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april 2017


Old Fashioned

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When super mom
doesnt feel so super
Erik Fernandez y Garcia, M.D., M.P.H.
Health care innovator

One in five mothers suffers from maternal depression, which can affect
childrens health as well. So pediatrician Erik Fernandez y Garcia created
a novel intervention that provides motivation to depressed mothers
screened at well-child visits. The technique leads more women to
seek support and care for their depression and helps to nurture their
youngsters, too.

This is health through innovation. health.ucdavis.edu

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APRIL 2017


General Info (916) 774-7908

General Manager Bob Falk, (530) 852-0225
Circulation Director Kelly Leibold, (530) 852-0201
Graphic Designer Jamie Hazelton, (530) 852-0205
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Further, it shall not be liable for any act of omission on the part of the advertiser pertaining On the cover: Rubinos Ristorante
to their published advertisement in the Roseville Magazine.
Photo by Jamie Hazelton

Compassionate Care From Our Family to Yours!

We Care for Your Family Like Our Own
Our Personal Care includes meal preparation, bathing & dressing,
transportation, medication reminders and much more.
Experience in Advance Care such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons,
Hospital to Home Care and much more.
Waddell Family, Owners of Home Care Assistance of Placer County Our Balanced Care Method is a holistic program that
promotes healthy diet, physical exercise, mental stimulation,
socialization and a sense of purpose.
Give Us a Call Today! Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method keeps aging minds
916-226-3737 engaged through research-based activities designed to improve mental
acuity and slow symptoms of mild to moderate cognitive decline.
HomeCareAssistancePlacerCounty.com HCO#:314700010


More than a Decade of Millions of Dollars You Pay No Fees Unless Personal Attention & Free Injury Case Analysis
Proven Experience Recovered for Clients We Win Your Claim Service for Each Client to Discover Options

Auto Accidents

Gingery Law Group, PC 1430 Blue Oaks Boulevard, Ste. 250, Roseville
(916) 415-7070 lori@gingerylaw.com www.GingeryLaw.com
Personal Injury

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10 24
rocklin gifts
Rocklins Fast Track Hobbies offers variety, Dont know what do get mom this year?
skill-building and old-fashioned fun.. Here are some ideas.
-by Jamie Hazelton
-by Mackenzie Myers

fun volunteer


Roseville Utility Exploration Center is funded by the Lunch and a Letter reconfigures attitudes and
Roseville Electric Utility and Environmental Utilities. breaks the stigma toward the homeless in our area.
-by Noelle Konrad
-by Julie Miller

business events


Eagle Loan owner reflects on nearly Get ready for a most excellent adventure
30 years in business. at the I Love the 80s Fun Run.
-by Graham Womack

The Terraces of Roseville

Independent Living
Apartments starting at s

$2420 a month
Best Best

of the

707 Sunrise Avenue, Roseville


916.786.3277 Roseville
Westmontliving.com RCFE License #312700019

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Complete Pair Eye Exam

1OO 69 Plus, 2nd Pair FREE*
$ **

1095 Roseville Square | 916-782-9985

Use Your Flex Dollars Now, Most Insurances Accepted

*Offer valid on the purchase of frames and lenses. Free second pair of prescription eyeglasses can
be chosen from our large special frame selection with single-vision clear plastic lenses. See store for
details. Some restrictions may apply. **Eye Exams available by an Independent Doctor of Optometry,
conveniently located inside Site for Sore Eyes. Site for Sore Eyes does not employ the optometrist nor
do they provide eye exams.

SSEYE-020910 Roseville Mag April 2017 3.8 x 5.1 516-935-4944

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Photos by Jamie Hazelton

6 April2017

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WHERE: 5015 Pacific
Street, Rocklin
WHEN: 4-9 p.m. Monday
or 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Tuesday through Sunday

INFO: (916)624-3401 or

WHEN: 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and
1 p.m. Sunday, April 16
COST: $29.95 for adults and
$14.95 for children


WHEN: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
COST: $29.95 for adults
Rubinos Ristorante offers a special and $14.95 for children

easter and mothers day buffet.

till dont have plans for Easter?
Or maybe you are starting to
plan ahead to make this Mothers
Day special? How about stopping
by Rubinos Ristorante in Rocklin?
The Italian restaurant opens its doors
early for brunch on special occasions.
For both Easter and Mothers Day,
Rubinos will be adorned in flowers and
holiday-appropriate decorations.
The brunch is an all-you-can-eat
buffet-style brunch that includes
a made-to-order omelet station, a
salad bar and a carving station with
ham, roast beef and more. Some
of the breakfast items served will be
waffles, pancakes, and the favorite,
eggs benedict. Brunch will also
feature Italian lunch items as well
including penne with marinara and Chris Rubino and Henry Carrillo Jr. I asked Jesus, What are you doing
the traditional spaghetti and meatballs. owned Bella Italia in Roseville. They washing dishes? Carrillo said.
Along with the large variety of dishes, were in need of a new dish washer. Rubino and Carrillo closed Bella
Rubinos offers bottomless Champagne Mendoza came to the Roseville area Itallia and opened Rubinos with
and mimosas. to retire. Bored in his retirement, he Mendoza as lead chef.
The food served is an eclectic mix of decided to apply. One day Carrillo, The restaurant has been open for 10
Chris Rubinos family recipes and Jesus who was chef at the time, on a whim years and doesnt plan on leaving.
Mendozas talent. They do their best to decided to Google Mendoza. It turned People like it because its family
use the best, organic ingredients they out he had formerly been chef at owned and not just another number.
can find. Michelles in Santa Rosa and had more We have regulars and Chris tries to
Before opening Rubinos Ristorante, than 40 years of experience. remember names, Carrillo said.

