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Oh Beautiful Mother ! And where, and when, they come?

Perchance the shining sage

Oh Beautiful Mother! Saw more than he could tell;
You always give refuge Who knows, what soul, and when,
To your children in need, The Mother makes Her throne?
Oh Glorious Mother! What law would freedom bind?
You provide a shelter, What merit guide Her will,
Universal Haven Whose freak is greatest order,
To the Children of Faith. Whose will resistless law?
Oh Radiant Mother! To child may glories ope
Your Grace is Limitless, Which father never dreamt;
Oh Great Divine Goddess. May thousandfold in daughter
To the Hungry and Lost, Her powers Mother store.
To the Homeless and Poor,
To the Unloved and Sad, - Swami Vivekananda
All they must really do
Is surrender to You! My Cosmic Mothers Face
Your love like the ocean,
Is peaceful, deep and calm. Fairy dream faces, like fresh flowers,
Your eyes like the night sky May bloom in the vase of my gaze for my soul
Shining with Sacred Light. to see;
We find your Loving Shade But the Face that vanished behind space
Blissful Serenity. Cannot be replaced by any of these.
Universal Mother
Liberate us for Grace. There are faces of transcendent beauty,
Let us Recognize You Faces of exquisite charm, faces tender and
With Our Hearts, Minds and Souls. true;
And Cherish you Always There are faces of sweetness and wisdom,
But theres none like the face of You.

There are faces tainted by fires of lust,

Sun! that shines on everyone, high or lowly! Faces the wise cannot fathom, faces a child
The light of Your splendour outshines the cannot trust.
seven planets; There are faces of beauty, steeped in glory
The rays of Your knowledge open the lotus of through and through;
mind; But O Cosmic Mother, they are dim beside
Your light of Compassion dries up the stream You.
of Becoming.
Theres the violet, the lily, the lotus, the rose;
And hug the form of Death, Fragrant flower-faces blooming under the
Dance in destructions dance snows;
To him the Mother comes. There are faces of stars, and the moon and
the sun.
But for me theres One Face evermore, only
Who Knows How Mother Plays one.
Perchance a prophet thou-
Who knows? Who dares touch After my search through aeons unnumbered,
The depths where Mother hides The never-ceasing streamlets of my dreams
Her silent failless bolts! Have melted in Thy silver ocean-face,
Perchance the child had glimpse Where smiling love forever softly gleams.
Of shades, behind the scenes,
With eager eyes and strained, Countless silver rays of living beauties
Quivering forms-ready Have melted into one transcendent grace
To jump in front and be The beauties of a million, million ages
Events, resistless, strong. To make, at last, Thine omnipresent face.
Who knows but Mother, how,
Without Thy face, there is no light for me I need not bother,
In all the unplumbed depths of land or seal For the things that come and go,
Thy beauty-rays are rainbowed over all In all mother is there I know.
Eternity, while planets rise and fall.
Her grace is unasked and supernatural,
On the lips of laughter, on roses in the dawn, No treasure to her is parallel,
It is Thy smile forever glowing there- She labors this universe by Her will,
An immortelle of glory, heavenly sweet I am her child, and in Her deal.
With fragrance of unceasing, selfless prayer.
O Mother Divine, to listen to Your message
On the calm lake of my breathless bosom, I have shed ceaseless tears.
Where ripplets of desire no more I have turned my life into a fever of tears.
Play little games like children, I want nothing but to see You.
The glimmer of Thy face is spreading oer. With a silent touch
You have asked me to glance at You.
In the cleansed mirror of my memory, I have failed to abide by Your command.
In the deep crystal pool that is my heart, You know my failure
I see Thine omnipresence trapped for me- Was caused by my deplorable whims,
Of my own self forevermore a part. Yet I do not know
As I, awakening, pass through gates of light, Why You have not drawn me toward
Thy wisdom-face is all my soul can see. Your heart.
Faded, the pale pleasure-stars of dream skies,
In the omniscient light enfolding Thee.

