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NON-UCC: 1787 - Constitution for the United States of

America - Universal hard asset Labor Money Monetary

Corporation. [Labor Tax Exempt]
UCC: 1913 - UNITED STATES Universal Commercial
Construction CONTRACT Money paper Monetary
The 2 forms of Commercial Construction CONTRACT Money paper for DEBT
and CREDIT: Setup under 2 construction Bonds; one a Contractors
performance Bond and the Labors payment Bond
FRNs debt money paper Set-Off by BILLS OF CREDIT credit money paper.

You are the OWER of the UCC Construction Contract Trust House of Money Paper.

Side 1: The Debt Money Side 2: The Credit Money in

FRNs created by the the form of BILLS OF
Contractor; as the CREDIT; as the SHADOW
SHADOW Paper Paper releases of the Credits
Promises to Pay the when you as the Owner
Credits when demanded. acknowledge and endorse

The inner structure is produced by 2

Production BONDS setup by the
a Contractors Performance Bond and
a Labors Payment Bond.
The Paper House Foundation is YOUR Owners
Signature as the SHADOW Foundation of Your
Inherit and Physical Labor Credits
You; as the Owner have the Right to Terminate the Construction Contract at any time and you can
also order the Liquidation of all of the paper BONDS and paper ASSETS, as CREDITS in order to
settle all of the paper DEBTS. As the Owner all of the remaining CREDITS belong to you as your