RosevilleMagazine 7

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chefs corner

meet chef
Rina younan
How long have you been a chef ?
I graduated culinary school in 2006, which began my
professional career, but I had jobs in the food industry since
I was 14. My first job was as a candy maker for Morgans of
California, where I made hundreds of pounds of caramel corn
daily; after that I worked for a family barbecue restaurant in
San Diego. After culinary school, I launched my career into
fine dining working with some of the best chefs in Sacramento.
I spent several years at Scotts Seafood on the River, then
onto Firehouse in Old Sac, and several other restaurants and
hotels along the way. In 2011, at the age of 24, I became an
executive chef of Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa. I was then Name: Rina Younan
given the opportunity to compete on the hit Food Network Restaurant: Oakmont Senior Living,
show Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, where I competed for 1101 Secret Ravine Parkway in Roseville
the chef position at the Downtown Napa restaurant The Pear
Culinary Education: San Diego Culinary Institute
Southern Bistro and won! While cooking is my passion, I also
in La Mesa, 2006
have a passion for people and taking care of people through
the food that I create. This led me to the regional executive
chef position with Oakmont Senior Living. Oakmont Senior
Living specializes in luxury resort retirement, where we offer
on-site fine dining restaurants and farm-to-table style cuisine. Are there any food trends you are tired of seeing?
In addition to winning Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, I have Bacon and Brussels sprouts. For a while there it was all
since competed on two more Food Network shows, Cutthroat about bacon and/or Brussels sprouts. You could find bacon
Kitchen and Beat Bobby Flay, and won them both! in every meal on every menu. Even bacon in dessert. And
Brussels sprouts on every appetizer menu. Now while bacon
What is your favorite dish or specialty? and Brussels sprouts are two of my favorite things to eat, I
I specialize in healthy Mediterranean and California fresh. think its time to see a trend highlighting other plant-based
I Beat Bobby Flay with my signature dish of Crispy Sesame ingredients, making the vegetable the star of the show.
Crusted Falafel and Handmade Wheatberry Pita. I also really
enjoy cooking southern New Orleans-style cuisine with a fresh Where do you source your ingredients?
California twist. At Oakmont, we are very fortunate to have on-site raised
gardens and fruit trees. While much of our main ingredients
What do you make when youre not at the restaurant? come from local, sustainable vendors that have the best in
I keep it simple, healthy and fresh at home. I dont get to quality and freshness. We are also able to plant, grow, harvest
cook often at home, but when I do, you can usually catch me and cook foods that come from right in our own backyard.
on the grill with meats and veggies.
Where do you see yourself in seven years?
What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? Currently with Oakmont, I am able to help open more and
Fresh herbs; cilantro, tarragon and dill are a few of my more communities throughout California, which is allowing me
favorites. Fresh herbs can elevate any dish. The subtleties to bring good, healthy, from-scratch cooking to seniors all over
of flavors they offer can propel the dish from great to the state. I hope to see a shift in the way people think about food
amazing. I use fresh herbs in everything, and at our Oakmont in Senior Living, and I hope to continue to work to bring fresh,
Communities, we have organic herb gardens that the residents local, farm-to-table food to this industry. I have found a home
and chefs plant and harvest to use in our daily menus. with the Oakmont family and a passion for feeding seniors well.

8 April2017

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ProTrain is great for seniors, kids, athletes,
& fitness enthusiasts. It is available in 2, 3,
or 4 meals per day. You can choose between
3 portion sizes. We have weekly pick-ups
and deliveries as well.



Call For Details: 916.281.9339

Are You Ready to Lose Unwanted


Our patented
FAT for Good? YES!
your success!
Lifetime Guarantee*
Call or Schedule a
FREE Consultation FIND OUT MORE!
and Receive a FREE
Body Composition Analysis!
916-932-7077 shapemasters.org
101 Park Shore Dr. | Folsom CA 95630

The Total Body Transformation that Ive experienced through Shape-

Masters fat loss system has changed my life. I dropped 30lbs. in 4
weeks and saw my body fat go from 28% to 9%. Today, I have the ener-
gy and stamina that I had 30 years ago, and my family and friends see a
whole new person, literally! Vince Rose

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rocklin Fast Track Hobbies
WHERE: 6831 Lonetree
Boulevard, Rocklin
WHEN: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Monday through Friday,
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday
and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
INFO: (916) 784-1722 or

10 April2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 10 3/24/17 3:07 PM

Rocklins Fast Track Hobbies
offers variety, skill-building
and old-fashioned fun.

Something for P
ick any Saturday night and its likely

that the three slot car race tracks at
Fast Track Hobbies are packed with
people of all ages, racing against each
other. Though slot car racing a sport
involving small cars propelled by electric
currents in a track hit its stride in
the 60s, its making a comeback, at least
By Mackenzie Myers
within the walls of this hobby shop.
The weekends are busy from open to
close, and the tracks take up about half
the stores 11,000 square feet.
The first thing people say when
they come in is, I didnt realize it
was this big, says Michael McCann,
whos worked at the store for a year.
He describes it as a full-service hobby
store, and says its clientele, ranging
from preschoolers to senior citizens, is as
varied as its wares.
In addition to nearly 500 feet of
raceways, the shop has over 10,000
items for sale, most of which are
components for toy cars. Products cover
a vast range: puzzles, metal detectors,
kites, remote-controlled vehicles, science
kits and more. Theres a birthday
party room, a play area for kids and a
small mechanic shop that looks almost
exactly like one for an ailing Chevrolet,
except this shops parts are scaled to the
miniature and battery-operated.
Though the business is going on its
seventh year in Rocklin, owner Dwight
Adamson opened the original Citrus
Heights location back in 2002 before
moving the store north. Adamson, 43,
recalls almost always making something
during his childhood in Yuba City,
whether it was cars, rockets or models.
After pursuing a degree in computer
science, he translated his love of
READY, SET, GO: The stores slot building things into a career.
car race tracks total almost 500
feet in length and may be selected FINDING ROOTS WITHIN CHANGES
to host the 2018 United Slot Adamson says that over the years
Racers Association Division II hes noticed a lot of changes in the
championships. world of remote-controlled technology.
Photos by Mackenzie Myers
Electronics have gotten smaller, allowing
continued on page 12

Roseville Magazine 11

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continued from page 11 customers can network and compare projects while learning to
solder or use a screwdriver.
RC cars to carry high-power motors that would have never You can come here and work, get advice, collaborate,
fit a decade ago. Batteries have become more efficient, and says Adamson, sitting at one of the shops workbenches. You
now RC vehicles can be raced anywhere in the world, not just can hang out. Were not exactly a bar, but its that kind of
where theres an empty radio channel. atmosphere.
But hes also noticed changes in users, alongside
technological development. A FAMILY SPACE
We used to build our own things and repair them when Though many of the stores customers are men, the
they broke, he says. But now were a consumer society. empowerment found in making something that can fly, race,
Adamson reminisces on a time when quality things were crash or look nice on a shelf isnt only for grown-ups.
made, compared to todays products that are designed to fall The key thing is its family-oriented, McCann says. Its
apart and become obsolete. Hes hopeful that his store provides not just guys coming in to fix their cars, they bring their kids.
a path back to the way things used to be done: designing, A frequent occurrence at the store is a father coming in to
building and tinkering to achieve a final result. buy an RC car, boat or plane that he and his child can share,
If someone is unable or unwilling to repair a broken toy, then returning a few days later to buy another for himself.
employees will fix it at the stores mechanic shop for an hourly McCann says hes happy to see kids coming into the store
fee. But Adamson says many people are eager to learn to do because it gets them to use their hand-eye coordination in a
it themselves. The store, while serving as a place for parents way that isnt sitting inside playing video games.
to buy Christmas presents and schoolchildren to buy materials With building things, it gives them self-esteem, McCann
for assignments, also serves as a gateway to empowerment says. They can build something and go play with it.

