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March 08, 2017

School District #70 District Management staff

4690 Roger St.
Port Alberni, B.C.
V9Y 3Z4

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: TTOC Position in SD #70

Please find attached my resume for the position of a TTOC within district 70. It is a combination of my experiences,
values, education and passion for teaching that motivates me to apply for this position.

I have recently completed a Bachelor of Education at Vancouver Island University, where I gained valuable experience
teaching a variety of subjects to a wide range of grades. My experience preparing lesson plans and teaching a class
comprised of grades 6-9 proved to be a rewarding experience. Originally I believed my passion was founded in teaching
First Nation Studies and English; however, after completing three practicums, I have discovered that its being a part of
student development and community that is at the heart of my values.

I believe that my role as a teacher is to support students in personal growth while fostering curiosity and passion for
learning. For example, during my first day of practicum, I led a discussion focusing on the benefits of developing reading
comprehension skills. The conversation was led to have students identify for themselves the benefits of reading. The
conversation culminated with several students declaring they previously werent aware of why they should read. My
personal highlight of this example occurred after class, when a student approached me inquiring about which books I
thought they would enjoy and receive the most from.

Another example occurred when I approached a student who often did not participate in P.E. The student believed she
did not have the skills required to participate in the activity. I modified the activity for her and consequently she
discovered she possessed new skills. This same student discovered new found strength while directing a French
play. At the end of my final practicum, the student gifted me a hand-made bracelet, explaining that since she didnt have
the words to explain how much I helped her, she crafted me a bracelet to show me her gratitude. I am currently wearing
this bracelet now as a reminder of my values.

As a future educator in School District #70, I will make a commitment to both engage and challenge all my students. I will
strive to develop a passion for learning and citizenship in each student I teach. I desire to play a significant role as a
leader and a mentor, thereby enabling the students to pursue and attain an enriching school and class experience. I
believe that I will make a positive addition to your teaching staff. Most importantly, I believe I can make a positive
difference in the lives of your students.

I look forward to the opportunity where we can meet and discuss my interest in this position further. I can be reached at:
(250) 739 2556.

Lucas Anderson