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Applied Vs Basic Research

The difference between Applied and Basic Research is due to the objectives
set for research. If objective is to contribute to the body of knowledge in an
academic domain then it is called a Basic Research. And if purpose is to solve the
problem by investigating root causes of that problem then it is called Applied

The common between the two types is that researchers are going
through similar research activities and one can not realize that what is the
objective of the researcher unless researcher himself tells the objective that
whether he is doing applied research or he is on an academic domain of basic

Basic research Vs Action Research

Criteria Basic Research Action Research

Develop and test educational theory To find solutions to problems in a

and derive generalizations. specific context.

Intensive training is needed in

Training Limited training is needed.
Research Methodology.

Participating teacher identify

Selection of a A wide range of methods are used to
problems during the teaching-
problem select a problem.
learning processes.

Highly specific hypotheses are Specific statement of the problem

developed. serves as hypotheses.

Review of An exhaustive and thorough review of No such thorough review of

Literature literature is required. literature is needed.

Sample Considerably large sample size is Students studying in the class of a

required. teacher forms sample.

Well thought experimental design is

Experimental developed to maintain comparable Procedures are planned only in
Design conditions and reducing error and general terms.

Analysis of Simple analysis procedures are

Complex analysis is often called for.
Data usually sufficient.

Conclusions may be in the form of

Conclusions generalizations and developing Findings are local specific.

Findings are used immediately in

Application of The generalizations have broad the classroom situations by
results applicability participating teachers to improve
their own practices