12 April2017

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Where the Easter Bunny Shops!
Enjoy Two15 Minute $
50 Off
Slot Car Races
Birthday Party Package
Includes Party Room & Slot Car Racing
Call for availability. Cannot combine with any other offers. Restrictions apply. One per customer. Cannot combine with any
One per family. Expires 514 17 other offers. Excluding sales tax. Expires 514 17


And much, much more!

Open 7 Days A Week

Mon Fri 10:00am 7:00pm T H R E E L O C AT I O N S T O S E R V E Y O U !
Saturday 10:00am 8:00pm 1000 Plumber Way 2265 Sunrise Blvd. 3408 Northgate Blvd.
Sunday 10:00am 5:00pm
Roseville, CA 95678 Gold River CA 95670 Sac, CA 95834

916.791.TIRE (8473) 916-538-6600 916.932.3347
916.791.8424 fax 916.706.1812 fax 916.514.8377 fax
6831 Lonetree Blvd / E102 / Rocklin / CA / 95765 / FTHobbies.com www.redlinetireco.com

Homemade Chips & Salsa

Are Always Included As
Part of Your Meal
Serving Wine & Margaritas

Chimichurri Grilled Fish Soft Tacos


Grilled Basa fillets cooked with fresh lime, served on a bed of romaine
lettuce, topped with cabbage, chopped tomatoes and our signature
Chimichurri Habanero sauce.
with any purchase over $3.50
Open Daily 2164 Sunset Blvd., Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800
for Breakfast With this coupon. Not valid with other offers, discounts or
7:30am-10:30am promotions. One coupon per person. Expires 5-13-17.


with any purchase over $3.50
2164 Sunset Blvd., Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800
With this coupon. Not valid with other offers, discounts or
promotions. One coupon per person. Expires 5-13-17.


2164 Sunset Blvd Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800 with any purchase over $3.50
(Located In Rocklin Park Plaza On The Corner Of Sunset & Park)
Open 7 days a week 7:30am-9pm Gift Certificates Available CATERING 2164 Sunset Blvd., Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800
AVAILABLE With this coupon. Not valid with other offers, discounts or
COME VISIT OUR OTHER LOCATION IN ARDEN ARCADE, promotions. One coupon per person. Expires 5-13-17.

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By Julie Miller
Photos by Jamie Hazelton

ey, Roseville! Want to save water, energy and money?
Whether you know it or not, your city has an education Roseville Utility Exploration Center
center to help you fix a leak, create compost for your
WHERE: 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville
garden and cut down on your energy bill. Its true. Just ask any
WHEN: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
first grader. INFO: (916) 746-1550 or roseville.ca.us/explore/default.asp
The Roseville Utility Exploration Center, opened in 2008,
is funded by the Roseville Electric Utility and Environmental
Utilities companies. This is special because both entities are
city run and they are funded by a small portion of its annual And hes right. A check on the website shows programs for
budget, Brayden Mitchell the centers interpretive services solar energy, composting, gardening, identifying water leaks,
specialist said. tours of water treatment plants, energy conservation and waste
The City of Roseville is unique, Mitchell said regarding reduction, to name a few. Brownies and Girl Scouts can also
the center. Its all government run. Mitchell said. earn badges by taking tours at the center.
For homeowners, pop in to find out about utility rebates.
PROGRAMS The programs are for everyone, but especially for the future
On average, 36,000 visitors pour through the doors of the adults of Roseville.
center annually, 7,000 of them are school children. Most every Its primarily for young families and kids, Mitchell said.
student in Roseville has been on a field trip to the facility This is verifiable as the most popular exhibit is a heap of
and are educated on recycling, conserving and living more garbage that sits in the center.
sustainably. We have a huge trash pile. Kids love to crawl around it,
And the events are aplenty. Mitchell said. The kids want to go through it a couple of times.
It would take me forever to name every single one of And, if youre an adult, its OK to take a turn through the
them, Mitchell said. pile, too.

14 April 2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 14 3/24/17 3:07 PM

Roseville Utility Exploration Center Exhibits
WHERE: Mahany Regional Park, Roseville This mountain of trash is a kid-favorite feature that
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. April 22 explores how todays convenient lifestyle has led to
COST: Admission is free increasing waste, which is quickly filling up landfills. The
INFO: roseville.ca.us/events/earth_day_festival.asp interactive display lets visitors open clever portals to
uncover facts about waste and recycling opportunities.

A three-foot diameter revolving globe runs nine
CELEBRATE THE EARTH different visual programs. Begin a tour with a
The largest event of the center takes place this month: six-minute video displayed through the globe on
Celebrate the Earth. Approximately 5,000 will come to the the problem of climate change, what it means to
center, which on this day, takes over the library and the Roseville, city efforts to lessen resource depletion
Mahany Park, to enjoy earth-friendly vendors, food trucks and and how individual actions can bring about change.
live music. THE GREEN HOUSE
The facility, in preparation, gets all gussied up for the Under a green house framework, this exhibit features
occasion. interesting facts about common household items
I think my favorite part is when we transform the center. and activities that contribute to climate change,
Its a ton of work, Mitchell said. along with alternative actions that can undo harmful
Temporary exhibits will be added and even the trash pile impacts.Visitors can also use their own power to
gets revamped. Last year it was decorated with a bug theme, light an incandescent and LED bulb and make a hair
dryer work.
similar to Disneys Bugs Life.
Attendees who travel by bicycle to the event will get
complimentary secure bike parking.

Its mostly fun and games at the center, but education
remains the focus.
(The mission) is to provide education and information to
Roseville families in ways to work with utilities to help save and
conserve, Mitchell said.
Not every city can say there is a resource in the community
that helps them save the Earth and money. GREEN/NOT-GREEN GAME SHOW
Yea, Roseville just got a little cooler. The miniature city model offers a virtual
representation of Roseville that helps demonstrate
how the citys utilities deliver service and what they
are doing to address the challenges of limited
resources and carbon generation. An interactive
game show quizzes questions about utility
operations, sustainability efforts, and opportunities to
use fewer resources.


The Roseville Utility Exploration Centers Planet
Protectors are three extraordinary kids working
together to solve mysteries and save our
planet.These limited edition Planet Protector books
are illustrated by Bernard Chang, a freelance artist
and regular contributor at DC and Marvel Comics.


