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Reactions: Island Game: Pass and Run:

In pairs, one person aims to push pass it through One person receives the ball in one gate and
your partners legs. Your partner faces away from passes the ball back immediately. Then runs to
you. As soon as your partner sees the ball, you the other gates and receives and returns the ball.
react and run to receive it. Two teams (Max number 6v6), aim of the game is to
visit an Island in 20 passes. Emphasis changing X X
+ Your partner stands further away, increase ball pace direction, head up to pass and stand in a space)
and release the ball on the move. Other team must not tackle.
- Your partner stands closer The ball must not touch any of the player feet.

+ Have the gates further apart, faster ball pace, try and
complete the drill on the move.
- Stop in the gate after running, practice the closed skill.
Through the gates: Game Play
Pass the ball through the cones. Increasing the
distance and pace of pass. Cones should be scattered
Netball Variation
(not in a straight line). Then, visit every set of cones to
collect points. 3 passes in a cone (1point) - Can NOT move with the ball
- You have 5secs to pass the ball
Yr5/6: Run to the - No one can tackle
(Yr5/6) X
blue cone, receive - Objective: to score in the opposite goals
the ball on the back
foot. Dribble the
ball across the
cones. Pass the ball
back to the
X beginning of the
(Yr3/4) X queue.

+ Make the gap between the cones smaller, Stand

further away from your partner. Increase pace of ball.
- Closer together, bigger cones