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Danielle Florey- Math

Subject: Math Activity: Break Apart Strategy to Add Setting: Mr. Bates Room # of Students: 24

Statement of Objective: Students will complete problems 7-10 on page 37 on their own with at least 2 out of the 4 Accommodations
*Observable/Measurable (A,B,C,D) correct.
Materials: -Pencils -None needed
*Prepared and organized -Math Book
*Available for all -Blocks
Opening: (10 minutes) -Start with passing out materials -Can write vocab
*Gain attention/motivate -Review terms (addends, tens place, ones place, hundreds place) word if needed
*Activate prior knowledge -Well be learning about the break apart strategy today Remember how we did mental math
~link/relate; assess; prepare for new as a strategy on Thursday? Today its break apart
learning (e.g. vocabulary) -Go over block procedures & expectations (do not throw, used for math, one warning before
*State goals/set purpose theyre mine, large one is how many?, small row, single)
~explain task: why, what, how, and -Hand out blocks
when for strategies
*Clear directions
Presentation: (30 minutes) -Explain break apart strategy is taking the number apart & using the different place values -Have it on the
Teacher: -Do examples of it on the board Elmo for everyone
*Variety of learning (T/S, S/S, S/T) -Have students complete a few number break aparts to see
*Organizational framework -Show it with the blocks
~construct, clarify, and link concepts in -Turn to page 35 in go math
a meaningful context -Be sure to underline directions & important things!
*Present visually, verbally, -I do on Elmo (example 1)- model the estimate & the blocks!
kinesthetically, real world (e.g. LESH) -We do with me doing it on the Elmo (example 2)
*Model and think aloud to make visible -narrating steps as we go
~language practices/processes -Page 36 we do 1 & 2 together under try this!
~learning strategies and adaptations -You do- Kiddos do Share & Show on page 37
(how, when and why) -have them work with partner with blocks
~organization, relationships, and clues -give them time to complete both
*Transfer of control -review on the board
~students explain, justify, clarify, etc.
*Clear directions
*Check for understanding
~appropriate feedback: praise, prompt -When they all need a break- do place value song, associative property song, polygon song
probe/question (in ZPD)
~assess/error drill
~monitor and adjust instruction
~overt and active
~instructional dialogue, think aloud,
explain, justify, evaluate, etc.
Guided Practice: (30 minutes) -Page 37- model number 3 (I do) -Have it on the
*Activity related to -Have students do 4, 5, 6 with partner Elmo for everyone
presentation/objectives -Give them time to complete some without me to check for understanding to see
*Active student participation -Go over problems 4, 5, 6
~provide rationale for assignment
~multi-sensory and real world
-Have students complete 7-10 on their own.
~instructional dialogue
-When they are done I will come around and check them.
*Transfer of control
-Model problems on the board
~students explain, justify, clarify, think
*Check for understanding
~ensure high success rate
~appropriate feedback: praise, prompt,
probe/question (in ZPD)
Individual Practice:
~assess/error drill
~monitor and adjust instruction
~scan, circulate, assess, support, praise
Closing: -Well finish this up when we get to camp -Have it on the
*Adequate time -Clean up blocks Elmo for everyone
*Students summarize content and -Clean up books to see
accomplishments -Clean up pencils
*Assess/identify new goals
*Link to future learning