The interactive wall display explains how actions
at home have an impact on the environment.
Designed to get people thinking about conservation,
the display looks at energy savings, watershed
protection, trash reduction and water efficiency.
- roseville.ca.us/explore/default.asp

RosevilleMagazine 15

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 15 3/24/17 3:07 PM


Eagle Loan owner
reflects on nearly
on the block By Graham Womack

30 years in business

ennis Bizeau isnt going anywhere,
at least not for another nine years.
I have a mean streak, Bizeau
said. Years ago, I decided I wasnt
going to get out of whatever I got into
until they forced me out. No matter
what the changes are, I have a goal in
Bizeau, 61, owns Eagle Loan, a
Vernon Street pawn shop thats operated
for nearly 30 years. Bizeaus plan that
he made with his wife of nearly 40
years, Linda, is to work until
hes 70 to get maximum
Social Security

Eagle Loan
WHERE: 246 Vernon Street, Roseville
WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday
INFO: (916) 786-8939

16 April2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 16 3/24/17 3:07 PM

I have a mean streak. Years ago, I decided
I wasnt going to get out of whatever I got into
until they forced me out. No matter what
the changes are, I have a goal in mind.
Dennis Bizeau, Eagle Loan owner

benefits. But he sometimes gets hints from his landlord, the city
of Roseville that they might want him out sooner.
We dont fit the criteria they have right now, Bizeau said.
Were a pawn shop in the middle of their new Yuppieville.
Meet one of the symbols of old Roseville as the city
continues its rapid population expansion and transformation
into an affluent, suburban community. Relatively new
businesses like Ninja Sushi and Monks Cellar highlight the
citys redevelopment efforts on Vernon Street, though Bizeaus
as much a part of the fabric as they are and has been at it far
He remains in his shop even when other members of the old
guard have moved on. His main Vernon Street competitors,
Jerry and Eileen Lawson closed their pawn shop of roughly
40 years, Chesters, on Christmas Eve, frustrated by the
increasingly complex nature of regulations for pawn shops in
Jerry Lawson told the Roseville Press Tribune in an
interview shortly before retiring that he needed eight different
certificates to operate including one to verify that the other
certificates were up to day. Told this line from his former
competitor, Bizeau points at various certificates posted in his
store. For him, regulations are just a part of doing business.
Jerry Lawson, a jeweler, comes into Eagle Loan a few days
a week to handle jewelry repairs. Meanwhile, Bizeau has
inherited his former competitors book of business, including
550 personal loans to customers. Photos by Graham Womack
Personal loans are the lifeblood of the pawn business.
Essentially, they work like this: A person brings an item in and
receives cash in return for it, with Bizeau receiving a fee in
return, roughly one-quarter what a payday loan center will
charge, he said. Items offered as collateral for loans automatically go in a
Bizeau sees a variety of customers seeking loans from him. vault for up to four months and 10 days before they can be
Its a mixed bag, Bizeau said. I used to say I got people sold, per state law, with many customers coming in to redeem
who come in here to borrow money who get paid a whole their loan and retrieve their item before the time is up.
lot more than I do. You see them drive up in a brand-new After the time is up, Bizeau can put the item out for sale. He
Mercedes and whatnot, and they still come in for a loan. specializes, he said, in guns, gold, and American-made guitars.
Hell see customers drive up in Corvettes with $500,000 tied A job that started off for Bizeau as a side hobby from his
up in investments or savings. These customers pay their loans main gig as a Sears salesman has become his lifework. There
off reliably, though they dont always know what the process arent too many drawbacks for him.
entails when they initially drive up. Truthfully, the only thing that has been a major problem is
They just think its so easy, Bizeau said. Oh, I need the firearms laws, Bizeau said. The firearms laws have gone
$5,000. You shouldve called me ahead of time. $5,000 in the back and forth and sideways. They can never decide whats
store at one time is not what the insurance company wants us right and whats wrong.
to do. Asked his favorite things about the job what perhaps
Other loan applicants are people on fixed incomes, needing might keep him coming back all these years Bizeau said,
money to get through the month or short of cash to pay a bill. People. Just a variety of people.

RosevilleMagazine 17

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 17 3/24/17 3:07 PM


Honey mustard

pring is here! Just like we get the hankering to CANDIED PECAN:
spring clean the home, we also feel the need 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter
to clean out our bodies from all the warm 2 tablespoons local honey
comfort foods that have helped sustain us in the cup pecans
dark days of winter. Salads are a fresh way to HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING:
welcome the beginning of warmer weather. Open cup dijon mustard
up all the windows and set up a salad bar in your cup local honey
kitchen with all of your favorite fruit and veggie 2 tablespoons organic olive oil
toppings. I personally love having fruit in my salad.
noelle konrad One of my go-to salads is a honey mustard apricot INSTRUCTIONS:
food columnist arugula salad with homemade candied pecans and 1. In a large bowl or plate arrange the lettuce and
more toppings. A little crunchy, a little sweet, and combine mixed greens and arugula.
a whole lot of tasty in such a simple dish. Add 2. Slice dried apricot and cut avocado into cubes.
chicken or shrimp to make it a full meal or enjoy 3. Slice red onion into strips.
alongside that first barbecue of the season. 4. Melt butter and honey in a pan over medium
honey mustard apricot arugula salad 5. Add pecans and toast until well coated and
INGREDIENTS: aromatic.
SALAD: 6. Add all topping onto the lettuce greens.
2 cups mixed greens 7. Toss if desired.
1 cup arugula 8. In a separate dish mix honey, dijon, and olive oil
cup dried apricot to make dressing.
ripe avocado 9. Drizzle on top of salad to desire amount and
red onion enjoy!

