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Thanks for purchasing Joseph Hollos Warmed soundbank for Serum,

You can also check similar soundbanks by Joseph Hollo for other instruments:
A huge, detailed, finely crafted selection of alive, lyrical, dramatic, pads, voxes,
drones, widescreen atmospheres.
Furthermore you'll get inspiring keys, arpeggios/rhythmic presets!

100+1 unique patches!

You'll find a new, versatile, responsive, highly playable instrument inside most of the
For example "PD Angelic Performance" You can start with a nice voicy soft pad, play
at high velocity to let a slow warm strings sneak in, then turn up Makro2 and some
lovely synth Horns begin to play in the mix. With further opening (Modwheel) a full
blown bright Strings/Orchestra evolves.

Modwheel, Pitch Bend, Velocity and Aftertouch are set. In some cases Pitch Bend
acting as Filter Cutoff Up/Down. More modulations are coming with the 4 Makros. You
can set these to use with midi learn your preferable midi controllers (right click on the

You can use those controllers for expressive live playing, and also for fine tuning in your
DAW after recording.

Typical use of the Makros:

Env speed, (slow or fast strings/pads)
Increase or decrease swelling in a pad, (Still or animated pads)
Speed of the LFO in rhythmical or trill patches,
To add more air or other openings.
(+ a demo MIDI-, and Cubase project file)

Warmed provide lots of emotional inspiration for film and ambient composers,

System requirements:
Xfer Records Serum 1.0 or higher
host program (DAW) with VST or AU, RTAS support
Install notes:
Unpack zip file and copy to Serum's presets folder found in one of the similar locations:

OSX: MacHD/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Presets

WINDOWS: ...\ Documents\Xfer\ Serum Presets\Presets\

Shop, contact and support:

URL: http://sound.artenuovo.com
e-mail: sound@artenuovo.com

Legal notices:
Feel free to use our patches in any of your music production. You may not distribute
this soundbank or any part of the soundbank in any shape or form. Also this soundbank
may not be made part of a product for which for sale or commercial.

Special thanks to:

the friendly and helpful community @ www.kvraudio.com

Detailed patch list:

Ambient KEY Dx ePiano Stereo PD Carillion

AMB Ambient Lore KEY Epic Hero Twang PD Classic Golden Brass
AMB Awakening KEY Exotic Fairlight PD Classic Hornpad
AMB Desert Flutes KEY Organ Drawbar1 PD Classic Warm Hornpad
AMB Elysium KEY Organ Drawbar2 PD Dirty Prophet
KEY Organ Gimme Some PD Dirty ProSerum
Bells Lovin PD Drifting in Air
BL Echoed ToyPiano PD Fleeting
BL Fairlight Beauty Lead PD Heart of Square
BL Glass Lore LD 70s Soft Minimoog PD Light of Softsquares
BL GlassBells & Rolls LD Classic Soaring Lead PD Nature of Serum
BL GlassTrills LD Flute Overblown PD Shadows and Lights
BL Needles and Pad LD Folk DUDA PD Shy Fairy
BL PCM+FM bells LD Highlander Pipe PD Summer Nights
BL Pearls LD Lore Fx PD The Big Coming
BL PearlsPad LD PanPad PD Triambiental
BL VS Scanning Bellpad LD SerumBacking Rock Guit PD Unicorn Lead-Pad
BL VS Smooth Colored LD Serumbucker Solo Guit PD Vibrant Calliope
PD Worms in the Air
Keys Pads
KEY Cristalline PD Alone
KEY Double Platinum PD Altitude Seq
PolySynth PD Angelic Performance
KEY Dx ePiano Singles PD Blue Coast Tingle
Plucked Vox
PL Chorus Guit Vox Boys from Waldorf
PL Chorus Strato Vox Dobedo Drone
PL Hit & Chain Vox Ethereal Breaths
PL Little Harp - Mw-loop Vox Gone with the Wind
PL Log Drums +Fx Vox Ikarus Falls
PL Marimbas SustainTrem Vox Mixed ChoirClouds
PL Sitar Tailed Harps Vox Monks Iii-Eeh
PL Vibraphone Vox Night Choir
PL Wood Blocks Vox Simple Beauty -Mw Pb-
PLucked Pianopad Vox Spectral Voxes D-50

Sequencers +1
SQ Bell vs Guit XFX WhaleHeart Drums
SQ Drums of Cinema
SQ Epic Tension Pad
SQ Ethno MouthHarp
SQ FairyHarps
SQ Granular Rhythm Pad
SQ PianoStepper
SQ Rhythm & Wavestation
SQ Stereo Rumble Seqs

Str Marcato Orch
Str Orchestral
Str StringsPad
Str Vox Strings
Strings Expressive
Strings Expressive French
Strings Light
Strings OB-8 Warm-Tremolo
StrPad Lyrical XP -Mw Pb-
StrPad Polymoog PWM

SW Vibrant AirSweep
SY Hydra
SY Modern RetroSynth
SY Punch of OBX
SY Sneaky Sexteen