Auroras, lights squeezed from shimmering

hives of atoms,
Flashing feelings, burning vitalities, worlds of Love, enjoyed by the ignorant,
flame, Becomes bondage.
Dumb stones and speaking minds all melted That very same love, tasted by one with
together understanding,
To form Thy one face and to spell Thy one Brings liberation.
name. Enjoy all the pleasures of love fearlessly,
For the sake of liberation
My vision, withdrawn from viewing pulsating
Throws its countless eyes within to search My Real Goddess - Poem by Dr. P. K. Verma
And all I seek, O Cosmic Mother, all I crave Today my mother
forever, Came to my house
Is the light of one face the face of Thee! With lots of blessing
And full of good wishing
- Paramahansa Yogananda To live long
Happy and healthy
From A Son To His Divine Mother(-Saroda.) Progressive and wealthy
I wish to be a mad, My mother
A mother-loran lad, My sweet mother
With one stay in life, My beautiful mother
I have my mother, My loving mother
In dark and gloomy strife. My real goddess
My ever goodness
No wealth I trace, My first lady I loved
Save mother's grace, My life my mother
And turmoil and death I invite, My soul my mother
Only I cherish a live-mother-sight. My God-gift my mother
My pride my mother
I have my mother, My aim my mother
My teacher my mother Never she seeks loud worlds,
My friend my mother Always sincere soul.
My preacher my mother
My daughter's face look-like my mother Never she ever overstretches,
My daughter my little mother Nor falls behind in any,
O the Absolute Almighty Poise is her strength.
Give me my mother
Again and again No small joys for her,
And again and again Austerity is her life
My mother Though gentle is she for all.
Only my mother.
Gentle jasmine smile in her,
Dr. P. K. Verma Friendly warmth in eyes
Blossom souls about her.

She is not like all, Transpicious like glass,

She is self-contained Nothing hidden or grey in her,
And kind to all. She is an open book.

Simplicity is her virtue, She bends willingly to the knee

Honesty, her strength, While pressures work from above,
She is pleasing to all. But recoils beyond limits.

She detests none; Soft in talk certainly she is,

While goings are hard, A pleasure to have face to face
Silent she keeps. And gentle in rapport always.

She built her fences She yields to all bounds,

On inner dictates But unusually bold she is
And crosses it not. While time calls for that.

Though bright like Sun, None has seen her really angry,
Never she fights for rights, She withdraws in right time
Nor yields to any wrong. An saves good time for all.

Men or women, adore her, No fear ever touches her,

But she keeps her space, But she never stands to resist
Yet she is darling of all. And hurts none anytime.

Hard on herself is she No leisure she enjoys,

In keeping to her values, Hard work is her trait,
And spares not her faults. She keeps always busy.

While commits to a job, She is Golden Wonder,

She is body, mind and soul Purest of pure gold;
Till her job is done. True gold fears no fire.

Neither she fights nor competes, In love, she is sheer Goddess,

She is gentle to the core A metaphor of sacrifice,
And loves to hide herself. Pure devotion is she.

She prefers to give up life She throttles past and present

Instead stealing others joys, And wrecks life ahead
Selfless is her soul. If love calls for it.

Spartan she is in habits, Her love is no impulsive act,

A soulful commitment,
Beyond lifes limits. Do You Know Why?
Do you know why
But she wrecks even love, You do not want to dominate others?
If it is to steal from others, You do not want to dominate others
And wrecks her own life. Because you are amazingly strong.
Do you know why
Gentle like flowers she is; You do not blame others?
And more fierce than fire You do not blame others
When it comes to that fix. Because your heart-life is flooded
With the qualities of sainthood.
Hard like coconut shell is she,
Also delicious like its core, When the world moves
When she faces hard world. in the way it does, My Maa is not affected by
the rush.
She gives not heart to any, She always tries to help and others she push,
Once given, takes not back, In the direction of sanctity saving from sharp
And willingly suffers for that. bush. However the saints never have pride,
Because they always keep God as guide,
Twice she comes to life So saints have freedom, while the world is tied
To meet her man again
Though he is aged now. The Mother Supreme

In age of womens rights, Soul stirring eyes of gold delight,

While men and women in odds, All where reigning supreme-
She may be an odd piece. Our blind secrecys dream
She seizes with Her all forgiving Sight.
Whoever whatever may judge, Torn now asunder our egos screen,
She is God of true God, Under Her Smile of Grace
My Goddess in human form. Blooms quick our surrenders face.
Praveen Kumar Title Golden Wonder She paves the way to a life evergreen.

