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Republic of the Philippines

7th Judicial Region
Branch 2
City of Tagbilaran


Plaintiff CRIM. CASE NO. _______

- versus - For: _________________



The Information filed on __________ charged accused _______

of the crime of _________________.

In the Order of ________________, the Court declared that

this/these case(s) should be governed by the Revised Rule On
Summary Procedure and directed the accused to submit her counter-
affidavit and the affidavits of her witnesses not later than ten (10)
days from receipt of the Order.

Accused was arraigned on ____________ and she pleaded not

guilty to the crime charged. The case was referred for mediation on
____________________ and on the same date _______________ the
court received a Mediators Report attaching therewith a compromise
agreement signed by the parties. The compromise agreement
contains the following stipulations:



Whereas, the accused _____________ hereby

acknowledges her obligation to the Private Complainant
and offers to pay a settled amount of
_____________Philippine Currency, inclusive of interest
and litigation expenses, payable in the following manner:

1. The amount of Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00)

shall be paid on October 13, 2014;

2. The balance of One Hundred Fifty One Thousand

Five Hundred Pesos (P151,515.00) shall be payable
within a period of eight months, in a minimum
amount of Eighteen Thousand Nine Hundred
Thirty Nine and 40/100 (P18,939.40) Pesos,
per month, payable every 15th day of the month
starting November 15, 2014 and until June 15,
2015; Payments shall be made at the residence of

the Private Complainant or the latters Classic Herbs

Office, with address at Save n Earn Bldg., JS
Torralba St., Tagbilaran City;

In the event the accused fails to pay for two (2) monthly
installments, the whole amount will become due and
demandable without the need of written or oral demand.
This Honorable Court can already issue a writ of execution
for the enforcement of the terms and conditions herein set

That this agreement constitutes full and final settlement

of any claims, demands, and/or counter-claims one may
have against the other arising from this suit;

That upon signing of the Compromise Agreement, Private

Complainant hereby moves for the provisional dismissal of
the above-captioned case pursuant to Section 8 Rule 117
of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure, with the
expressed consent of the accused;

Any breach of the provisions of this agreement will entitle

the aggrieved party to immediately move for the execution
of the decision embodying this agreement or to resort to
this court for relief or even to the extent of the revival of
the criminal aspect of the case at the option of the
complainant, in accordance with the period as provided for
under the Rules of Court;

That both parties are not under duress or any form of

coercion or threat, but acted mutually and voluntarily in
accordance with their own volition and free will in
executing this Compromise Agreement; and that both
parties have fully understood the contents of this
Compromise Agreement, the same have been fully
explained to them in a language or dialect known to them
and that both parties are enjoined to faithfully abide and
religiously comply with the terms and conditions set forth

Both parties respectfully pray that the Honorable Court

will render judgment based on the Compromise

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have mutually

and voluntarily agreed to the above stipulations and sign
this agreement at TAGBILARAN CITY, on this ______day of
_____________ for the consideration and approval of the
Honorable Court.

The Court finds the aforequoted Compromise Agreement not

contrary to law, morals, public order and/or public policy and as a
matter of law and jurisprudence, a decision may be rendered by the
Court on the basis of a compromise agreement.

WHEREFORE, it is hereby ordered:


1. That the Compromise agreement as to the civil aspect of this

case is approved and judgment is hereby rendered in
accordance therewith and the parties are enjoined to comply
faithfully and well with said compromise agreement;

2. That as prayed for by both parties, the criminal aspect of this

case is dismissed as per Section 8, Rule 117 of the Revised
Rules on Criminal Procedure.

Serve copy of this Order to counsels and the parties.


Done this _____ day of ______________, _____ in the City of

Tagbilaran, Philippines.


JAPSD/mozb Judge Designate