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Tennyson E.

Wilde 412-525-2842

Pennsylvania Instructional I, PreK-4 (application pending)

Grove City College, Grove City PA
Bachelor of Science in PreK-4 Elementary Education Summer 2017
GPA: 3.26 Major GPA: 3.48

Student Teaching:
Dassa McKinney Elementary School, West Sunbury PA January-March 2017
First Grade: 23 students, including 3 with IEPs
Developed a Social Studies unit on jobs using a variety of read-alouds, role plays, and visuals
Contributed to grade meetings with all first grade teachers, school behavior team, and administrators
Invited parents to come in and share their own experiences to provide direct connections to students
background knowledge
Handled individual behavior issues with a color switch system that allowed for positive behaviors to be
reinforced and negative behaviors to be corrected
Designed multiple Prezi presentations to increase student engagement and interaction
Participated in school-wide behavior day which promoted anti-bullying and positive behavior

Jamestown Elementary School, Jamestown PA March-May 2017

Third Grade: 19 students, including 2 with IEPs
Utilized classroom management systems such as token system and positive reinforcement with sticker chart
Designed a novel unit on How to Eat Fried Worms using discussion and writing practices with an emphasis
on character development, authors purpose, and
Used Teacher Connect Gradebook for recording daily attendance and assignments
Administered all Reading tests for remedial level students with IEPs; adaptations included reading aloud all
test questions and decreasing the number of possible answers
Developed numerous lesson activities for Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading using Smart
Notebook on the SmartBoard

Summer Teaching:
Urban Impact Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA Summer 2016
Taught a remedial 3 rd grade
literacy class that included a wide range of developmental and skill levels
Utilized Read 95% curriculum
Served as lead counselor for third grade while collaborating with fellow counselors and camp directors to
ensure a safe and warm environment was kept at all times
Fostered relationships with at-risk students from low socioeconomic backgrounds
Windwood Day Camp, Bradford Woods, PA Summer 2015
K-3 rd grade
Coordinated all sports activities for
Functioned as permanent floating substitute counselor for campers K-8th grade
Field Experience:
Accumulated 110 total hours Fall 2014-Fall 2016
o Implemented formal lessons and interactive centers during the semester; utilized anecdotal and
running records as forms of assessment (Grove City College Early Education Center, Grove City,
o Acted as teachers assistant; administered informal reading inventories and kept all running
records for individual students fluency and phonics improvements; lead and organized small
group Reading and Math centers (Oakview Elementary, Stoneboro, PA)
First Grade
o Aided teacher in correcting and grading students work, lead multiple small group Reading and
Math centers for both first grade classes (Lincoln PreK-5, Pittsburgh, PA)
o Observed and aided individual students with make-up work and tests (Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5,
Pittsburgh, PA)
Second Grade
o Team taught a week-long Social Studies unit on the branches of government (Mercer Elementary,
Mercer, PA)
o Team taught a week-long hands-on Science unit on precipitation (Oakview Elementary,
Stoneboro, PA)
Third Grade
o Accompanied grades K-5 on a field trip to CAPAs production of A Christmas Story and
facilitated discussion on the importance of the arts (Lincoln PreK-5, Pittsburgh, PA)
o Gained unique perspective on classroom management techniques used in an urban setting
(Pittsburgh Langley K-8, Pittsburgh, PA)
o Utilized leveled readers and differentiated instruction for advanced, on target, and remedial groups
of students (Slippery Rock Elementary, Slippery Rock, PA)
Fifth Grade
o Co-taught a Physical Education class with a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing appropriate
Social Studies concepts being taught at the time (Grove City Christian Academy, Grove City, PA)
Sixth Grade
o Designed and taught a small group, discussion and writing based novel unit on Among the Hidden
(Grove City Area Middle School, Grove City, PA)

Tutoring/Volunteering Experience:
Urban Impact Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA Spring 2015 & Fall 2016
Compiled information through extensive research on relevant technology grants for iPads to be used in the
after-school tutoring program
Administered placement tests for summer day camp in order to determine the appropriate fit for students
developmental level
George Junior Republic, Grove City, PA Fall 2015
Tutored racially diverse group of at-risk males, ages 12-17 in Reading and Math
Bellevue Christian Church, Pittsburgh, PA July 2014
Served as a small group leader for students ages 3-4
Assisted in all learning centers involving crafts, role plays, and songs