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Lesson plan

Teachers name : Emanuela Bucur

School: Liceul Teoretic Dunarea
Class : 10D
Textbook : Gold First Certificate

Date: of March 2017

Objectives: by the end of the lesson the students will be able to

Use conditional clauses type I,II,III
Use mixed conditional structures
Ss will use personal experience to make conditional clauses

Teaching aids: textbook, worksheets, laptop, projector

Skills involved: listening, speaking, reading


Stages of Teachers activity Students activity Time Skills Materials

the lesson
Warm up Teacher checks attendance 3 speaking
and asks introductory

Lead in . T asks ss questions using .ss answer the 5 speaking

conditionals questions
Practice T presents the mixed Ss write in their 5
conditional structure. notebooks.

T asks ss to work in teams

and they will play a game.

-They will receive large Ss work in groups of 10

sheets of paper with main four. They use markers
clauses on them. They will to write on the posters
finish the sentences they receive. They also
according to the conditional identify the type of
clauses rules. The teams get conditional.
points according to the
correct sentences they
make. They can either use
mixed or normal structure.
-one s from each group
-Matching exercise T goes to the whiteboard
displays a poster on the and recreates a
whiteboard. The ss have to conditional clause.
match the halves to recreate They will get points for
correct conditional clauses. every correct answer.

Each team tells the next

- game -finish my sentence- the beginning of a 10
T asks every team to write conditional clause and
on their notebooks five the children finish the
sentences and ask another sentence. They score a
team to rephrase it using a point if the answer is
conditional structure. correct.