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Capstone Introduction Paper Rubric

Criteria Meets Expectation Below Expectation Unsatisfactory Points

(8-10) (4-7) (0-3) earned

Overall Quality Presents a concise lead- Gives some information Does not give any
in to the report. but not to the level of a information about what
Exceptionally clear, 3. to expect in the report.
concise, and insightful.
Purpose/Problem Clearly stated Somewhat unclearly Not clear or absent (0)
stated or issues in its
Background Appropriate to the topic, Appropriate to the topic is Minimal scientific
Information clearly and accurately accurately presented, background is presented,
(supporting presented, providing providing selected using some examples that
information) precise examples, facts examples, facts and may or may not be
and details, while details, but lacking the appropriate or relevant.
conveying both the depth depth and richness of
and breadth of the topic. detail.
Specific Topic The topic is thoroughly Research lacks variety, Research is lacking in both
Research researched, using an and some sources may or variety and
ingenious variety of high may not be appropriate. appropriateness.
level resources.
Terminology Use of scientific terms and Scientific terms and Scientific terms and
concepts reveals a deep concepts are used concepts are used
understanding of correctly. incorrectly, or topic is
underlying scientific ideas. discussed in completely
nonscientific terms.
Mechanics Grammar and usage are Very few mistakes in Errors in grammar and
correct and contribute to grammar and usage. usage affect meaning.
clarity. Punctuation is Paragraphing may create Paragraphing is missing or
correct and paragraphing minor problems. Spelling does not relate to
adds to organizational and punctuation are organization of text.
structure. almost entirely correct. Frequent spelling errors.
Punctuation is often
missing or incorrect

Organization enhances the Organization is adequate. Organization is not clear.

Organization &
Coherence central theme. Sequencing Introduction may need Connections are
is logical and transitions more anticipation. confusing. Introduction
are smooth. Conclusion may lack and conclusion are present
closure. but are unclear or

APA In-Text Citations 100% accurate, Citations mostly correct Citations mostly incorrect
Citations no errors. with specific errors and largely in error, or no
repeated, or few random citations present.
References Cited All sources are correctly Some errors in formatting Many errors in format or
cited and are 100% exist, but section is largely only a brief list present.
accurate. correct. No references cited section
Total & Comments: