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Do this Reading Review as if you were taking Parts 5, 6, and 7 of the new TOEIe@ test.
You should take no more than 75 minutes to do this review. Use the Reading Review
Answer Sheet on page 291.


In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading
comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and
directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible
within the time allowed.
You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the test book.


Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are
given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter
(A), (8), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. The files were 105. Employees' work hours are

alphabetically. before the holidays.
(A) organization (A) insisted
(B) organizer (B) installed
(C) organize (C) increased
(0) organized (0) intruded

102. The business consultant suggested 106. The report will be

a sales plan. published next Monday.
(A) modify (A) selling
(B) modifies (B) sales
(C) modified (C) sell
(0) modifying (0) sells

103. there were so many 107. The architect must consider

customer complaints, we withdrew every detail of a floor
the item from the market. (A) planning
(A) Therefore (B) plan
(B) Because (C) plans
(C) Although (0) planned
(0) However
108. Mr. Lafferty wants to meet
104. The contractor is for his six o'clock sharp.
quality workmanship. (A) on
(A) respected (B) upon
(B) respects (C) at
(C) respect (0) during
(0) respecting

123. The on the merger lasted 130. The negotiations failed because
until midnight. broke down.
(A) negotiated (A) comm unica ti ve
(B) negotiations (B) communicated
(C) negotiator (C) communications
(0) negotiates (0) communicate

124. When it came to solving a 131. amazes Ms. Fifel is the

mechanical problem, he did not speed of her new computer.
have a (A) That
(A) clue (B) Which
(B) sense (C) Who
(C) hint (0) What
(0) thought
132. Any changes to the employee
125. a good credit history, handbook must be in
don't expect to get a loan easily. writing.
(A) From (A) proposed
(B) Unless (B) propelled
(C) Without (C) preferred
(0) Since (0) preordained

126. The company managers 133. to the directory will be

the.union about any changes in published every month.
employee vacation allowances. (A) Additional
(A) advice (B) Additions
(B) advising (C) Added
(C) advised (0) Adding
(0) advisor
134. The audience was asked to
127. The president answers all his calls from talking during
(A) himself (A) refrain
(B) he (B) respect
(C) him (C) reserve
(0) his (0) restore

128. To disruption during the 135. The news was so that the
day, construction is done at night. company invested even more
(A) criticize money in the project.
(B) localize (A) encourage
(C) sanitize (B) encouraged
(0) minimize (C) encouraging
(0) encourages
129. Mr. Nigel becomes when
he has to wait too long. 136. The job couldn't be finished
(A) evident because of an supply of
(8) extraordinary essen tia I rna terials.
(C) impatient (A) improper
(0) inconcl usi ve (B) unlikely
(C) unlucky
(0) inadequate

109. The sales personnel were given 116. There are early that the
specific about how to market is beginning to recover.
market the new product. (A) indications
(A) instructions (B) solutions
(B) delays (C) proposals
(C) reservations (0) revisions
(0) adjustments
117. Before you leave, please
110. This construction project is as the data in the database.
important as any other project (A) submerge
this year. (B) propose
(A) undertaking (C) admit
(B) undertook (0) enter
(C) undertaken
118. the new product didn't
(0) undertake
well, it's still on the market.
111. The supervisor talked about (A) However
changing pa ttems in (B) So that
consumer habits. (C) Although
(A) slowly (0) Nevertheless
(B) slowing
119. have the employees
(C) slows
complained so much about
(0) slowed
working conditions in the factory.
112. This year tourism is growing (A) Never
last year's predictions. (B) Ever
(A). outside (C) Soon
(B) inside (0) Forever
(C) beyond
(0) before
120. Staff an environmental
group will be here to check for
113. The grievance committee made evidence of pollution.
demands on management. (A) of
(A) reasonable (B) by
(B) reasonably (C) about
(C) reason (0) from
(0) reasoning
121. The crew worked to avoid
114. The of the office party problems in the future.
must take responsibility for the (A) careful
cleanup. (B) carefully
(A) plans (C) care
(B) planning (0) more careful
(C) planned
(0) planners 122. job performance is
awarded with a salary bonus.
115. Mr. Shultz has own plan (A) Except
for reorganizing the accounting (B) Exception
department. (C) Exceptional
(A) him (0) Exceptionally
(B) his
(C) he
(0) himself


137. A positive helps everyone 139. The to the training has
be productive. been very positive.
(A) alteration (A) respondent
(8) attitude (8) respond
(C) anxiety (C) responsible
(D) ambivalence (D) response
138. Mr. Logan's instructions were 140. Demand for the new line of cars is
clear that no one had up; Iproduction will
any questions. increase.
(A) such (A) however
(8) ever (8) despite
(C) so (C) therefore
(D) too (D) regardless