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How To Read A Chinese Astrology Chart

How To Read A Chinese Astrology Chart Understanding your Chinese astrology chart starts with the top

Understanding your Chinese astrology chart starts with the top line and the Celestial or Heavenly Stems. The elements here represent "timeliness" and Heaven Luck. If you were born at the right time of year for your specific energy, your chart is classed as "Timely" and life will be generally smooth.

If you were born at the wrong time for your specific energy, your chart is considered "Untimely" and life can be a struggle with more stress and illness. If this is the case, Chinese astrology is the only form of astrology that can introduce elements to ease the pressure and help you overcome these difficulties.


When analysing a Four Pillars of Destiny chart, you must examine what is known as "timeliness". Your chart is most timely if you find your Day Heavenly Stem (top line 2nd left) in line 3,4,or 5 of your month column or Pillar. It is most untimely if you do not find this stem in lines 3,4, or 5 in any Pillar. Please note: This is very basic interpretation only and cannot be compared to a professionally analysed Chinese astrology reading which is extremely specific to you and your situation.

The Attribute Cycle

The Attribute Cycle is based on the Five Elements and allows you to understand a chart and the effects of luck and annual pillars. However, charts are influenced by many complex factors and the advice given here can only be general, not specific to you. To correctly balance a Four Pillars of Destiny chart, it should be analysed and interpreted by a professional, qualified and practised Feng Shui Consultant or Master.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. Place the Day Stem element at the top. (Example shown is a person with a metal Day Stem). Use the Sheng Cycle to place the Five Elements in order: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Now assign attributes to these elements:

2. The 2nd element along is always Output.

3. The 3rd element along is always Wealth.

4. The 4th element along is Power.

5. The final element is Resource.

Life Cycles

Having produced an astrology chart, we then look at the eight "Luck Pillars". The elements within the Luck Pillars can either be beneficial or detrimental; good elements allow you to be successful and make the most of life's opportunities; bad elements can cause confusion, stress and health problems.

Annual Cycles

The "Annual Pillar" shows whether it is a good year or not and in very basic terms, the animal of the year should be compatible with the animals in your chart. For example in a Snake year, another Snake, Rooster or Ox in a

chart is favourable. In addition, the pillar in which the animal appears shows which aspect of life is favourably influenced.

Your Year Pillar represents childhood environment, lineage, grandparents and society in general. The Month Pillar represents parents, peers and business talents. The Day Pillar represents the inner self, marriage or partner, whilst the Hour Pillar shows children, old age, siblings, lovers and sex life. Conversely, in a Snake year, those with a Pig, Rabbit or Sheep in their chart may be adversely affected, especially so when in the Day Pillar. If you are currently going through a bad time of life, a professional reading can help make the best of a bad situation.