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Warren Academy School

Saini Colony Extension, Kartarpura,Jaipur

A Project Report
AISSCE 2016-17 Examination
As a part of the Informatics Practices(065)
Harshita Sharma
Roll No .
Kirti Agarwal
Roll No .

Under the Guidance of

Shivani Kansal
PGT-Informatics Practices
This is to certify that the Project PALACE ON WHEELS is a
bonafide work done by Harshita Sharma and Kirti
Agarwal of class XII (Session 2016-17) in partial fulfillment
of CBSEs AISSCE Examination 2016-17 and has been carried
out under my direct supervision and guidance. This report or a
similar report on the topic has not been submitted for any other
examination and does not form a part of any other courses
undergone by the candidate.

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Signature of student1 Signature of Teacher/Guide

Name:Harshita Sharma Name:Ms. Shivani Kansal

Roll No: Designation: PGT-IP

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Signature of student2 Signature of Principal

Name:Kirti Agarwal Name:Mrs. KalpanaKaul

Roll No:


We undertook this project work, as the part of XII
Informatics Practices course. We had tried to apply our best
of knowledge and experiences. Hence, developing software
system is generally a quite complex and time consuming
process. It requires a symmetric study, insight vision and
professional approach during the design and development.
Moreover developer always feels the need, the help and
good wishes of the people near him, who have considerable
experiences and ideas.
We would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to
our teacher Ms. Shivani Kansal. We are very much thankful
to our principal Mrs.Kalpana Kaul for giving valuable time
and moral support to develop this software.
We would like to take the opportunity to extend our sincere
thanks and gratitude to our parents for being a source of
inspiration and providing time and freedom to develop this
software project.
Harshita Sharma
Kirti Agarwal
XII- Commerce
Objective and Scope of the Project
System Implementation
Hardware Required
Software Required
System Design and Development
GUI Forms with relevant code
Database design
SQL Queries
Data Structure(SQL Table)
Conclusion and Limitation

The Palace on Wheels is an application for ticket
reservation. It supports, in the area of reservation of tickets,
the business processes that you require for journey of longer
distance through we have airways most of the people use
the railways, which is most convenient, affordable means of
transport in India. So keeping this in view, the reservation of
railway is the most important task and it must be faster and
efficient as the demand is very high in order to meet this
demand, manual reservation is completely ruled out it
requires an efficient program to implement the online

The Palace on Wheels(POW)is the Proactive Management
science of reserving tickets in such a fashion that spend
whilist spending the minimum amount of money. POW is
able to offer his/her users maximum flexibility, availability,
and reliability. POW has been developed in conjuction with
the Transport Industry in an effort to provide a total web-
based solution for reserving tickets of royal train. The POW
take care of customer comforts level with its several
features. Customer can directly select from the choice
provided for us with train customer name and date of the

System Implementation
o Hardware Required:-
Processor: Intel core I3
RAM : 2Gb
Hard Disk: 4GB(minimum space)
o Software Required:-
MySQL version5.5
Netbeans IDE 8.1
Operating system: windows 7