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- Business plan for oil production of immortelle (Helichrysum Italicum) oil on

an area of 100 hectares on two sites in Herzegovina

We visited all the distilleries in Herzegovina and Dalmatia and plantations from
small to quite large ones so that we have reliable data at our disposal for this
business. We also have access to a lot of research and testing which our plan

Distillery for oil capacity of 20,000 kg per day for immortelle which includes
facilities for distillation and storage of waste after distillation processing of the
same into fertilizer for plantation which increases yield by about 30% percent
with this method of fertilization. We have developed our system to produce
fertilizer from the rest of immortelle plant.

Locations for the 70 Hectares would be in Stolac and 30 hectares in the

municipality of Siroki Brijeg where it is already built a modern facility of 4000 m2
with all necessary infrastructure facilities, offices for analysis and storage of oil
with space for nursery with large capacity that we will use for your needs in
exchange for a contract to purchase the immortelle. We already ordered super
modern distillery of 20,000 kg per day and that part is financially closed.

The first phase is already built and cost of facility, land and distillery is around $

The second phase is the purchase of land in the municipality of Stolac of 40

hectares which requires 200,000 USD. On an area of 20 hectares there is very
little investment on land and planting about 35,000 USD. For this amount we
could start cultivation for about three months from the purchase of land.
Preparation of the second part of the land would be postponed for one year to be
financed from the companys revenue and the cost would be approximately
80,000 USD. For the first phase of 20 hectares of land we needed 660,000 pieces
of seedling we can produce it for about three months and the cost would be
0,16USD pear seedling which 105,000 USD. For the next plants we will use our
own seeds and will cost half as much. Planting requires costs around 20,000 USD
for the first six months it is necessary to water the plants and the costs would be
about 10,000 USD. The plantation required three guards which would costs about
20,000 USD per year. Dwellings need for tools and workers cost around 10,000
USD, fence around the plantation around 10,000 USD with which is completed the
first phase with a total investment of 410,000 USD. We analyzed the oil on three
sites in Stolac which are near the land on which we are planning to invest and on
this site oil is very high quality. The yield per hectare is also unexpectedly large
for example in the first year consists of about 6500 kg and the next reaches
between 13 000 kg and 16 000 kg per year in two harvests. The yield of the oil
on one tone of immortelle is about 2,3 liters and it can be even higher to 3 liters I
actually witnessed it and this makes it the largest percentage of oil in percentage
than anywhere else.

The idea is that in the first year we invest in the plantation between 410,000 USD
to 450,000 USD and the future investments up to 100 hectares would be from

The calculation for the first year would be that we have 130 tons of immortelle
which is in the oil about 300 liters. With average price of 2000 USD per liter
makes revenue of total around 600,000 USD with which the first phase is
completed and we have the funds for investment in second phase.

The third phase is going to be processed on two locations one is plantation of 20

hectares in the municipality Stolac and second 15 hectares in the municipality of
iroki Brijeg, Buhovo and taking under concession from state land of 30 hectares
in the municipality Siroki Brijeg.

For the municipality Stolac we would have to spend for processing and planting
20 hectares of the third phase about 250,000 USD. In Siroki Brijeg the cost for the
processing and planting for 15 hectares would be around 200,000 USD. In the
area of Siroki Brijeg we have a slightly lower yield but oil is extremely well quality
by chemical analysis what will increases the price per kg. For planting crops we
would use their own seed. After two years I had immortelle from municipalities
Stolac with 40 hectares of over 350 tons and with plantations on Siroki Brijeg
about 50 tons which is together 400 tons which is in oil about 900 liters at a price
of 2000 USD $ 1,800.000

Business Plan shows that after two years we planted 100 hectares of immortelle
which is in full harvest 1400 tons per year and about 3200 liters of immortelle
with price of 2000 USD is over $ 6,400.000 with possibility of further extension if
you need more oil.

This distillery can make about 1500 tons with possibility of expansion of capacity
when we would buy the immortelle from other plantations and from people that
are picking it in the nature. For the start we could buy about 1000 tons of
immortelle which we would pay about 2.3 million USD and we would produce oil
from it 2300 liters with current price of 2000 USD per liter that would be 4.6
millions USD. The whole cost of distillation and collection of immortelle would be
about 200,000 USD which would make profit more than 2 million USD. We could
also discuss about this kind of partnership. You invest in buying the immortelle
and you pick the oil immediately when the process of destination is done with
splitting the profits 50:50. In this way we would pay yours invested money in leas
of a month.

We are also having in plan to make a reprocenter for seedlings where we could
make about 2 million seedlings on a yearly basis which we would trade with our
cooperators for immortelle from which we can accept revenue of about 500.000
This business plan is not written professionally as it should be for the bank with
all possible details considered but you see can see the potential of the plan and
of course I stand on disposal for all the information you need.

Im looking for an equal partner in this business and of course who have need for
oil on big quantities for job security and for opportunities to develop the business
on a bigger scale.

Our company has no debt and all investments we have done are from our
revenue so that we invested our money and everything is transparent. We would
give as Guarantee our Company building, offices, distillery and the land on which
the facility is located for stake from yours side of at least 500,000 USD to
establish new joint venture in which we would be equal partners 50:50. Given
that our investment of one million US dollars and even little more for five hundred
thousand USD from yours side as a potential partner is double as much from our
side the difference in the investment would be paid when we meet the conditions
for that and when we plant 100 hectares of the immortelle. We entered the
project with huge investments in excavation investments in the facility and the
distillery which we all built from 6 month of this year. We had a deal with one
larger company from this area with investment of one million USD from both
sides but as now things are from that deal will not be nothing. For that reason we
would like to find a partner who has need for the oil or we will be forced to take a
loan from bank which we would like to avoid.

From all above mentioned you can see that the land now is cheap but that will
probably not last long because every day are sprouting new little plantation who
are raising the price of the land and there will not be more land that is easy to
process. If you are interested in my business plan I am on yours disposal for all
additional informations.

Best Regards,

Martin Mikulic

Viktoria d.o.o.