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PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills (Pindo Deli)
manufacturing facilities is situated at two locations
in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. Founded in 1976,
Pindo Deli is committed to excel in competitive paper
market by emphasizing on customer satisfaction and
offering qualified high value added paper products.

The combined annual capacity of the two facilities at

the end of 2007 was approximately 1,100,000 metric
tons of uncoated woodfree, coated art paper and
board, carbonless paper, cast coated paper and board,
tissue paper, corrugated, and other specialty grades
including embossed paper and board. The capacity by
major product line was 913,000 metric tons of paper,
72,000 tons of tissue and 96,000 tons of packaging.
No Certificate:

Pindo Deli is Quality Management System product and tissue products (toilet, towel,
(ISO 9001:2008, SNI, ISO 17025) certified. facial and napkin).
With those quality system certifications,
we produce a qualified complete range of Moreover, Pindo Deli is the pioneer in Halal
paper and board for all major applications, certified for tissue products, photocopy
such as printing, writing and graphic paper and woodfree paper. With this
purposes, packaging boards, office paper qualifications, we are recognized to produce
products, specialty papers, carbonless paper, products those are premissible under Islamic
embossed paper and board, corrugated law and contain only Halal certified materials.

We have achieved the environmental management system (ISO European and National Ecolabel
14001) certification awarded by the SGS-ICS in the UK and is Printing and writing paper qualifies for Ecolabel Award because it
regularly audited for compliance. Pindo Deli is a PEFC Certified meets the requirements such as; to limit emissions to water and
Mill, a worldwide acceptable certification equivalents to FSC air, to utilize sustainable fiber sources, and to use less energy,
Certification. fossil fuels and hazardous substances.

Our mill is ECO label certified and equipped with advanced SAP
system, which links sales, production, finance and delivery system
altogether to ensure that we meet our global customer require-
Pindo Deli Karawang Mill is LEI COC Certified. LEI Certification
promotes sustainable management of natural resources to ensure
that they are well managed based on environmental values,
economic principles and social norms. Chain of Custody (COC)
certification links the sustainably managed forestry to consumers
preferences and certified products to the market.
The tissue products of Pindo Deli are ISO 22000:2005 certified.
We also have secured SVLK certification, marking our Mills to This International Standard specifies the requirements for a food
achieve certification under the Indonesias new Wood Legality safety management system where an organization in the food
Verification System. The SVLK system creates a rigorous chain of chain needs to demonstrate its ability to control food safety
custody process, designed to ensure that mills only receive and hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human
process timber from legal sources and that all products exported consumption.
from the country have verifiable points of origin.
Pindo Deli Karawang is awarded the
Green Industry Award (Ministry of Industry)
to appreciate our efforts in view of Energy
Efficiency, less resource usages, environmental
friendly operation and social contribution.
Pindo Deli produces guaranteed performance of coated art board. They are generally found in packaging, printing, and
paper and board in both gloss and matt finishing. We offer commercial needs like calendar, catalogue, graphic poster,
variety of grammage ranging from art paper (120 - 160 gsm) magazine, etc.
to art board (180 - 400 gsm).
The epitome of our finest quality brands is the Golden Coin,
With Twin Blade Coating Technology and Jagenberg Coater which has been serving our customers through its high
used in the production process of these coated art paper performance paper and board for three decades, and
and board, we deliver the high gloss and excellent printing upholding the mark of prestige and quality of Indonesia and
results. The outputs are the one and two-sided coated art global paper market.
paper and board and the off-line embossed art paper and

We produce quality and quantity for uncoated

paper and board, including woodfree and pre print.

Pindo Deli uncoated woodfree gives you an

alternative and distinctive printing results for your
text book, note book, packaging, commercial
needs, etc. It is available in vast grammage range
for customer requirements.

With high brightness, good formation, quick ink

drying time and excellent dimensional stability,
Pindo Delis uncoated pre print deliver a guaranteed
performance and result for offset printing followed
by laserjet, colour inkjet or black/white.

Our uncoated pre print is suitable for customized

applications like billing statement, personalized
mailing and stationery, etc.

color woodfree,
brief card,
embossed board and
embossed buffalo hide
We provide a wide range of specialty paper and board that business card, calendar, display, clock card, certificate card,
include color woodfree, brief card, embossed board and file folder, gift box, menu card, invitation card, index filling
embossed buffalo hide. cards, tags, ticket, photo album, wedding stationery, etc.

