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MOTORTRONICS'" Solid State AC Motor Control

Motortronics 7.2kV Class, 'Non-Latchi ng' and 'Latching' Series of medi um voltage three-phase
indoor vacuum contactors can be used in power systems with a rated voltage of up to 7.2 kV and can
be used for continuous AC operating currents of up to 400 am peres. Control vol tage for the contactor
is AC/DC 100125V or AC/DC 200230V, includi ng an auxiliary relay with 3 NO and 2 NC contacts.

Non-Latching uses constan t-on

electrom agnetic coils to close, and hold
dosed the vacuum bottle contacts. When
the power to the electrom agnetic coil is
rem oved, the vacuum cham ber contacts
spring open (termed as; electrically held
contacts or non-latchi ng contacts).

Latching - uses separate coils and

mechanism s to both close and open the
vacuum bottle contacts (termed as;
mechanically held or latching,contacts).

latching and Non-l atching

Bll 60kV
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World Class Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors
Specification Fixed type without fuse Draw.out type without fuse
Type 34-72-4-C-X-().3-().12 34-72-4-C-B-F1-0-12
Latched 34-72-4-L-X-().3-().12 34-72-4-L-B-F1-0-12
Rated insulation voltage (kV) 7.2 kV
Rated operation voltage (kV) 7.2 kV
Rated frequency (Hz) 50160 Hz
Rated current (A) 400A
Impulse withstandvoltage (kV)(BIL) 60 kV
Powerfrequency withstandvoltage (kV/min) 20 kVlmin
Control dielectric strength (kV/min) 2 kV/min
Making and breaking capability (kA) 4 kA
Breaking Capacity E1 4 (50 MVA@7 .2 kV)
(kA, 0-3min-C0-3min-CO) E2 50@7.2 kV"

Peakcurrent (kA) 1sec 6.3 kA

30sec 3 kA

Mechanical Endurance energized 1,000,000 operations CD ON/OFF indicator Manual checking hole
Latched 300,000 operations @ Counter Emergency trip button
Control voltage(V) AC/DC 100-125 V Control plug @ Latch device
Auxiliary contact 3 Normally Open and 2 Normally Closed Contacts @ Draw-out button @ Front cover
Applicable load capacity Motor (kW) 3000 kW
Fuse @ Name plate
Transformer (kVA) 4000 kVA
@ Fuse holder @ Position switch.
Capacitor (KVAR) 2000 KVAR
(!) Fuse melting detector
Weight (kg Ilbs.) 19 kg 142 lbs. 35 kg177 lbs.
Closing Closing Opening
Operating Time and Current Current Opening
Current (A) Time(!ru.) Time(!ru.)
(A) Current (A)
Continuously Energized Type 3 0.5 - Max. 110 Max.40
Latched Type 3 4 Max. 110 Max. 25

Control Voltage

Closing 85-110 % of ratedvoltage

Opening 75-110 % of ratedvoltage
Rated Current of Auxiliary Contact
Voltage 110 VAC 220 VAC
Rated Current SA 2A
Operation condition @
Altitude Less than 1,000A.S.L
Relative humidity Below 85 %
Ambienttemperature -5C -+40C Close Condition Open Condition
Switching frequency Not fasterthan 20 operations 11minute
Required mounting direction Horizontal or Vertical
CD Closing coil Tripping spring
@ Moving core @ Pressing spring
Additional Ratings Main shaft (!) Vacuum interrupter
Drop-out control voltage ACIDC 25 V @ Pressing plate Insulation frame
Chopping current 1A

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