18 April 2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 18 3/24/17 3:07 PM



your tax refund?
his months topic is, of course, tax related. versus what you earned in 2016, consider donating
What do you do with your tax refund? it to a nonprofit organization for a tax write-off
First lets talk about what a refund is just to set when you file taxes in 2018. Plus, it feels good to
some perspective. Everyone I talk to gets so excited support worthy causes you care about.
that they have a huge refund coming their way. Huge
is relative by the way. Maybe the refund is $500, PAY OFF HIGH-INTEREST DEBT
maybe it is $5,000, or maybe it is $10,000. The Did you read the article in January? Please dont
average refund is about $3,000. Many people receive pay down your mortgage with your tax refund. Do
this check in the mail and view it as free money consider paying down high interest debt, like maybe
garrett konrad fallen from heaven delivered from the mail gods. Let a credit card or a car loan. Start with the highest
nancial columnist me just remind you that a tax refund is money the interest rate debt, not necessarily the smallest
IRS is returning to you that you pre-paid, in excess, balance owed.
throughout the year. In other words, the federal
government got to use your money throughout In closing, lets talk about how to maximize your
the year above and beyond what was due to them, deduction next year. And by maximize, I of course
and now they are giving it back to you. That is the mean minimize! Rather than setting yourself up to
mentality to look at your tax return with. have a massive refund each year, consider working
Now that we got that out of the way, what do we through (or hiring a tax professional) to calculate
do with it? Here are some ideas: your right offs and adjust your withholdings on
your W2 so that you have more cash flow all year
VACATION long. My goal is to always have the smallest refund
This is a very common option and I put it first possible. I dont know about you, but I like my
because, lets be real, this is the most fun. Tax money, and I like it working for me all year long
refunds do go far toward a well-deserved vacation. more than lending it to the federal government for
Check out discount sites such as Groupon and their free all year.
air-inclusive travel deals. There are real discounts
on flight and all-inclusive hotel packages. I Garrett Konrad is a lifelong resident of Placer County
personally want to book that trip to Paris and Spain and has been a trusted voice in local written publications,
for $799 in November. seminars, radio, and is president-elect of the Sierra Passport
Rotary Club in Auburn. Konrad and his company IFC are
DONATE IT Registered Investment Advisors, Member FINRA. This is
If you are anticipating higher income in 2017 not a solicitation for the sale of securities.

Roseville Magazine 19

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 19 3/24/17 3:08 PM


Prevention Tips for parents

any of us look forward to this time of year Honey can help quiet a cough in children
because it brings us into spring. As physician older than one year. But if you use honey,
and a parent, I know these months can be take precautions:
tough, especially for children, for two reasons: first, Do not give honey to children under one year
we are still in cold season; second, as the weather old because it increases the risk of botulism.
warms up, allergy season is upon us and starting to Give honey about 30 minutes prior to
affect kids and adults alike. sleeping time.
Lets talk about colds first, and some prevention Mix honey with non-caffeinated drink, then
strategies that parents can use. brush teeth prior to bedtime
Chris Children spread viruses faster than any other Use buckwheat honey, which is the darker
Palkowski, MD group. Children and students of all ages interact variety, and is believed to be more effective
Physician-in-chief in close proximity to each other, whether in than lighter honey.
Kaiser Permanente the classroom, at the lunch table or out on the Children ages 2-5 should get half teaspoon;
Roseville Medical playground or sports field. For that reason, hand those 6 to 11 should get 1 teaspoon; and those
hygiene is essential to prevent germs from spreading. 12 and older should get 2 teaspoons.
In medicine, washing hands is probably the best way
doctors are able to help so many sick patients but still COPING WITH SORE THROAT
stay well ourselves. For pain, give ibuprofen (such as Advil) or
Colds are extremely common. Many children acetaminophen (such as Tylenol). Frozen pops,
get six or more colds a year, but fortunately the throat lozenges and other over-the-counter
symptoms are typically less severe than the flu, products can be useful.
primarily cough, nasal congestion, and sometimes If your childs pain becomes severe and they
sore throat or fever. cannot drink fluids or are unable to open their
I turned to one of our pediatricians at the Kaiser mouth, call your pediatrician or medical provider.
Permanente Sierra Gardens medical offices in Contact your medical provider if your child has:
Roseville, Dr. Ken Hempstead, and he offers these Trouble breathing, is wheezing or has
handy tips to parents: tightness in the chest.
A cough that lasts more than three weeks.
COPING WITH RUNNY OR STUFFY NOSE A very sore throat and a hard
If your child is in bed, raise the head of the crib time swallowing.
or bed about three to four inches. Severe ear pain, sudden hearing loss, or
Use a soft, rubber bulb syringe to clear the discharge from the ear.
stuffed nose of an infant or young child. Saline A persistent high fever.
nose drops, available over the counter, will help
loosen the mucus. Place three drops of warm water If you or a family member suffers from seasonal
or saline nose drops in each nostril. allergies, now is the time to get ready.
Have your child breathe in cool mist from a Check to see if you need any refills, particularly
vaporizer (using plain water only), or have your for a nasal spray allergy medicine. These typically
child sit in the bathroom to breathe in steam from a work best when started a bit before your actual
warm shower. seasonal symptoms begin.
If you also have asthma, it will be even more
COPING WITH COUGHING important to have adequate medications on hand
A humidifier is an easy and useful tool to help and an action plan from your doctor on preventing
keep mucus moist and quiet a cough at nighttime. and treating the asthma and your allergies.
Just use plain water (dont add medication) and And if you typically use antihistamines for your
follow the instructions included with the unit, allergies, they are conveniently available over the
especially when it comes to cleaning it and counter, and work immediately, so there is less
changing the water. need for pre-planning in that case.

20 April2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 20 3/24/17 3:08 PM

Sierra Financial Planning EE
& Asset Management !

Financial and Retirement

Investment Management

Jack Johnson
CFP Certified Financial Planner
CPA Certified Public Accountant

1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Suite 106, Roseville, CA 95746

(916) 791-1572 www.sfplan.com

For over 100 years weve been

ensuring that times like these
will always be here.

Home Auto Commercial Life Health

g g g g

916-784-1008 placerins.com g

Underwritten by AMCO Insurance Company, Allied Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Depositors Insurance Company, Nationwide Insurance Company of America, 1100 Locust Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50391-2000. Customers will be placed with one of the above companies based on your location and product requested. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states and products are subject
to deductibles, exclusions, and conditions. Nationwide, the Nationwide framemark, and On Your Side are federally registered service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. 2013 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. *All rights reserved. CA #0C66701

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gift ideas for

photos By Jamie Hazelton
Dont know what do get mom
this year? Here are some ideas.

Everlasting gifts
WHERE: 1950 Douglas Boulevard B-4, Roseville
WHEN: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday
and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
INFO: (916)783-3370 or everlastinggifts.net

The stone of gentle love. Emits soft,
calm energy that removes negativity and
restores self-love. Spiritually attunes to
the energy of love.