Our specialty paper and board have various grammage One and two-sided embossed board is available in various
range for color woodfree (70 - 150 gsm), brief card (160 - patterns such as lines linen silk, linen tree, hope, eggshell,
300 gsm), embossed board and embossed buffalo hide and colorful range of buffalo hide.
(200 - 300 gsm).
Embossed board is usually used in art and craft, books
Pindo Delis color woodfree is available in various color cover, business card, calendar, certificate letter, clock card,
range to meet customer requirement for art and craft, diary book, decorative packaging, display board, file folder,
divider, brochure, catalogue, diary, envelope, holy book, gift box, gift tag, greeting card, index filling card, invitation
memo/note pad, pamphlet, portfolio, etc. card, luxury packaging, menu card, photo album, stationery
and wedding invitation, etc.
Our brief card is available in colors and white (original white
and high brightness white). It is perfect for book cover,

Pindo Deli offers a wide range of carbonless paper that shelf-life and sustained quality over an extended period of
combines excellent printing appearance and performance time. Its magnificent ply performance satisfies the needs of
with good copy intensity. Our carbonless coater utilizes the our customers including our most demanding end users.
latest direct fountainhead coating by Bayer Microcapsule
Technology and is controlled by a unique DCS System. Impressions Pindo 2000 is suitable for all kind of business
forms and designed for fast and trouble-free printing on any
We proudly present Impressions Pindo 2000, our premium rotary or sheet fed press, ensuring it as a global brand for
brand of carbonless paper category that guarantees long carbonless paper choice.

Pindo Deli finest brand, Golden Coin, also

produces thermal paper. It is used in thermal
printers and particularly in lightweight devices
such as adding machines, cash registers and
credit card terminals.

Golden Coin thermal paper is available in various

sizes and is a perfect brand for your need.

Besides thermal paper, Pindo Deli also produces

qualified stock form from the best carbonless
paper. Our stock form includes continuous form
and register rolls.

With precise tracking hole, our continuous form is

guaranteed jam-free and perfect for all office
printer. It gives you the best printing result with
high whiteness features.

Our photocopy papers are produced for multipurpose our renowned brands are Lucky Boss, Golden Plus, Golden
function and size range options with three categories of Star, e-Paper, Instant, IK Yellow (Malaysia), Galaxy Brite
brightness such as premium (92 ISO), bluish white (94 ISO) (Middle East), etc.
and high brightness (96 ISO). This paper are extensively
sold in local and regional market. We also produce premium color photocopy paper for both
local and regional markets, represented by our two main
Pindo Delis renowned brands in local market are Bola Dunia, brands - Sinar Dunia Color and Specta Colour.
Sinar Dunia, Office Print, and Mirage. While in regional market,
Cast coated products from Pindo Deli are printer friendly have a mirror-like appearance with light reflecting effects.
and have excellent properties. Quick ink drying time, high Three categories of Pindo Deli cast coated products are wet
tensile strength with high gloss and opacity makes it the strength, cast coated paper, and cast coated board.
preferred product for hassle free printing.
Our cast coated products are compatible with all printing
Our cast coated products have micro-porosity property that methods such as letter press, offset and web offset,
is specially designed for even ink absorption and best flexography, silk screen, hot stamping foil and UV varnishing.
printing result on the application of oxidizing inks. While on Various other techniques like embossing, die cutting, creasing
the application of non-matt inks, our product surface will and perforation can also be performed without any hassle.

Solid bleach board is one of our high value added

products exclusively made for premium packaging
application. We proudly present XCOTE, the code
of excellence.

With superior high bulk and stiffness, excellent

properties appearance, high gloss and whiteness,
XCOTE gives an excellent performance that suits
commercial printing, graphical art and premium
packaging board.

We present our new PM Labelstock Pindo Deli, which has Woodfree Paper for its backing liner. Today, Labelstock
been operating since March 2012. In general, our Labelstock Products have been used in various industrial sectors, and
Products are made of 3 parts, known as Face Material, thus, we're continuously developing new products to meet
Adhesive, and Backing Liner. the market demand for office labeling, retail outlet labeling,
barcode label, and other general end use.
Both Face Material and Backing Liner could be made from
various kinds of Paper and Film Material. The currently
avaibale Labelstock Products from Pindo Deli use 3 different
kinds of paper: Woodfree, Art Paper, and Cast Coated.
All types of paper could be combined with Glassine or
Pindo Deli produces world class tissue products ranging Pindo Deli presents Paseo as our best tissue brand. Paseo is
from toilet tissue (roll, jumbo roll, centreflow), towel tissue produced from natural fiber and contains no chemical
(kitchen, hand roll, industrial roll, centreflow, hospital bed brightening agents. Paseos quality is assured to match the
sheet and interfolded), facial tissue (box, polywrap and high standard of users personal hygiene. It is also developed
handkerchief with perfumed and non-perfumed option) and in various colors and contemporary design any occasion.
napkin tissue (cocktail, luncheon and dinner).
We also produce tissue product under various brands with
Our tissue products are extensively distributed in domestic different features like Livi, Nice, Toply and Jolly.
and global markets. And our tissue products are very well
accepted in the market due to its softness, absorbency and
its availabilty in wide range.
For further information and
detailED specification of each brand,
please contact our sales
and marketING representative.

This catalogue printed on Golden Coin art board 310 gsm (cover) and 210 gsm (content).

Desa Kuta Mekar BTB 6-9, Karawang 41361 - Indonesia

Phone : +62-21 3006 8000 / +62-267 440 111
Fax : +62-21 3006 8330 / +62-267 440 330
Email : pindo_deli@app.co.id

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