Mother of Compassion
You are beautiful, more beautiful, most
beautiful, O Mother of Compassion,
Beauty unparalleled in the garden of Eden. I am Your sweet infant child,
Day and night may Thy image abide Like Jesus looking far into the skies
In the very depth of my heart. From the lap of Mary.
Without You my eyes have no vision, You love me infinitely more
Everything is an illusion, everything is barren. Than anybody else.
All around me, within and without, Friends and neighbours wonder
The melody of tenebrous pangs I hear. At your loving preference.
My world is filled with excruciating pangs. I call You Mother,
O Maa, O my beautiful Maa, You call me darling.
O my Mother of beauty, in this lifetime I give You a sweet little smile
Even for a fleeting second, And kiss Your Feet again and again.
May I be blessed with the boon
To see Thy Face forever. O my mad Mother, come, come!
Your mad son is crying for You.
Every time I run away from You Mother, make me free from all
Every time I run away from You Bondage-shackles.
And come back, Mother, my only aim
I see Your Eyes Is to proclaim Your Victory
More illumining than before, And manifest Your Light.
And I feel Your Heart Therefore, keep me not in the thick
More forgiving than before. Of attachment and illusion-forest.
Sri Chinmoy
Rak Kare Ma Ekla Ami Jabo Jakhan
Amare karo ma shunya Mother, when I go away
Mother, do make me, my heart, Being angry with You,
Complete emptiness life Without telling You,
So that You can fill it with Your Beautys Light. Will You look for me?
Mother, capture me, my life I know I shall tremble in fear
Within and my life without. If I look behind and see
I know, I know, Mother, That You are running after me
My lifes teeming problems will be over To catch me with Your Hearts
Only when I far transcend Endless Affection-Compassion-Love.
My thought-world and my mind-world. If you call me, I know, Mother,
Sri Chinmoy I shall have to surrender to You.
If You smile, Your Smile will compel me
Chinta atite maner atite sundara To return to You.
Beyond thought and beyond the mind, Sri Chinmoy
O beautiful One, You abide.
Do fulfil this body, vital, mind and heart of Your blessing garland is my journeys road
mine. And victorys fulfilling satisfaction.
May I have this sense of fulfilment This hope of a tiny drop
In all my achievements, In the heart of the mighty ocean
Taking shelter at Your Feet divine. Will not be in vain.
Sri Chinmoy You are the Light of my eye
And the Friend of my sorrowful heart.
Japi madhu nam shudhu abiram I am Your Blessing-Compassion.
I repeat Your sweet name incessantly, Mother, You are the identification of my heart.
O Mother of mine. Sri Chinmoy
All that I have and I am in this life is Yours.
You are the only way leading me to my I come to you as a child to his mother.
supernal Goal. I come as an orphan to you, moist with love.
Sri Chinmoy I come without refuge to you, giver of sacred
Karo sundaro I come a fallen man to you, uplifter of all.
Make me beautiful, make me pure, I come undone by disease to you, the perfect
Make my faith unperturbed. physician. I come, my heart dry with thirst, to
O Eternitys Beauty, you, ocean of
Your Feet are my haven. sweet wine.
Do allow my heart Do with me whatever you will.
To blossom at Your Feet.
Sri Chinmoy
~ Everything is Your wish,Maa, You Whose
Amar Dake Amar Dake Dao Ma Ebar Sara
Wish I s Law.
Mother, this time do listen to my call. You d o Your own work ,
May Thy Smile of moonlight but people say , "I am acting. "
Enter into me. You make the elephant get stuck in mud,
May I be energised with the hope of the poet
And the silence-voice of the seer.
the lame man leap across mountains.
Mother, awake in me To some You give the heights of Indra ;
Your universal Love. others You push down t o hell .
May the flow of my river I speak the words You make me speak.
Proceed towards You
Singing Your Victory-Song.
You are mystic diagrams
Mother, I want not to be lost anymore. You are mystic words;
Mother, this time do listen to my call. You are the essence of the Tantrasara.
Sri Chinmoy
I know , I know, Mother : You're a woman
of stone . You dwell inside me ,
Because I think of You
I burn in pain.
yet You hide from me.
Ma, I wish I were the dust under Your fear- Displaying Your illusory power , You create
dispelling feet . many bodies,
with Your three qualities limiting the
Let's be girls , Ma, and play with dolls; limitless .
come int o m y playroom. Kind to some,
I will take the Mother's role, so I can teach You
harmful to others ,
If You make one dull or wretched, hold him to You cover Your own fault
Your bosom; by shifting the blame to others.
who els e will ease his pain? Mother, I don't hope for enlightenment ,
One who get s no jewels and gems, Ma, at least nor do I wish to live in heaven.
should get his mother. I just want to visualize Your feet standing
Some will be quite naughty, in my heart.
others lie about inside their homes , but al l
play games of hide-and-see k
Oh Goddess Filled with Brahman , this is
(our world here has no death, Ma), My humble appeal: why do You harass him
crying as they leave at night, returning with the unnecessarily? What is Your intention?
morning .
This little boy,
You made him cry
You made him fear .
Now love away his fear, cease to make him cry
or casting You aside he'll run away .
When this play is finished lull him into sleep;
hold him in Your arms.
Najrul Islam
My Goddess
by Bill Turner

