Bat offers him. Reoccurring Role.

Season 5
(New Characters)
Jack Napier, 20s, The Red Hood. An assassin who takes out his target with grand presentation

fitting of a serial killer. Napier is a monster and takes in his darker elements, often finding black

humor in the acts itself. Reoccurring Role.

Elliot Caldwell, 30s, Wrath. A social elitest. He is the son of Criminals Gunned down by a cop.

He has developed a wealthy taste nurtured from the Mafia environment that raised him. His work

as Wrath is an opportunity to bring the world closer to the dog-eat-dog society he believes in.

Reoccurring Role.

Quincy Sharp, 50s, Tempered. Sharp is a no-nonsense individual. He wishes to restore

Arkhams history as an asylum that helps people, hating that, as warden, it houses numerous

members of the Criminally Insane Community. Reoccurring Role.

Season 6
(New Characters)
Ras Al Ghul, 50s, Damian Head. The guise has been removed and Ras returns to Gotham.

Searching to give the city a sense of salvation one way or another, his methods show the darker

side of his argument for the Earth. Supporting Role.

Jester, 30s, Insane and immensely talented. She is insane painting herself like an over-stylized

clown. She is the insane persona created by Martha Wayne, rejuvenated by the Lazarus Pit. Ras

has used her emotions to turn her against Thomas. Supporting Role.

Arnold Wesker, 70s, The True Godfather of Gotham Crime. Hes learned from the old world

and has become one of the most savage and monstrous Criminals in Gotham History. He finds

potential in Penguin, wanting to turn Cobblepot into the next Arnold Wesker. Supporting Role.

Season 7
No New Characters.

Season 8
(New Characters)
Harvey Dent, 30s, Powerful. Dent, as the New D.A., has shown an immense amount of Power

in the Gotham Underworld. He has shown his ability to avoid assassination as well as putting

away mob cronies. He has become a dangerous man. Supporting Role.

Batman, 22, Bruce Waynes inner self. Now working for the betterment of Gotham since

Ducards death. He uses the Batman mantle to become something otherworldly to the Gotham
Crime Syndicate. He gains the approval of Gordon and Dent, building a team working within the

system. Lead Role.