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0 Experimental Methods
3.1 Start-Up Procedure
1. The PC was switched on to start Windows Program which started the analysis
2. At the Desktop Menu, HM 280.03 was clicked.
3. HM 292 software for Centrifugal Compressor was selected.
4. The Interface Module and power meter on the front of the equipment were switched
5. A filename leha.AFD was created from the HM 292 software menu for Centrifugal
Compressor in order to record data.
3.2 Experimental Procedures
1. The Butterfly Valve in the outlet flow of the Compressor was closed completely.
2. The knob for the Speed Adjuster was turned while the knob for Butterfly Valve was
held in completely close position or 0 turn.
3. The speed of the Compressor as shown by the software was observed. The Speed
Adjuster was kept on turned until a reading of 10000 rpm was obtained.
4. At the software menu, the Start button was clicked.
5. The green light at the software menu was observed. The Stop button was clicked
when the green light illuminated and one row of data appeared on the screen.
6. The Speed Adjuster was released in order to shut down the Compressor and to avoid
overheating the Compressor.
7. Steps (4) and (5) were repeated while increasing the turn of Butterfly Valve from 10
to 90 which is the maximum turn of the valve.
8. The experiment was repeated to generate another 10 sets of data for Compressor
speed of 11000 rpm, 11500 rpm, 12000 rpm and 12500 rpm.
9. The following steps were done to retrieve the recorded data by the software:
a) Show Desktop was clicked to return to the Desktop Menu.
b) My Computer, Drive C, Folder Gunt and Folder hm280 were clicked. The
filename leha.AFD was searched. The data was opened by using Notepad.
c) The filename and data was saved in a USB drive.
3.3 Shut Down Procedure
1. At the HM 292 software menu, the exit button was clicked.
2. The windows program was exited. The required experimental file and data from
Folder hm280 was checked to ensure it was saved.
3. The Interface module including the power meter at the switch on the front of the
equipment were switched off.
4. All the switched were switched off and the plugs were disconnected from the socket.

5.1 Conclusion
This report has discussed the characteristic curves of a centrifugal compressor. The purpose
of this experiment is to determine its characteristic curves based on the pressure required
and different amount of input of mechanical work of 10000 rpm, 11000 rpm, 11500 rpm,
12000 rpm and 12500 rpm. The best efficiency was observed when the speed adjuster power
was set to 12000 rpm. This speed was suitable for the operation to avoid the compressor
from any damages and overheating. At a lower compressor speed, the compressor produces
a higher efficiency compared to when the compressor speed is higher. However, for flow rate,
a higher compressor speed produces a higher flow rate. The compressor speed would
determine the efficiency and the flow rate of the centrifugal compressor.