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Instructions: Unrar.

- MineSight-September-2014-Bundle_x86[r373-b366].exe
- Reboot PC
- MS_Bundle_9-20-02-x86[r400-b72].exe
- Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.9.exe
- Reboot PC
Prepare your PC to install unsigned drivers.
How to do it can say google on each step if
you do not know. It depends on your OS type.
1. Disable UAC (choose the lowest level)
2. Disable internal firewall and AV
(SmartScreen in w10)
3. Disable driver signature verification
Then install dongle emulator:
1. Import registry key:
\patch\01. Licenca\ms_final.reg
2. Install (run as admin):
\patch\01. Licenca\devcon.exe
3. Install (run as admin):
\patch\01. Licenca\Install.cmd
4. Import:
\patch\02. Desbloqueio\UnHookExec.inf
A short video tutorial concearning all steps
on w10 is provided in:
\patch\License Installation.wmv