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Wayne Rooney has signed a whopping 300000 pound a week contract essentially

ensuring that his most productive years will be at Manchester United. David
Moyes has been credited for the turnaround after it seemed that Rooney would
end up with the special one at Stamford Bridge. Rooney splits opinion among
the United faithful unlike anyone else. Some still adore him, some resent him for
his past actions. But no one will deny the fact that he is top quality and an
important player for the club.

Wayne Rooney is one of those players, who as a fan, you instantly take a liking
to. He gives everything on the field. He will put in the last ditch tackle and will be
at the other end scoring in a matter of few seconds. And he was primed to be
etched in the history books as one of Uniteds all time greats. But it all changed
in October 2010. It was a shock when Rooney said he wanted to leave the club.
He hadnt scored a goal since the champions league game against Bayern
Munich and had a disastrous world cup. And the reasons for leaving had the
united fans in a fit, the supposed lack of ambition. To make matters worse, there
were rumours of him moving to the nouveau rich neighbours, Manchester city. In
the end he signed a lucrative 200000 pound a week deal and it can be said that
it all boiled down to money. But the fans turned against him and he didnt his
best to repair the relationship by saying all the right things in his interaction with
the media. When he made his return from injury against Wigan athletic at old
Trafford, the reaction of the crowd was mixed but as each game wore on the
supporters were back in full force chanting his name again. He made a telling
contribution towards the end of the campaign and the season ended with United
knocking Liverpool of the perch.

But he fell out with Ferguson again. He lost his prima donna status to Robin Van
Persie. He was dropped to the bench against Real Madrid but it could be argued
that it was more of a tactical decision from Fergie. Amidst the emotional scenes
around Fergies farewell, the Rooney saga was heating up and in the post match
interview he broke the news that Rooney had asked to leave .This was the
second time and Rooney later on denied the fact he did. But the fact of matter is
there was genuine interest from Mourinhos Chelsea and he did want to leave.

David Moyes went on a charm offensive and made the player feel important
again and made sure he stayed on. He switched him back to his preferred role
behind the striker. Rooney has been one of united better players this season. His
return of 9 goals and 9 assists would make make any player proud especially
given his injury troubles. But is it worth 300000 pound worth. To put things into
perspective, Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero have arguably been the best players
in the league this season and they get paid around 200000 pounds a week.

In the end, the club could not afford to lose Rooney and hence Rooneys
bargaining power was strengthened. It would have been bad publicity and could
have been seen as a top player abandoning a sinking ship. After the record
signing of Mata in January, this new deal gives a message that United are still a
force to reckon with and has the financial muscle to continue playing at the top
table of football.

Rooney is still one of the top players in the modern game and he could have
been the best if he had the determination and drive of a Cristiano Ronaldo.
Rooney still has a few years left at the top and some would argue that he could
yet hit his peak in the coming years. Rooney has to prove that he is worth this
astronomical figure through his performances. He is special player. But will he be
loved and revered like a George Best or a Eric Cantona? Probably not.