Brings good luck and success in
career and life. Provides mental clarity DIVINE MOTHER EARTH STATUES
and amplifies leadership qualities. Used The divine mother statues each hold
in medicine wheel rituals to connect to a different stone to choose from. $22.95
the healing light of the heart. Stone of

PENDANTS $24.95 each


Provides positive protection and emits
joy. Instills inner peace and harmony.
Promotes psychic gifts, intuition,
optimism, and inner light. Connected
with goddess energies. $54.95

Candles come Used to enhance gentleness during
in different scents the care of young. Brings awareness of
and colors and the loving actions required to stimulate
include a prayer. positive growth of kids. Helps one
$2.45 connect with others in the spirit of love
and brotherhood. $49.95

22 April2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 22 3/24/17 3:08 PM

CDS $2.99
CASSETTE TAPES $0.25-$0.50
BOOKS ON CD $2.99 and up
GUITAR STRINGS $6.99 and $7.99
COMICS $0.99 and up
BOOKS $2.99 and up

dimple records
WHAT: New and previously owned media
WHERE: 1129 Roseville Square, Roseville
WHEN: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday
through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday and Saturday
INFO: (916)781-2800 or dimple.com

RosevilleMagazine 23

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 23 3/24/17 3:08 PM


Ali merchant
By noelle konrad

econfiguring attitudes and breaking the stigma toward Once a month, Merchant and some volunteers tour several
the homeless in our area while simultaneously showing places in Sacramento and other cities to feed and clothe the
compassion is what Ali Merchant has set out to do. She homeless, and their canine companions.
established the nonprofit, Lunch and a Letter. I would like to do other big cities, Merchant said.
A heart for others has always been an asset of Merchants. Instead of serving large
During her time studying psychology at Chico State, Merchant groups at one time.
became familiar with the faces of homeless individuals and Merchant will move to
decided she could no longer ignore the nagging inside of her. several locations in a
Her passion for helping others made her question why no day to give lunch to
one seemed to be assisting those who clearly needed someone two or three groups
to care for them. at a time, making
These are people just like me, Merchant said. Why dont the experience
they have food to eat? Why dont they have a place to live? much more
What else is so important right now that were not making sure personal.
that people have basic stuff? It wasnt until
With the encouragement from a friend, Lunch and a Letter she came across
launched in April 2016 and now a year later the Tent City in
operation continues to expand in its mission and is
gaining support.
The lunches include a ham and cheese
sandwich, a banana, a snack, a candy,
a water bottle, a clothing item such as
socks or a shirt, and the letter.
After graduation, Merchant
continued in her goals only to see
her motivations grow. In addition to a
complete lunch, Merchant has added a
doggie bag filled with a dog toy, a travel-sized
bowl for water, a water bottle and dog food.
I personally love dogs, Merchant
said. They (the homeless) usually will
feed their dogs before themselves.

Photos by
Noelle Konrad

24 April2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 24 3/24/17 3:08 PM

Sacramento that the drive to help those in need was ignited
even further.
I felt sick to my stomach the whole time I was there,
Merchant passionately remarked. It looked like hell honestly.
(It was the) worst thing I have ever seen as far as a living
situation. They werent getting help.
There were people without the basic necessities such as food,
water, a bathroom or a place to lay their head. They were
living in squalor.
Merchant has created a ripple effect. Each homeless
individual she meets challenges her to put aside all bias and
build a relationship with each of them while getting to know
their story.
I like to keep it very personal and very respectful; they are
the first priority, Merchant said. My dream would be to do
this full time.
One of her favorite memories she shared was during a
distribution of lunches where each bag contained a T-shirt
among with other items.
It looked like Christmas, they were so excited and its just the They remind recipients that they are not alone or invisible, that
simplest thing, Merchant said. Its a nice perspective check. there are people out there who genuinely care for them. It is a
At this time, Merchant is working as a behavior interventionist good reminder that one kind gesture can change someone life,
for kids with autism with plans to attend grad school soon, all even if its your own.
while continuing to operate Lunch and a Letter. Everyone is an uncontrollable tragedy away from being in
Theres a lot of stuff I want to do with it, Merchant said. that situation, Merchant said.
I want to do more. On each letter is also a list of help centers and shelters.
On average, Merchant and her few volunteers hand out from Merchant has even seen some of them fold the letter to keep it
100 to 150 lunches on an outing and around 20 doggie bags. on their person. Who knows how many lives she has touched
Its never enough, Merchant said. with something as seemingly simple as a good meal, a kind
One of the projects Merchant is currently working on is word, and a smile? Lunch and a letter that costs an average of
making dog bandanas. Each one is uniquely handmade and two dollars and can make an incredible impact.
equals the cost it takes to make one doggie bag. One lunch: $2, one dog bag: $2.50, letting somebody know
The letter is a personal touch she included in the lunches. that you care: priceless, is what the website says.


DONATE: One lunch is $2 and one dog bag is $2.50. Donate t-shirts, sweaters, or jackets, socks.
Donate nnopened dog food, plastic bowls, dog treats bones and toys for the dogs.
INFO: lunchandaletter.org

RosevilleMagazine 25

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 25 3/24/17 3:08 PM


This run is
Totally 80s
rab your headband, leg warmers,
parachute pants and totally rad I love the 80s fun run
friends for this most excellent
WHERE: Vernon Street Town Square
adventure! At the I Love the 80s Fun
WHEN: 9 a.m. Sunday, May 7
Run retro party you can run, walk or COST: 10K is $45, 5K is $40 and 14
flashdance your way along the 5k/10k and under are $35 after April 7.
course and cross the finish line in Town Races are $10 off before April 6.
Square listening to some gnarly tunes. INFO: roseville.ca.us/events
All runners earn a totally 80s medal.
This is a family friendly event not
just for Members Only.
9 a.m. start on Sunday, May 7 in
Vernon Street Town Square. Proceeds
benefit at-risk youth recreation
programs. Register early for best pricing.

26 April 2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 26 3/24/17 3:08 PM

Dr. Kristine Trockels, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
1160 Cirby Way Suite 200
Roseville, CA 95661
GROW YOUR BUSINESS Call Now: 916-526-7071
JOHN LOVE FREE 15 Minute Consultation
Advertising Sales Manger with the doctor to find out how Naturopathic medicine can benefit you.
Offering IV therapy & Vitamin B12 injections for
(916) 774-7908 optimum wellness.
Call today to schedule your appointment!
916.526.7071 drtrockelsnd.com

The Window Box Cafe FREE PUBLIC

Fast & Friendly Service in a EVENT
Comfortable Atmosphere!
6835 Five Star Blvd
Rocklin, California
Not valid on Sundays. Expires 5/14/2017
Sat & Sun April 29 & 30 10am-5pm
Passport Maps & Artists Information
(916) 259-2114

Sat 4/1 Vintage Fare
Fri 4/7 Dan Crary
Sat 4/8 The Jones Gang
(Formerly Houston Jones)
Fri 4/14 TBD
Sat 4/15 Side-Wheeler String Band
Fri 4/21 Grammy Winner Mark Hanson &
Greta Pedersen
Sat 4/22 Paddy & Sheila of Celtic Heart
Fri 4/28 Awholelotta Little Big Band
Sat 4/29 Rhythm Times

The Acoustic Den Caf

10271 Fairway Dr. #120
Roseville, CA 95678

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 27 3/24/17 3:08 PM

special advertising supplement and skin conditions. Salts in Granite Bay
Halotherapy follows the safety standards of