You possess the beauty of all the worlds'

From now on, wonders
don't deprive me any more.My Maa. It radiates from your delicate skin
Look, the danger of death is near. Shining in the light of your eyes
What You've done to me was appropriate. I Flowing through your hair, like the river of
endured, it endured. life
But nowI must think:
what is the recourse for a wretched man ?
Your beauty is projected in all that you do
Death i s not conquered ,
But I am not afraid ; You have the grace of all the angels in
I only worry lest I forget Your name heaven
at m y going . Your friendships are deep and true
Even though Kamalakanta is in pain, he will Your love is pure and real
smile. Your movements are that of an angel
Otherwise people will say
You haven' t give n m e an y happiness, Maa
Your grace is bestowed upon those in your

You are strong like the mountains

Able to withstand the storms of life When they hunger with desire, allow
Turning a blind eye to the coldest of life's release in my audience.
winters They who are tired will rest with me in my
Constant renewal in your eternal spring palace.
Green grass and wild flowers your destiny They who long for peace can have it in this
Your wisdom is that of the divine universe
Able to see beyond the immediate The Goddess
Devouring the knowledge of the past Swinging free outside the law of gravity,
Improving the present, bettering the future Her heart and mind and soul are unified.
All the while taking care of those in your Heaven bound drawn by the pull of levity.
Despite intensity of drama she is free,
Being in your presence fills my heart with Her anguish hurt and fear left far behind.
joy Swinging free outside the law of gravity.
When you speak, I hear the sound of angels
All that you are is what I hoped to be Call of the Goddess
The greatest gift, your love to me Stain your body
A lifetime I shall take, returning that love to With fingers dipped
thee In the colour of
Joy and peace
Wet with the tears
Of the World
And know HER

