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and Safety at Work


Globally recognised health, safety

and environmental qualifications
Reduce accidents, control costs, protect
your reputation and avoid legal action with
our introductory NEBOSH Health and Safety
at Work qualification.
What can the NEBOSH Health
and Safety at Work qualification
do for my organisation?
A safer workplace Health and safety is
important. It protects people from injury and
loss of life.
The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work
qualification gives your workforce vital health and
safety know-how so they can make a difference
and help reduce accidents, control costs, protect
your reputation and avoid legal action.
Assurance An employer whose staff are
NEBOSH qualified is an employer that is
committed to health and safety.
The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work
qualification provides an assurance of safety
something that can help you achieve recognised
The Ministry of Labour in the standards and can even help you win new business.

Kingdom of Bahrain have for Return on investment An employee

with a NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work
many years recognised NEBOSH qualification has a practical set of skills that
qualifications as the standard will bring real value to your workplace.

required for any HSE professional This qualification tests these practical skills
at work, meaning that learning is put into
working in Bahrain in the private practice in your workplace right away.
sector. The NEBOSH Health and
Safety at Work award is an excellent
introductory qualification. This will
help organisations to implement
an effective health and safety
management system and help
to improve the safety culture.
Mr. Hussain Al Shami
Chief of Occupational Safety Section
Ministry of Labour Kingdom of Bahrain
What kind of people take the
NEBOSH Health and Safety at
Work qualification?
Anyone who needs to understand the basic
principles of health and safety as part of their
job. In the modern workplace, this can mean
just about anyone.
The qualification is particularly relevant to:
Team leaders and supervisors
High level operators/skilled workers
HR management and staff
Facilities managers

What does the course cover? Where can I take a course leading
The three day course is the perfect to the NEBOSH Health and Safety
introduction to health and safety. It covers at Work qualification?
risk assessments and ways to control common Details of NEBOSH training providers operating
workplace hazards such as fire, lifting and around the world are on our website. These
carrying, work equipment, electrical safety, training providers offer courses to fit around
hazardous substances and transport. your requirements:
Further details including a syllabus summary Distance or blended learning
can be found on our website. Day or evening courses
Block release or modular courses
How is the course assessed?
Through a multiple choice examination and Sometimes courses can be arranged to take place
a practical risk assessment which tests the where you work. Employers can also become
ability to put into practice the knowledge accredited NEBOSH course providers so that
gained during the course. A qualification they can provide in-house training for staff.
parchment will be awarded on successful
NEBOSH have produced a workbook and
completion of both assessments.
delivery package for this qualification. Please
This is an international qualification, so the contact us if you wish to discuss this service.
assessment can be taken in English, Arabic,
Mandarin or Russian. Other languages may be
possible, please contact us for further information.
This qualification has been
accredited and credit rated
by the Scottish Qualifications
Authority (SQA) and sits in the
Scottish Credit and Qualifications
Framework (SCQF).

What to do next
Contact us on +44 (0)116 263 4700, email info@nebosh.org.uk
or visit www.nebosh.org.uk to find out more.

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