Try halotherapy
the Salt Therapy Association. This means
the temperature, humidity and proper

FOR ALLERGIES ventilation systems are controlled and were

put in place to provide the cleanest and
best halotherapy experience clients.

o you have a headache, are you tired, watery eyes, stuffed up At Salts in Granite Bay, in the adult suite you
nose or just all around out of it? If this sounds like you then will enter a room where you will see Himalayan salt
you most likely have allergies. While we have many over the on the walls and on the floor. The adult suite has comfortable
counter pharmaceutical choices they dont often help, come with recliners to relax in with a Himalayan salt brick wall
some horrible side effects and are not natural. So, what can you that is lit up with relaxing music playing. You can relax
do? Halotherapy! music, read, meditate, or rest. You will find pure
Halotherapy, also known as dry Salt Therapy is a holistic relaxation and tranquility away from your everyday
approach that mimics the microclimate of a salt caves in stress leaving you rejuvenated and fully energized.
Poland where it originated from. It works because when the The childrens suite is designed to bring fun and
salt is heated it becomes super dry, and kinetically more active. enjoyment with toys, books, and puzzles while
This heated and dry pure salt is crushed in a machine into they receive their salt therapy treatment.
micro-sized particles and dispersed into the air in an enclosed During the 45 minutes is not uncommon to
environment. When these micro-particles of dry salt are inhaled notice a faint trace of salt on your lips, the
into the respiratory system, it does its job by absorbing and opening of your airways, nose running or
removing allergens, toxins and foreign substances in your lungs slight cough but everyone is different.
and throughout your respiratory tract. Salt also reduces any So if you are looking for help
inflammation and opens the airway passages making easier with your allergies this season,
to breathe. This type of treatment is a safe and effective way something that is natural that
of using salts natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and actually works then stop by
super absorbent properties to provide relief for respiratory SALTS for a Halotherapy session.


FOR $35! REG. 45 $


2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 28 3/24/17 3:08 PM

special advertising supplement


lincoln Wine fest FOOD

Sample Placer wines without driving all over the county.

Lincoln Rotary sponsors this very popular walk-about wine
April 29th WINE

tasting event featuring local wines paired with local food. Stroll
around the shops and retail locations including the Art League
and Archive Museum. Beermann Plaza will host a live band
1 - 5 PM
and vendors. Take notes on the order sheet while sampling
wine to buy the wine by the bottle at the Bottle Shop.

WHEN: 1-5 p.m. Saturday, April 29

WHERE: Downtown Lincoln
Tickets $35 in advance
COST: $35 in advance or $40 on the day. Must be 21 years to $40 at the door
purchase. Children may accompany adults. Designated Driver www.lincolnwinefest.org
tickets available on the day.
INFO: lincolnwinefest.org BEERMANN PLAZA, LINCOLN

Strategic Counsel and

Planning, Securing Results

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Divorce

Main Topics of Workshop:
Legal ~ Financial ~ Emotional
The Divorce Process Child Custody & Support Dividing Property
Protecting Yourself Legally and Financially
Helping Your Family Cope Avoiding Divorce Courts
Unbiased information presented by local professionals to help you
understand all of your options and move forward with your life.
When: The Second Saturday of Every Month from 9 - 11 am
Location & Registration: www.secondsaturdayroseville.org BEST SELECTION. BEST FLOORPLANS. BEST PRICES.
Helping Women Navigate the Challenges of Untying the Knot
RSVP Online or Call 916.797.7737
Solutions Now Partners For The Long Term
Before you Leave, Call Steve! 916-474-4376
for a complimentary consultation
Stephen M. Fatula, Jr. 1039 Orlando Ave. in ROSEVILLE, CA
Roseville, CA 866.981.6285 | CampingWorld.com/RV

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 29 3/24/17 3:08 PM

real estate

Real Estate Transactions
The following are all of the recent real estate transactions that took place with all real estate
agents in Roseville between Feb. 1-28, 2017. Data provided by CoreLogic.

1. 720 Sunrise Avenue #45 $93,000 30. 421 Manzanita Avenue $337,000
2. 241 Breuner Drive #2 $152,000 31. 1749 Camino Real Way $339,000
3. 501 Gibson Drive #2011 $173,500 32. 1352 Marseille Lane $340,000
4. 1945 Monterey Pines Drive $181,000 33. 1026 Mcrae Way $345,000
5. 1501 Secret Ravine Parkway #183 $198,000 34. 1897 Glenmark Way $350,000
6. 521 Elefa Street $210,000 35. 603 Lyndhurst Avenue $355,000
7. 501 Gibson Drive #2122 $225,000 36. 3009 Parkham Drive $356,000
8. 10001 Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard #1025 $247,500 37. 638 Dawnridge Road $356,000
9. 211 La Rue Aly $249,500 38. 2265 Independence Way $356,500
10. 1010 Sunset Drive $250,000 39. 641 Lyndhurst Avenue $357,000
11. 143 Fig Street $269,500 40. 1337 Avenida Alvarado $360,000
12. 104 Langley Avenue $275,000 41. 1502 Crestmont Oak Drive $360,000
13. 506 Loretto Drive $275,000 42. 248 Chambord Way #248 $360,000
14. 1341 Hidalgo Circle $280,000 43. 8957 Box Canyon Way $360,000
15. 507 King Road $280,000 44. 1234 Chenin Blanc Circle $370,000
16. 1218 Mckinley Drive $285,000 45. 156 Talmont Circle #156 $370,000
17. 161 Hickory Street $287,000 46. 307 Evelyn Avenue $370,000
18. 184 Ivy Street $287,000 47. 108 Amethyst Court $371,000
19. 188 Ivy Street $287,000 48. 302 Tarkington Court $375,000
20. 2203 Lee Way $290,000 49. 122 Talmont Circle #122 $378,000
21. 907 Hillcrest Avenue $290,000 50. 1724 Magenta Drive $383,000
22. 1010 Main Street $300,000 51. 29 Castle Hill Court $383,000
23. 1717 Blue Beaver Way $300,000 52. 1002 Baquera Court $385,000
24. 804 Dante Circle $300,000 53. 8033 Starbuck Way $385,000
25. 4309 Coach Whip Way $305,000 54. 1464 Black Bear Street $390,000
26. 1056 Old Mill Circle $316,000 55. 1524 Lathwell Way $395,000
27. 1308 Rice Lane $320,000 56. 2194 Village Green Drive $399,000
28. 1361 Black Bear Street $325,000 57. 1523 Pine Valley Circle $405,000
29. 1253 Crescendo Drive $330,000 58. 1737 Sevilla Drive $405,000

This months Recent Real Estate Transactions pages are sponsored by:

