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Job Shadow Reflection

Warren Easton High School

Rubric/Exit Sheet

Name: TeJeanne Garrison Date Completed:

October 16, 2017

Reflection Questions

Directions: Answer the following questions about your job shadowing

experience using complete sentences. Be thorough in your answers as some
of your answers may be incorporated in your senior portfolio presentation
speech and or final reflection paper.

1. Was the job shadow you completed the same career field you
identified in your career PowerPoint? If you completed the experience
in another field, explain why there was a need to change career fields.
(i.e., I was not able to set up a job shadow experience in my intended
career field
OR After taking a closer look at the field, I found that I was more
interested in).
No the job shadow I completed was not in the same career field as in
my PowerPoint. I was not able to find a chef to allow me to job shadow
2. As a result of your job shadow experience, are you still planning to
pursue the same career or has the experience led you in a new
direction? Explain.
I will continue to pursue a career in culinary because that is my passion
and something I love.
3. During your job shadow, what skills did you observe that are needed to
be proficient at this career?
In this career you need a lot of patience, strength, focus, and you have
to have the heart for helping people.
4. What activities and or duties did you like/dislike about the experience?
I liked exercising the patient and stretching him out. I disliked draining
his catheter and feeding him because my hands got messy.
5. Do you see yourself doing this job for the duration of your working
career? (i.e., 15 to 20 years in the same field)
Job Shadow Reflection
Warren Easton High School
Rubric/Exit Sheet

I do not see myself doing this as a career because it isnt a hobby or

passion of mine. I would still pursue a degree or training in this career
because I have an uncle that is a quad-4 paraplegic.
6. Aside from academic preparation in school, what are some other things
that you can do in order to prepare for your intended career field?
Cooking with my mom and grandma, an internship at a restaurant,
cooking classes, etc.
7. Is there any important tips and or advice you were given by your
mentor concerning your career field?
She told me do something I love and if I pursue becoming a home
health aid to never take a patient that is to heavy for me.
8. Considering everything you have learned, what is most invaluable
lesson you have learned from your job shadowing experience, and how
will this help you to move forward in your intended career field?
How to drain a catheter is not useful in my intended career field. This
experience will help me be a little ahead of the other students when I
get to college