You, God, who live next door The Goddess

If at times, through the long night, I trouble Her mind is an observatory.
you A really fun one. You know,
with my urgent knocking-- With rock candy at the entrance,
this is why: I hear you breathe so seldom. And a gift shop full of unique keepsakes.
I know you're all alone in that room.
If you should be thirsty, there's no one Like compassion.
to get you a glass of water. And warmth.
I wait listening, always. Just give me a
sign! And when you step inside,
I'm right here Her constellations are painted upon the
dome ceiling,
Goddess in Her Temple Telling a story only visible
May all those who fear me find friendship To those willing to connect the dots.
with me here.
May all those who disbelieve, feel my A story of glowing blues
commanding presence. And scattered specks
When they need love, let them in and I will Of burning red,
nurture them. With a dark void
Occupying the gaps You are like Artemis, the goddess of the
You so desperately wish to fill. hunt;
For its like you have this invisible bow and
She has an entire solar system arrow on your hands.
Inside of her, Youre a woman who is brave and a fighter,
Hidden within the stars. ready for battle;
A heart as gold as the sun. And in competitions, I salute you for going
A soul as old as she wants. home as the winner.
And when she speaks,
You fall in love. In terms of inspiration, intelligence,
Because you don't have a choice. courage and wisdom;
You are like Athena, the goddess of these
Her voice echoes amphetamines things in one.
Along the walls of my skin. By simply listening to your influencing
Her smile shines words, there is wisdom.
Like the crooked panels You inspire people; encourage them to be
On every straight paved sidewalk better the next time.
I've ever known.
Beauty is always attached to your name
And when I look into her eyes, clearly.
The universe stares back. And love is always defined with your
I think she's a goddess. Youre a woman of caring a heart which is
a nurse thingy.
That is why among the Greek goddesses, I
want you as Aphrodite.
My Own Kind of Goddess
Remembering how things went the moment As how you sway your hair when you walk
we first talk. until it went messy;
It really was hard as challenge for me to As how mesmerizing your eyes whenever
look. you talk, youre just so pretty;
Its because Im that shy-type at first time. As how soft-hearted you are even if you
And because youre mesmerizing, like star talk frankly,
in darkness that shines. You should know that you deserve a crowd
that applause for you dearly.
You are known for having an encouraging
smile. Moon of the Black Goddess
The way you look, its like perfection to Tonight I will fall down upon my knees
human kind. To pray before the goddess of enchanted
Whenever you are around, it feels like ebony
theres heaven in land. Her divine rays of dark beauty I embrace
You are a fairy and your voice is your Bathing blissfully in her enigmatic grace
significant wand. I enter the sanctum
Her sacred place of healing
Ecstasy consumes me
Enraptured by the feeling When the Moon of the Black Goddess
When the Moon of the Black Goddess Shines Her light into me
Shines Her light upon me Then the Tune of the Black Goddess
Then the Love of the Black Goddess Becomes the song to set me free!
Drowns the world around me
Tonight I worship at the Temple of Her Maa
Light Not a moment goes past
I sacrifice my flesh to the goddess shining when I waver
bright from your flame.
The fire in my soul erupts and sets aflame
my mind Goddess
On holy nights like these when the cosmos In her eyes the starkness of might
re-aligns in her outstretched arms a call
I enter the sanctum to the ones challenging her
Her sacred place of healing to surrender to her power
Ecstasy consumes me and the ones worshipping her
Enraptured by the feeling to find in her might whats hidden,
When the Moon of the Black Goddess an invitation to the worshipper and the
Shines Her light upon me challenger
Then the Lust of the Black Goddess to submit, to see, beyond her wrathful
Burns the world around me might
I submit myself to Her, naked and not a goddess
unguarded but a woman, a mortal lover,
Prepared to be consumed and then possibly infinitely lovable!
For in her presence, all the evil in our pale
Vanishes from memory in a single instant Goddess
I enter the sanctum I want to worship you,
Her sacred place of healing Like the Goddess that you are.
Ecstasy consumes me I want to cherish you,
Enraptured by the feeling It's what you deserve, my love.
When the Moon of the Black Goddess
Shines Her light upon me I want to give you everything that you
Then the Mists of the Black Goddess deserve,
Shroud the world around me And more, of coarse.
The Moon of the Black Goddess Wrap your fingers in diamonds,
Cast thy spell upon me And gold, my dear.
The Moon of the Black Goddess
Looming right above me A big house,
The Moon of the Black Goddess Filled with beautiful things.
I give my flesh to worship thee! I want to take you places,
For the Moon of the Black Goddess That make your heart sing.
Is the only place
I can find peace! Goddess
My God ! The Goddess
You are heaven right here on earth , A goddess in design,
i see a new picture. Ain't no way she wasn't going to shine.
But your eyes are they most beautiful part.
Like an awakened soul from the matrix you She continued to see the light,
awaken my heart. With her face held upright.
God must be a woman for in you i see his Even when the world told her,
art. the future wasn't that bright.
wish there were no borders and no
distances so a man could easily seek his But she could not let them win,
god. So she responded with a grin,
I believe from within.
Dear Goddess
I call upon the great spirit You wouldn't be able to bring me down for
I call upon the Great Isis a goddess isn't bound.
Goddess of life I pray to you.
I Asked God
Give me the strength
to live this life, I asked God for a flower, he gave me a
this world of bouquet
dull grey despair. I asked God for a minute, he gave me a day
I asked God for true love, he gave me that
Isis, great goddess too
I am your humble follower, I asked for an angel and he gave me you.
I'm down on my knees
begging for your guidence.

I put this borken life

in your loving arms.

Please help me heal

Please help me stay strong.

Please goddess
I pray to you

The Goddess
The Goddess goes by many names,
but answers to them all.
Each name leads to
a different meaning and aspect,
but she is the same in all of them.
No matter how you pray or meditate,
she is always there.