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Chemical Engineering and Processing, 32 ( 1993) 139 139

Book Reviews

Slurry Handling. Design of Solid-Liquid Systems Pipeline design for non-settling slurries
(Elsevier Handling and Processing of Solids Series) Slurry transport in flumes
Edited by Nigel P. Brown and Nigel I. Heywood; Transient pipe flow behaviour
published by Elsevier Applied Science, Barking, UK,
1991; 680 pp., 277 figs., 54 tables; price, EllO; ISBN Experimental techniques and pilot-plant studies
1-85166-645-1 Flow loop studies
Some experimental techniques applicable to slurries
This book provides a comprehensive planning and Particle size degradation in slurries
reference work of the transportation and handling of
slurries, their properties and flow behaviour. Numerous Pumps and feeding systems
well-known authors have combined their experiences Classification of slurry pumps
with slurry transport systems in this predominantly Centrifugal slurry pumps
user-oriented edition. However, considering the exten- Reciprocating slurry pumps
sive quantity of literature data, it is somewhat surpris- Rotary slurry pumps
ing that few European authors are mentioned. Lockhoppers and pipefeeders
Approximately 190 pages describe the practical fun- Jet pumps
damentals of slurries, their properties and flow charac-
teristics in pipes and flumes, while another 462 pages Mechanical design of pipelines
offer considerable information in the field of technical Pipelines and fittings
application. Erosive wear of pipeline systems
All essential problems and plant components are Corrosion of slurry pipelines
covered, beginning with technical laboratory experi- Valves for slurry pipeline service
ments, pilot projects and economic implications right
up to and including case studies utilising long-distance
Instrumentation and control
pipelines. It should be apparent that emphasis is placed
Commercial pipeline instrumentation techniques
on the complete system rather than individual compo-
Control of slurry pipeline systems
nents, which are described in less detail. The objective is
system planning and not development of single compo-
nents. This work provides wide practical know-how for Preparation, storage and recovery
reference, although it does not necessarily contain sci- Solids comminution and grading
entific depth. The technology of the hydraulic trans- Slurry storage in tanks
portation of solids is represented in a realistic manner Recovery of solids from slurries
and is supported by clear diagrams and illustrations.
The topics mentioned below are discussed individu- Long-distance slurry transport projects
ally. Economic evaluation of slurry transport projects
Case studies of some major projects
Slurry properties
Classification and characterisation of slurries This book serves as a useful introduction to anyone
Settling behaviour of particles in fluids starting in this technology, but also to those who are
Flow regimes of settling slurries in pipes already familiar with multiphase flow, in particular the
Rheological characterisation of non-settling slurries designers of plants and all those who are associated
with the construction, buying or running of hydraulic
Analysis and prediction of flow behaviour conveyance plants.
Introduction to predictive techniques for pipe flow
Pipeline design for settling slurries M. WEBER

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