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Austin Selman

Product Proposal and Calendar

Introduction and Statement of Purpose-

My final product is going to be an interactive database of information regarding breast,

prostate, and lung cancer. I am going to research the epidemiology, etiology, means of diagnosis,

and treatment in detail, and then compile all the information into a single source for my original

work. My final product will utilize this information by making it accessible to the public in an

online format. Me and Dr. Trillo have discussed this in the past and think that a website would be

particularly useful, because then he would be able to distribute it to his patients who are affected

by these diseases. The website would be easily accessible and would have all of the information

in clearly defined sections so that any person would be able to find what they are looking for.

The purpose of this website is to help in informing people about cancer. I have been

consistently surprised by how complex cancer is and how many people are affected by it. For

every type of cancer there are multiple scenarios that can change the treatment or even how the

cancer manifests in the body. It is different for everybody, and many people think of it in a

cookie cutter point of view. I hope to educate people regarding this so that they have a better

understanding of the way cancer works. There are also millions of people who are affected by

cancer. Over a quarter of a million people are estimated to be diagnosed with lung cancer alone

this year. Combined with all the cancers and the people who are already living with it, this is a

relatively huge proportion of the population. This is also why we chose breast, prostate, and lung,
because they are the most prominent cancers for women, men, and the overall population


Review of Skills and Research-

So far, I have completed the research for the epidemiology and etiology of my selected

cancers. Epidemiology is the statistics regarding the incidence and distribution of the disease,

and etiology is the causes and prevention of the disease. Currently I am working on the means of

diagnosis which will lead me into the treatment options. I will go into detail with the treatment

because there are a lot variables. Dr. Trillo has taught me to be more analytical and to be

observant. These qualities are necessary in oncology because patients often come in with only

symptoms and you must brainstorm possibilities to find the culprit. I will use these qualities as I

am searching for information that is concise but also simple enough for anybody to understand.

Breast Cancer


232,340 new cases in 2013

39,620 deaths in 2013

Incidence rates stable between 1973-1980, then increased due to better technology

Incidence rate declined 2.3% between 2006-2010

Mortality rate declines an average of 1.9% each year due to better screening and



Women 100% more likely than men to develop breast cancer

Risk increases from ages 35-75, plateaus from 75-80, and then declines

Only 10% of patients have a direct relative with the disease

Ashkenazi Jews are more likely to have a BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation that greatly

increases risk

A history of breast cancer increases risk of developing new cancer

Women who begin menstruating earlier have a higher risk

Women who enter menopause after age 55 have a higher risk

Drinking increases risk

Obesity increases risk

Birth control use increases risk

Smoking increases risk

Prostate Cancer


161,360 estimated new cases in 2017

26,730 estimated deaths in 2017

1/7 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime

3rd leading cause of cancer death in men behind lung and colorectal

1/39 men will die of prostate cancer


Risk rises rapidly after age 50

6/10 cases are in men over 65

More common in African American and Caribbean men

African Americans are twice as likely to die of prostate cancer than white men

Most common in North America, northwestern Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean

Familial history

BRCA 1 and 2 gene mutations can increase risk

High red meat and fatty dairy product diets may raise risk

High calcium may increase risk

Possible link between Agent Orange and prostate cancer

Prostatitis may be linked

Maybe STDs

Maybe Vasectomy

Prevention includes physical activity, vegetables and fruits, vitamins, and medicines like


Lung Cancer (Non-Small Cell?)


2nd most common cancer in both men and women

14% of all new cancers are lung cancer

222,500 estimated new cases in 2017 (116,990 in men and 105,510 in women)

155,870 estimated deaths in 2017 (84,590 in men and 71,280 in women)

Leading cause of cancer death

1/4 cancer deaths

More than colon, breast, and prostate combined

2/3 people diagnosed are over 65

Less than 25 under 45

Average age of diagnosis is 70

1 in 14 chance a man will get it in his lifetime

1 in 17 chance a woman will get it in her lifetime

Smoking raises risk significantly

Black men have a 20% higher risk than white men

Rate is dropping for both men and women

More than 430,000 people alive with lung cancer


Tobacco smoking

Cigar smoking

Secondhand smoking

Radon exposure

Asbestos exposure

Radioactive ores such as uranium

Inhaled compounds

Diesel exhaust


Beta carotene
Air Pollution

Family history

Prevented by not smoking, avoiding radon, avoiding carcinogens, and eating healthy


First, I will finish finding all my information, then I will compile it into a single

document for my original work. Then I will create a free website and create tabs for each of the

three cancers, and in the tabs, I will insert the information in clearly defined sections so it is clear

and concise.


There is no cost for this product. My resources are either borrowed from Dr. Trillo or

found online, and I can put my information into a Word document or Google doc. There are also

multiple avenues for creating a free website, such as Weebly. If I wanted to print out the

information as well so I can have a physical copy, then the only cost would be the cost of

printing which I can do for free at home.


I expect this product to be a valuable resource for people. If someone is directly or

indirectly affected by one of these three cancers, then they have a single source that has reliable

information. It can be utilized by doctors and people affected by the disease, but it can also be

used by anybody searching for information and statistics regarding these cancers. It will make

people more knowledgeable and understanding of breast, lung, and prostate cancer.


April 5- Have the research regarding diagnosis and treatment completed before my meeting with

Dr. Trillo.

April 19- Go into more detail regarding the treatment and discuss what changes or additions need

to be made.

April 26- Finalize my information and make sure everything concise and easy to understand.

May 3- Have the means of creating a website determined and begin the process of creating it.

May 10- Have the website finalized and make sure all the correct information is added. Also

make sure it is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

May 17- Final Presentation