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eel ok Nee PS/SSE/Mise/4009/81_ .° GOVERNMENT OF THE FUNJAB “ SCHOO! EDUCATION DEPARTMENT NO’ NorirIcaTIoN Ne Subject: ee se CF HEADS OF EDUCATIONAY, INSTITUTIONS With a view. tg cnable the Heads of schools from, Primary to ‘Highes Sccordary level te discharge their functions ¢ Tectively, overcame in-subordination and ensure quantiy targets of enrollment /admission. , | conwolling dropout Heads el 1c ds well-ay ochioving qually targets af results; all 5.08 Institutions are hereby vested with following powers Jor which they Accountable aswell to achieve these teruess, All Honda, (reaching sehoois muy empley temporary waviters or pars ume sass “ane. we Meh subjects: with ‘Se hired by the schoo (ds: toe “Porch: eTaleem ‘und... 5 oT #ll Heads of institutions from Pr mary lo‘Higaer Seuondary lsvel shall have {ult authority to essign aay teaching or/udmimistrative! du to thelr staff Sunng’ py after office. hours: «melding: ailditional ‘classes oy _neriods, So-cumievlar ahuides, sports day ‘praia , exaraination ty, record preparusion oF any @ sPrmul and Tileem: ow amar ana’ rumen tary: Schlewl Neads will b scomling ¢licers lor seordinig ACRS of al waching aad rion-teacuing sisif ths AGOa, Depaly DEOs will he, é the: counteraigning officers, case OF angle tencher Prunaty, School, “the. i ACK will Bé yiitiated oy th: ABO and codntrsigned by the y.DEQ ‘The fsulis and achievement’ of targets will be incorporated in ana Pleinenuary Teachers IV, Séeond examinutin a_duty ia samy acaderoic session and san leave will BO7sWbjeci to “he discretion of the He Head of te! according to iisiructions of Uove ment ont tke subject.