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FHD-354 Series Installation Guide

User Information
B Class Equipment (Equipment for home use): This apparatus is for home use and has a radio
wave acceptability registration, so it can be used in all areas.

Manufacture is not responsible for the lost or damaged data. We recommend users to keep data
doubly in other place. For example, you can store data in PC drive, make a CD, and save in a external
hard disk drive.

1) We are not responsible for your lost data.
2) Do not drop the device. It may cause critical damage to the hard disk.
3) Keep away from magnetic material. Data may be corrupted.
4) Please remove the device safely, or you may lose your data.

1. Package contents
- FHD-354 unit
- Installation Guide
- Installation CD
- USB cable
- eSATA cable (applied models only)
- eSATA bracket (applied models only, Optional)
- IEEE 1394 cable (applied models only)
- AC cord
- Stand

2. Specifications
Model FHD-354UA FHD-354US2 FHD-354USF FHD-354USFb
USB 2.0 & USB 2.0 &
Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 & eSATA
IEEE 1394 & eSATA IEEE 1394b & eSATA
Dimension 219.9(W) X 148.4(L) X 37.5(H) mm
Weight 720g (HDD Without)
Data transfer USB 2.0 (Max 480Mbps), IEEE 1394 (Max 400Mbps)
Rate IEEE 1394b (Max 800Mbps), eSATA (Max 3.0Gbps or 1.5Gbps)
Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
OS Mac OS 9.2 or higher
Linux 2.6 or higher (USB 2.0 only)

Sarotech Co., Ltd.

FHD-354 Series Installation Guide

3. Name and Function of Each Part

AC Power : Connect AC Power cord.

Power ON/OFF switch.

Backup Button : Operates with provided backup utility,

Cabinet. Press this button in order to backup your data
using Cabinet.
Caution : One Touch Backup Button is workable
when you use USB interface only.

USB port : Connect USB data cable.

eSATA port : Connect eSATA cable.

Reference : If your computer has SATA port only,
you may purchase the eSATA bracket.

IEEE 1394 port : Connect IEEE1394 cable.

IEEE 1394b port : Connect IEEE1394b cable.

USB port : Connect USB mini 5pin data cable.

LED Indicators
- Green LED : Indicates power status.
- Red LED : Indicates data transfer.

4. How to mount HDD

Notice : Please disconnect AC power cord, when replacing the hard disk drive.
Reference : This user guide is for not mounting Hard Disk
1) Separate screws each from upper case and lower case.
2) Separate upper case from main body.
3) Separate Fixture as shown below.
4) When you use SATA HDD, you should connect SATA cable and power cable.
5) Set up again above 1 and 2 inverse.

Sarotech Co., Ltd.

FHD-354 Series Installation Guide

5. How to connect Product

After connecting USB cable and power cord, turn the Power switch(button).

How to stop the Product

Click the "tray icon" in task bar, and select Safely remove USB or IEEE Mass Storage Drive.

Reference : Driver Installation / Mac OS Format Guide / Cabinet, please refer to the manual in Installation CD.

6. How to connect eSATA bracket to Desktop (Optional)

Please connect eSATA bracket like a

picture. (If your computer has SATA port
only, you may purchase the eSATA

Reference : When you use eSATA bracket as shown below, please check if the main board supports "Hot Plug".

Sarotech Co., Ltd.

FHD-354 Series Installation Guide

7. Before Service Request

Read the following matters before making a request for service. Please contact the customer service center if

1. Hard disk is unreadable.

- New HDD
Please make a new partition and do format, for detailed information refer to our company Web site.

-Used HDD
If your HDD is formatted in NTFS, it does not show up My Computer in Windows 98 SE/ME.
If you want to use both Windows and Mac, please format in FAT32.

2. USB transfer speed is too low.

FHD-354 supports USB 2.0. If your PC has USB1.1, the speed is low, about 12Mbps. Please check if your PC supports

3. The HDD capacity is different between manufacture and OS systems.

The apparent size difference is in the way that HD capacity is measured by the manufacturer and the OS. A 100
Billion bytes does not translate into 100GB. The manufacturer of the drive will use the 1000 bytes = 1KB measure
while the OS, any OS, will use the 1024 bytes = 1KB measure.
Both are correct. The HDD manufacture is referring to the unformatted size(1000 = 1K), the OS to the formatted
size.(1024 = 1K)

8. Check points before After Service

* Please replace and test your hard disk drive, if you have extra hard disk drive.
* You could have lack of power when you connect to USB port in front of PC. Please connect to USB port
at the back side.
* If the problem comes out intermittently, please connect to other PC or laptop and check it has same
* Please check your hard disk drive is formatted and created partitions.
* Please execute anti-virus program to prevent data loss or damage caused by virus infection.

Rev 1.1(E)

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