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The Schoolboys Tale

Christina Stead

In a place Avallon, a watershed village in a seaport. It was a sound and jolly village yet closed
with judgments on the standard that the society shows. Later on, it turn into sorrowful one but
remains the standard they have holding up.

The Schoolboy (The Narrator) - a conscientious boy when he alones (assumingly) sees just in
the female character's dignity and worth. He is emotional. He feels the poor family that was also
despised by poor families in the society.

Viola - she is 14 years old. She was pretty and thin with long black hair and an intelligent girl.
She had deprived from the privilege she ought to have as a student, as an individual and has the
right to live in a free and just way.

Violas brother - He was 10 years old. Young and might not be able to understand how
judgmental the standard of the society is. He was not given emphasis in the selection.

Violas mother - wife of a cabinet minister who was a rich man. She was also pretty where her
daughter inherit the beauty. She was dark and sweet woman. Likewise, she was also been
discriminated and deprived to live in harmonious life. But even with that case she still pertains
goodness in her personality though very ironic to the event that she committed adultery yet she
never addresses pride and anger towards these people who have never understood her.

It was started with an intriguing question which gives a hint or it foreshadows the main event if
the story. It was presented using a metaphorical question that invites reader to think and analyze
more the situation. It also shows an allegory of a bee dies in the forest that is in the lieu of the
main character/s in the short story. More than that, details were ironically written.
The story basically tells how judgmental the society is and how it sets standards or norms, which
they consider as righteous but no one would know that each has its own hidden agenda and
flaws on their own sleeves. The society between an adulterer as a reason why they condemned
viola's mother and so as the family. Sad to say how people are so naive on their own dirt while
very concern of others mistakes and rude on neighbor's imperfection.
Tension begun when 30 schoolchildren riding on a ferry meets a terrible accident where the ferry
sinks with the 30 young souls into the deep. Because of the event, darkness covers the entire
*DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN. Women during before they totally gain respect and
power were discriminated in many sorts, privilege and rights. It will be a big issue, of course it
is, if it would be women being unfaithful to their marriage and man's is forgivable.

Point of View
It was presented in a first person point of view. The schoolboy narrates his own observations and
experiences that also shows his emotions. Though it was not clearly stated that the speaker was
a male except from the subtitle, but this can be proven right citing the 2nd sentence in the 4th
paragraph, " I raised my hat" meaning the description itself shows masculinity.

The author used Media Res as it's mean in opening a situation though it does not vividly
affirmed but it was presented in a highly intellectual way using different kinds if figurative
The story was not shown in a simple way yet presents a common conflict like in the real life

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