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Lets Help You Generate More Sales by Positioning Your Products or

Services at Maximum Customer View Point with One of Our Premium


(A) Top Ads Promo Service.

This service places your product or service at Top of the category for 7 days and helps you
to get as many clients as possible on a specific ad which is placed in the top section. Product
or service listing under the top ads promo appear before Boost; your product or service
appear at the top of all other product or service on jiji.ng. Lets your product or service be at
the top ahead of other product or service.
You get 100% visibility as your product or service will be the first to be seen by anyone.

We recommend using Top of the Page service for Clients who have less than 10 active Products or
Services in order to get the most effective promotion of the specific ads.
There are Tops Packages for 3, 5 and 9 Product or service:

Number of tops in a package Prices

3 tops promos/ 3 product or service 2,999
5 tops promos/n 5 product or service 3,999
9 tops promos/ 9 products or service 5,999
(B) Boost Plans.
Boost helps to promote all the product or service in your account for a long
period of time. During the period of using Boost, you get:
Concentrated Traffic on your product or service.
Search results and categories promotion (your product or service appears in
search results more often, also, ads are shown in similar ads area).
Highlighting in results and categories (your product or service are displayed on
the first pages of the category and highlighted).
Promotion in trending ads section (Your product or service will be featured
under the trending ads in Nigeria section which appears on jiji.ng website home
Automatic renewal of all your product or service.
Email promotion (we send your product or service in advertising/marketing
mails to over 10 million customer we have on jiji.ng).
SMS notifications on new messages. (You will get SMS notification on your
phone registered to your account on jiji.ng immediately you have a message
from any customer interested in any of your product or service advertised).
Boost Plans are the best way of promotion for clients who have more than 10 active
There are 3 types of Boost packages: Boost Start, Boost Business, and Boost Premium.

Boost Start Boost Business Boost Premium

3x more clients than 5x more clients than normal 7x more clients than normal
Normal ads ads ads
Highlighting in results and Highlighting in results and Highlighting in results and
categories categories categories
Search results and Search results and categories Search results and categories
categories promotion promotion. promotion
Promotion in Trending Promotion in Trending Ads Promotion in Trending Ads
Ads section section section
Automatic renewal of all ads Daily automatic renewal of
every 3 days all ads
Email promotion
SMS-notifications on new

Validity Boost Start Prices: Boost Business Prices: Boost Premium Prices:
1 Month 4,999 5,999 11,999
3 Months 11,999 12,999 24,999
Save 2,990 Save 4,990 Save 10,990
6 Months 19,999 23,999 44,999
Save 9,990 Save 11,990 Save 26,990

We dont recommend for our clients in Real Estate to use Boost Start because every 3 days they will have
to renew their ads manually. So basically we would advise them to promote their business with either
Boost Business or
Boost Premium.
Recommended Plans (Combinations)
Please dont forget that you are most welcome to combine Boost plans and Top ads promo premium
services at the same time. Boost does a constant promotion of all your product or service but if you want to
get a special attention to one of your HOT SALE/HOT LEASE product or service, you can put this ad in
Top section.

Budget Promo Duration Discount Total sum

Standard Boost Business 5,999 1 month
Less than 3,999
5 Top Ads 7 days 2,996 9,998
Standard + Boost Premium 11,999 1 month
18,000 9 Top Ads 5,999 7 days 5,492 17,998
Professional Boost Business 12,999 3 month
17,000 5 Top Ads 3,999 7 days 5,986 16,998
Professional + Boost Premium 24,999 3 month
31,000 9 Top Ads 5,999 7 days 14,482 30,998
Super Pro Boost Business 23,999 6 month
28,000 5 Top Ads 3,999 7 days 10,991 27,998
Super Pro + Boost Premium 44,999 6 month
51,000 9 Top Ads 5,999 7 days 28,282 50,998