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Rajesh, Priya

FY RD Fall 2017 04/01/2000 CEEB: 688096 CAID: 17285594

FERPA: Waived

Personal Information
Name Rajesh, Priya
Sex, Birthdate Female, 04/01/2000

Contact Details
Email, Phone priyarajesh142000@gmail.com, +968.97114444, Mobile, +968.99311574, Mobile
Permanent House No 965, Way No. 415. The Wave, Al- Mouj Seeb, Oman, Muscat, OMN
Alternate Address AMRAN ESTABLISHMENT LLC, PO 919, PC 100 MUSCAT, OMAN, 100, OMN

Hispanic or Latino No
Race Asian (India)

English Speak, Read, Write, Spoken at Home
Hindi First Language, Speak, Read, Write, Spoken at Home
Malayalam First Language, Speak, Spoken at Home

Geography & Citizenship

Citizenship Status Other (Non-US)
Birthplace MUSCAT, Oman (0 Years US, 16 Years Non-US)
Other Citizenships India
Current US Visa None
Intended US Visa F-1 Student

CA Fee Waiver
Fee Waiver No

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

1 FYRD CAID: 17285594
Parents Married
Home Both Parents

Parent 1
Birthplace India
Email, Phone rajesh.muscat@gmail.com, +968.97114444, Mobile
Address the same as my home address
Occupation Business executive (management, administrator), Employed, Director Marketing, Said
Amran Al- Harthy
Education Graduated from college/university
Other (1984), University of Mysore, Mysore, Karnataka, IND

Parent 2
Name Dr. Rema Nair
Birthplace India
Email, Phone remanair758@gmail.com, +968.97114447, Mobile
Address the same as my home address
Occupation Physician, Employed, General Practioner, Waleed
Education Graduated from college/university
Other (1987), Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, IND

1. Rahul Rajesh, Age 25, Brother, Graduated from college/university, Bachelors, (08/2009 - 05/2015),
University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, USA

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

2 FYRD CAID: 17285594
Current or Most Recent School
Indian School Muscat, Ruwi, Muscat, OMN, Independent, CEEB: 688096 (04/2015 -
Counselor Mr. V Preshob, Psychologist
Email, Phone guidance@indianschoolmuscat.com, +968.24702567x132
Other INDIAN SCHOOL AL GHUBRA, MUSCAT, OMN, CEEB: 688111 (04/2007 - 03/2015)

Interruption No interruption to report

Graduation Date 05/2017

Other Colleges & Universities

Rank na / 300
GPA 9 / 10, Weighted

Current or Most Recent Year Courses

First Semester Second Semester
Sociology Sociology

Psychology Psychology

Entreprenuership Entreprenuership

Economics Economics

English English

Future Plans
Other, Undecided

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

3 FYRD CAID: 17285594
There are no test scores to report.

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

4 FYRD CAID: 17285594
There are no activities to report.

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

5 FYRD CAID: 17285594
Personal Essay
Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to
adulthood within your culture, community, or family.
I got one of the biggest thunderclaps in my 14 years of existence on a afternoonFriday. I overheard my father
talking to his mother over the phone, asking my grandmother to fly down from India to Muscat, the city where I live.
Now, that wasn't the shocking news. I love my grandma, and the fact that she was going to be staying with us for
the next three months, made me really happy. But at what expense was this happiness? My mother was flying to
the U.S, to be with my brother for two months, while he finished his final semester of college. I had never
experienced any sort of separation from my mother, my entire life, and the fact that she was going to be away for
two whole months saddened me.

I pouted and sulked all I wanted, but I couldn't stop her from leaving. It was the last day of my sophomore year
finals, and I was asleep when my mom left for the airport. I was disheartened that I couldn't even bid goodbye
before she left. My grandmother arrived a couple of days after mom's departure. My mother has always been my
tiffin maker, alarm clock and ironer ever since I started schooling. Since I was on break for 15 days, before I had to
change schools and start a new academic year, I didn't have to worry about early wake up calls, ironing uniforms
or preparing a tiffin for school in mom's absence.

A day before my first day at my new school, I had a party that I had to attend, and I had forgotten that I had to
wake up early the next morning. I reached home late, and it wasn't until quite later that I finally made it to bed. I
was rudely woken up 5 AMat the next morning, by an actual alarm and not my mother. I had never woken up on
my own and I had to make it a habit to wake up this early with the help of a clock. I made it to school, wearing an
ironed uniform (shoutout to my dad for remembering!) until I realized, I hadn't brought my tiffin with me. I had been
so dependent on my mother my entire life, that without her, my day went askew. This made me think, and realize a
very important fact of life. How long could I be dependent on my mother or anybody else else for such trivial
matters? What would happen when I had to leave my nest and fly away to a foreign country, far away from family,
for my higher education? Who would I be dependent on then? The only option was to learn to be independent. As
time passed, I got acquainted with the alarm clock, and started ironing my uniform by myself every night. On days
when my house help forgot to make my tiffin, I would buy food from the school canteen. These might seem like
very trivial matters, but we all take baby steps before we learn to walk properly or run.

Being separated from my mother was my period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It made me less
dependent on others for things that I was very capable of doing myself, and anyways life is so much more easier
when you don't have to rely on people to do things for you. Of course, I still rely on my father to iron my clothes on
nights when I have too much homework to complete, and my mother still wakes me up after I have hit the snooze
button on my alarm multiple times, but I realize that I still have the ability to do these things without depending on
my parents.

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

6 FYRD CAID: 17285594
Discipline & School Interruption
Education Interruption
No interruption to report
Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution you have
attended from the 9th grade (or the international equivalent) forward, whether related to academic
misconduct or behavioral misconduct, that resulted in a disciplinary action?
Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

7 FYRD CAID: 17285594
Barnard College Member Page
Preferred start Preferred: Fall 2017
Admission plan Regular Decision
Financial aid No
Portfolio No
Affirmation of Yes

First Field of Study Psychology
Special Programs None

Contact 1 Was referred by a consultant, School Counsellor

Sibling applied No
Relatives attended No
Relative No
ly employed

By submitting this application, I affirm my understanding of and agreement to the statements found here:

CA Rajesh, Priya CEEB: 688096 Fall 2017

8 FYRD CAID: 17285594