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0 Marketing Plan

This section states the mission statement for the marketing plan, the target market, the product
and services that company provides and lastly the strategies. The company with the help of the
advisor always reviews this statement at periodic intervals to determine how effective the plan is
being followed. If necessary, the marketing plan should then be revised or updated.

1.1 Marketing mission

The mission at DOTS.FUN Sdn. Bhd. is to provide entertainment and trendy food and beverage
products that are ready to be experienced by UNIMAS community. The plans at DOTS.FUN
Sdn. Bhd. are to provide fun fair services that are guaranteed to give joyful experience to the
customers and at the same time selling trendy products at competitive price and profitable which
are programmed to have profit over 20 percent and estimated gross profit average at 80 percent
at least.

1.2 Target market

DOTS.FUN Sdn. Bhd. market the product and services to the audience that is most likely to be
receptive. Thus, its target audience is among UNIMAS community. Mainly, the community
consists of students. However, the minor groups of the community are also targeted. Hence, the
target includes the UNIMAS staff, their family and relatives. The company also considering the
other business company to collaborate for the fun fair service by giving them free loan of extra
devised games while giving service charge on redemption prizes, where both parties could get
profit by a certain margin.

1.3 Product and services

DOTS.FUN Sdn. Bhd. sells retail ready packaged products that are in trends and provides
amusement through fun fair services to its customer. Hence, the company not only can profit
from this but customer too. With extra games devised, the company also can offer fun fair
service to other business company that would like to collaborate. The company views their
customer as a whole, making sure their needs are meets and satisfied. Thus, satisfaction is
guaranteed with every penny they spend.
1.4 Marketing strategies

After doing some market research and the other elements in market plan is already stated, good
marketing strategy can be drawn. With good marketing strategy, maximum profit can be attained
and business can be sustained. Thus the strategies discussed here strongly focus on the mix of
retail ready packaged product and quality fun fair services in order to achieve the maximum
profit and help to sustain the business. These strategies are based on the commonly used
principle of marketing (4 Ps of marketing), which take into consideration four key elements
Price, Product, Promotion and Place. These elements are controllable and are very useful to
execute the company marketing plan to produce desired response from its target market.

1.4.1 Price

The price of the product for a unit is assured to be affordable and competitive. The price for a
unit may range from RM1 to RM 30, depends on what type of products or services. Discounts
may be offered when sell target are reached or as a strategy to meet the sale target. For fun fair
services, payment period in terms of prizes can be claimed immediately or other option can be
used. For fun fair services provided to other business company, another payment period will be
considered after the business model revised.

1.4.2 Product

There will be a variety of products which are retail ready and in trends with market demands.
The quality of the product is assured to be high and from the renowned brands. The services in
form of entertainment are also provided with the best design of games and features reward
system that are fair and gives full satisfaction through customer having fun.

1.4.3 Promotion

The company will use any possible way to promote products and services to help advertising,
personal selling, sales promotion and public relations smooth so that the sell target are met. The
following sections are some important consideration in the promotion. Advertising through printing

Advertising through printing can be costly. With the tight budget of 4 percent to 7 percent of
gross revenue, any costly means of advertising through printing is eliminated. The advertising
through printing is special for premises sign and interior exterior design only. Other means of
advertising through printing that are not premises related should be cheap. Above all, the
advertisement should be effective and reach the audience.

In other methods, advertisement through flyers is considered viable as it is cheap and its
operation for distribution is easy. Flyers will be distributed to students around UNIMAS 3 days
prior to the date of an event. Targeted centres for its distribution are Student Pavillion, Food
Kiosks and CAIS. Details such as date, venue, product or services and its price rate will be
included in the flyers. Tagline

The company use the tagline Jom Kamboh!, a phrase in Sarawak Malay language which mean an
invitation to have fun. The tagline is relevant to our business type in which we are inviting
customers to enjoy themselves at our booth. Advertising through digital

In marketing generally, getting the word out to everyone would outweigh the expected profit.
Thus, within the budget allocated for advertising and the expected return in profit to favour
marketing, the company found several best medium for advertisement to reach everybody within
the target market as follows with the purpose to eliminate cost on advertisement through

(a) Social Media

Social media is the best platform to market our product and services. Facebook, which is
the most popular social media among UNIMAS community is an efficient medium to
attract the attention of customers about the products and services that we offer. Other
social media such as Instagram and Twitter may also be used to increase the number of
targeted customers. The advertisement via poster and short video will be posted
continuously in several official pages of UNIMAS community to attract customers.

(b) Instant Messaging Apps

The company will promote the products and services via popular messaging apps such as
WhatsApp, WeChat or LINE by attaching poster and direct invitation to customers to buy
our products.

1.3.4 Place

The company take into consideration the locations of the events, its coverage, transportation,
logistics, assortments and inventory which compliments each other. Thus, with a proper plan on
these aspects, the company not only can maximise profit but make operation smooth. More
details will be provided on this element after a few discussions.