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Practice Reflection worksheet

Use this worksheet to reflect on your practice; you can use more than one if you need to.

You do not have to submit this worksheet to the College if you are selected for Practice Assessment.

Describe an experience, event or change in your practice or practice

setting that was significant to you.
The significant experience that I had during my clinical practice was when we
were assigned to handle two clients per shift, doing all their medications, What happened?
ADLs and documentation. At the same time, clients are given 30 minutes
prior to our shift. Thus, giving us limited time to do our research about their What was your role?
medical history and medications. It was a very challenging experience
because I had to manage all these tasks in a timely manner for the whole

Based on what you described above, what were your strengths and
what were your areas for improvement?
Time management skills - I ensure to manage my time efficiently, especially
that I am assigned with two patients. I make sure to administer their Areas for improvement
medications on time and document my interventions in a timely manner. will inform your learning
I need to be familiar with the common medications because it would help me
have more time to do other nursing tasks.

What input have you received from your peers about your practice?

Consider asking:
I have received a feedback from one of my group mates suggesting that I Can you give me an
should participate more in group discussions and share knowledge with example of what my
others. I should also communicate more frequently and engage with team learning needs might be?
members. Consider any feedback
you have received from

Based on your own reflection and the input you received, what are
your learning needs?

What do you need to learn

1. Familiarization of common medication to improve your practice?
2. understanding the importance of communication
3. Building confidence

Which elements relate to your learning needs?

Advances in technology Entry-to-practice competencies
Changes in the practice environment Interprofessional care
Jan 2013