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Building a Preschool

March 18, 2017


Forming a sense of belonging is vital to a childs
social and cognitive development. It is our duty
as teachers and parents to create an atmosphere
that is welcoming from the moment children
arrive in the classroom. By incorporating children
in classroom activities, routines, and providing
them with responsibilities we will achieve the
desired outcome. Addressing children by their
names allows them to feel part of the classroom
and it helps them remember other childrens

Establishing routines at home and at school are
fundamental in helping children understand what
is next and how they can prepare. Through
greeting times and group activities children are
By Francisco Rodriguez informed on what is happening and it familiarizes
To all parents at Westside Head Start them with the daily schedule. It can facilitate
transitions and participation in daily activities.
The key to creating an inviting preschool Using routines properly will lead towards that
environment is to form a sense of belonging, sense of community in the classroom. Children
friendship and community. The goal is to establish will be aware of events and awareness of others.
a classroom that practices respect, discipline and
responsibility. We can accomplish this by a series
of classroom activities, routines, and creating a CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES
supportive environment. The focus of the Through classroom activities such as large group
newsletter is to discuss classroom activities and time and circle time children create classroom
provide you with helpful tips that can lead to a community. When children are involved in
harmonious classroom environment. classroom activities they practice being leaders
and also how to properly follow directions.
TABLE OF CONTENTS Children observe the teacher and other children
and learn through observing and communicating.
How to form a sense of belonging In West Side Head Start after circle time children
Importance of Routines go through a routine where they are assigned
Classroom Activities jobs and they have to demonstrate responsibility
and the ability to successfully complete the job.
Group Problem Solving The way the jobs are picked are from a basket
Clean up Time with childrens names on a clip. A child picks at
Describing Childrens Actions random and calls his classmates name out.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Through cooperative games children practice
cooperation and communication which are
fundemntal to a gool classroom Community. music
and movment games such as musical chairs
incourgage cooperation and participation.
Clean up Time
Clean up time offers children the opportunity to
demonstrate responsibility and the importance of
taking care of materials. Clean up time is
something that should be encouraged at school
and home and its another factor that builds
towards a good classroom community. Children
work together problem solve and pass on
information in order to complete the task which is
to transition to the next routine.


As parents and teachers, we need to address
childrens actions for a multitude of reasons. One Classroom Hints: Building a Preschool
of them is to acknowledge when children are Community by Sue Gainsley
doing a good job or to correct a specific action.
Describing childrens actions also help them find WEBSITE LINK
meaning to a job or task. Through this they will
learn more in depth on sharing responsibilities. file:///C:/Users/frank/Desktop/personal%20care%

As teachers and parents are duty is to create an

atmosphere that promotes kindness and
encouragement. Children learn to listen to others
and solve problems verbally. We need to model
actions and interactions so children know how to
solve problems and communicate with others.
Through building positive relationships, making
friends, and participating we will build towards a
inviting classroom community.