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Works with sodium to regulate the body's balance and

normal heart rhythm; stimulates the kidneys to eliminate

body wastes; assists in reducing high blood pressure;
promotes healthy skin; pH balance of blood, body-water
balance, nerve and muscle function.


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Vitamin A Necessary for growth & regeneration Itching, rough, dry skin, Niacin, Vitamins
Beta of body tissues; smooth, soft healthy loss of smell and taste and B, C, D, E,
Carotene skin; protect the mucous membranes appetite; increase in night Pantothenic
of the mouth, nose, throat & lungs, blindness; increased risks acid, zinc,
against air pollution, infections; of infections; increased calcium,
reduces night-blindness and bad fatigue; dull, dry, brittle phosphorus.
eyesight; required for bone and teeth or graying hair.
formation. May help reducing the risk
of lung cancer and some oral cancers.
Beta-Carotene is non-toxic assists in
lowering levels of "bad" cholesterol.
Vitamin B1 Important for energy production; Fatigue, depression, lack B12, C
(Thiamin) assists in the digestion; crucial for the of appetite, tingling in
proper normal working of the nervous legs; memory loss,
system, muscles and heart; regulates muscle cramps.
appetite; assists in growth of muscle
tone; useful against air and
Vitamin B2 Essential for carbohydrate, fat and Cracks at mouth corners, Vitamin B6, C,
(Riboflavin) protein utilization and metabolism; skin inflammation, sore niacin, B1.
production of antibody and red blood tongue, light sensitivity
cell formation; aid in growth and and, eye problems,
reproduction; sustains cell respiration, dizziness, gastric
maintains good skin, nails & hair; problems.
alleviates eye fatigue and promotes
good vision.
Vitamin B6 Assists in synthesis and breakdown of Fatigue, anemia, nerve Vitamin C,
(Pyridoxine) amino acids, fat and carbohydrate dysfunction, hair biotin,
metabolism; aids in formation of problems, mouth sores Pantothenic
antibodies; used by the central and cracks, muscle acid, niacin,
nervous system; aids in the removal of cramps, irritability. magnesium.
excess fluid; foster skin health;
reduces muscle spasms, cramps,
numbness, nausea and stiffness.
Vitamin B12 Improves formation and regeneration Anemia, weakness, Folic acid, A,
(Cobalamin) of red blood cells, prevents anemia; fatigue, tongue and mouth B1, B6, niacin,
indispensable for carbohydrate, fat, cracks and sores, nerve biotin,
protein metabolism; keeps up healthy degeneration, body smell, Pantothenic
nervous system; promotes children's dandruff. acid.
growth; increases energy; assists for
calcium absorption.
Niacinamide Ameliorates blood circulation and
(Niacin- reduces "bad" cholesterol in the blood;
vitamin B3) maintains nervous system; helps
metabolize proteins, sugar and fats;
assists in reducing high blood
pressure; increases energy; important
for a healthy skin, tongue & digestive
system; converts food to energy. ease
some attacks of diarrhea.

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