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Batman vs.


There are numerous arguments over which comic book character would win a fight i
n the fight between Batman and Superman. Batman is a man. His strength is in his
humanity as he works to better the human condition, as he too is a member of th
is community. Superman’s attempt to better people is through different means, as
he is not protecting his kind, therefore his love for them is far more conditio
nal than that of Batman’s. Despite these undoubtedly powerful differences in mo
rality, the debate rages on. With three specific premises, it will be shown that
Batman is superior, therefore would win in a fight with Superman.
Point one:
Batman’s weakness, that is, his anger toward the killer of his parents, is what
fuels his power. Superman’s weakness, kryptonite, kills him. Thus, Batman’s weak
ness is, in itself, a strength.
Batman’s weaknesses are considered to be his vulnerability to fear and his undyi
ng desire to avenge his parents who were killed unjustly when he was a boy. His
fear, however, fuels him still as is displayed by the fear of bats being used as
a way of making his enemies fearful. He uses his fear to empower him. His desir
e to avenge his parents causes him to search for their killers and anyone else w
ho unjustly kills. This anger, though seen by many as a weakness, is harnessed a
s a tool for the greater goal of goodness.
Point two:
Humans, being made in the image of God, are superior to an alien, even if he has
a similar appearance. Therefore Batman, is superior. According to the King Jame
s Bible, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he hi
m; male and female created he them.” While it may be argued that Superman looks
like man, it is irrelevant as many things that may look similar to a man are not
men and are therefore inferior. Superman inarguably looks like man, but since h
e is not one, he is not of the same standard as man, who is made in the image of
god. Therefore, Batman, who is a man, is superior and therefore would be the vi
ctor in an altercation. While it can be argued that men face beings who are mora
lly inferior to them every day and lose, such as large animals like bears and sh
arks, armed with the proper tools, as Batman generally is, thanks to his butler
Alfred, men are known to successfully overpower such creatures, proving superior
Point three:
Superman is an alien considered unbeatable as his powers and abilities are super
human strength, invulnerability, flight, superhuman speed, X-ray vision, heat vi
sion, super breath, super hearing, super olfaction, and eidetic memory. Though t
hey are not the same powers, Jesus was believed to have special powers, includi
ng, according to historical documents, “I, with the finger of god, cast out devi
ls.” “Lo, fashion for you out of clay the likeness of a bird and I breathe into
it and it is a bird.” “I heal him who was born blind, and the leper and I raise
the dead.” He was considered to be a miracle worker and a healer. He had to powe
r to turn water into wine. He could multiply fish, walk on water, know the names
and hearts of men before the met them, among numerous other things. There are t
wo ways to take this. First of all, Jesus was rejected and killed by the rulers
of the time, though his followers were many. By that standing, the powerful memb
ers of society would likely repeat this, should Superman appear, and kill him so
that they may protect their political power. Thus, though Superman may be consi
dered good and powerful, society and politics would not allow his success as he
is too great of a threat to the natural order.
The second view of this is that these powers are obviously of fictional nature
and scholars of many fields, namely activists, authors, media contributors, musi
cians, philosophers, politicians, and scientists would reject Superman’s claim o
f such powers as they have Jesus’. Superman is not human and his claims of goodn
ess and morality are baseless as his powers are a manifestation of his mind or o
f the powers of groupthink in his followers. Superman’s powers are of a strictly
fictional stance, while Batman is merely a well armed and intelligent human. A
real person is more powerful than a fictional character.
To return to the first view of that, Jesus has his power through God, whose powe
r is almighty. He succeeds with the power given by God and through the guidance
of God. Superman, however, received his powers as a reaction to earth. He has no
such deity to attribute his powers to, so his powers are inferior and, furtherm
ore, blasphemous. Thus it is concluded that he is even inferior to Jesus, who wa
s killed by man. If man may successfully kill something that is superior to Supe
rman, there is no doubt that he can kill Superman.
As Batman is superior to Superman in a moral sense, should he be properly armed,
Batman would always be the victor in an altercation between Superman and himsel
f. Batman would be able to kill Superman, or, at least, be the victor in a fight
between himself and Superman.