Debbie Austin
CalBRE #01429175

DebbieAustinGroup.com | 916.223.8144

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 30 3/24/17 3:08 PM

59. 6033 Plum Canyon Lane $405,000 88. 2008 Cattledrive Way $510,000
60. 1505 Quail Circle $410,000 89. 2573 Roxby Way $515,000
61. 816 Huskinson Court $410,000 90. 701 Gibson Drive #3 $524,000
62. 4173 Shorthorn Way $413,000 91. 4107 Porch Swing Drive $525,000
63. 4289 Bob Doyle Drive $415,000 92. 1517 Avanti Drive $529,000
64. 871 Trehowell Drive $415,000 93. 3136 Big Bear Drive $535,000
65. 3148 Mount Tamalpais Drive $420,000 94. 8663 Pasatiempo Circle $536,000
66. 216 Bettencourt Drive $421,000 95. 1039 Kensington Drive $540,000
67. 524 Amberly Court $425,000 96. 1605 Old Hart Ranch Road $543,000
68. 2145 Arlington Drive $429,000 97. 432 Bonicelli Court $545,000
69. 300 Bloomfield Court $432,000 98. 2023 Blackheath Lane $549,000
70. 2059 Shipton Drive $435,000 99. 4304 Brick Mason Circle $554,500
71. 1452 West Colonial Parkway $440,000 100. 2205 Banbury Circle $565,000
72. 1697 Aylesbury Way $448,500 101. 108 Paizano Court $573,000
73. 307 Los Ramblas Court $449,000 102. 8745 Cantle Court $574,000
74. 1563 East Colonial Parkway $455,000 103. 332 Roundhill Court $586,100
75. 381 Bayonne Court $457,000 104. 1640 Baroness Way $590,000
76. 1080 Porthill Lane $459,000 105. 4021 Haviland Drive $617,500
77. 456 Knowlton Court $460,000 106. 3641 Ghislaine Court $629,000
78. 505 Chaucer Court $461,500 107. 2221 Viola Way $635,000
79. 1574 Faulkner Drive $465,000 108. 1533 Elk Ravine Way $640,000
80. 9402 Billy Mitchell Boulevard $480,000 109. 1761 Krpan Drive $650,000
81. 7532 Astaire Way $485,000 110. 2925 Carradale Drive $680,000
82. 1553 Diamond Woods Circle $489,000 111. 1857 Krpan Drive $725,000
83. 612 Twinwood Loop $489,000 112. 3796 Muirwood Lane $759,000
84. 1138 Brookline Circle $495,000 113. 4155 Kingsbarns Drive $850,000
85. 7300 Secret Garden Loop $500,000 114. 8629 Castle Creek Drive $855,000
86. 7405 Goose Meadows Way $505,500 115. 208 Heron Creek Court $870,000
87. 1701 Fontenay Way $510,000

Specializing in homeS SaleS in granite Bay, loomiS, rocklin, roSeville & FolSom
I have purchased 10 homes in my lifetime, Debbie was my
Realtor for the last two. She is the most knowledgeable, patient

and professional of any real estate person I have ever worked
with. ~ Don Sams

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 31 3/24/17 3:08 PM

roseville calendar

April 2017 To submit an event to Roseville Magazines calendar of events email jamieh@goldcountrymedia.com

tuesdays wednesdays

FARMERS MARKET Wine Down Wednesdays

FOUNTAINS AT ROSEVILLE Wednesdays just got better. Enjoy live
music and wine tastings in partnership
Enjoy fresh local produce, meats, music with local vintners.
and fun. The weekly Farmers Market
is open year round. Where: Vernon Street Town Square,
311 Vernon Street, Roseville
Where: Parking lot near Whole Foods When: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays
and Peets Coffee at the Fountains. 1198 April 12 through May 17
Roseville Parkway, Roseville Cost: Entrance fee is $10 and includes
When: 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesdays five tastings. Cabana rentals and season
Info: foothillfarmersmarket.com passes available.
Info: roseville.ca.us/events

april 8 april 12

Roller Derby at the Bingo roundup

Proceeds benefit the Philanthropic
Placer County Fairgrounds
Programs of the Assistance League of
Come watch Flood Water Roller Derby
Greater Placer. Event features cash prizes,
play full contact, female flat track roller
raffle, silent auction. Food and beverages,
derby. Now in their fourth season, the
including wine and beer, available for
Flood is making their hometown debut.
purchase. Must be 18 to attend.
Where: 800 All America City Boulevard,
Roseville Where: Blue Goose Event Center,
When: 1 p.m. Saturday, April 8 3550 Taylor Road in Loomis
Doors open at noon. When: 12:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Cost: $10 Wednesday, April 12
Info: floodwaterrollerderby.org Info: assistanceleague.org

april 15 april 21

Night Out at the Museum Campfire

Seeing West Mountain: Concow Sit under the stars at the outdoor
Histories of California During the Great amphitheater and enjoy native stories
Depression, presentation by the author around the campfire. Roasting sticks and
and professor William Bauer. marshmallows provided

Where: Maidu Museum, Where: Maidu Museum,

1970 Johnson Ranch Drive, Roseville 1970 Johnson Ranch Drive, Roseville-
When: 6:30-8:30 p.m. When: 7:30-8:30 p.m. Friday, April 21
Saturday, April 15 Cost: $5 per a person. $16 for a family
Cost: Free of 4. Children under 2 are free.
Info: (916) 774-5934 or Info: (916) 774-5934 or
roseville.ca.us/events roseville.ca.us/events

32 April2017

2017_04_April Roseville Magazine.indd 32 3/24/17 3:08 PM

april 21 april 22

Friday Flicks: Secret Life of Pets Celebrate the Earth Festival

Grab a blanket, lawn chair and the family The 10th annual event will feature live
for a movie under the stars, weather entertainment, music, food, mobile
permitting. food trucks, electric vehicles, local green
vendors, a scavenger hunt and more.
Where: Vernon Street Town Square,
311 Vernon Street, Roseville Where: Mahany Regional Park, 1545
When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 21 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville
Cost: Free Concessions available When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
for purchase. Saturday, April 22
Info: roseville.ca.us/events Cost: Free
Info: roseville.ca.us/events

april 22 april 29-30

Lincoln Clay day Gold Country Pro Rodeo

Celebrate Earth Day and celebrate clay The rodeo runs two days rain or shine.
and its historic roots in Lincoln . Artist You wont want to miss the pro bull
demonstrations and Gladding, McBean riding, bronc riding, and team roping,
clay pipe carving and sculpture. Ceramic and more.
arts vendors. Activities for children and
families. Live music and more. Where: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday;
from noon to 8 p.m. Sunday
Where: Beermann Downtown Plaza, When: Gold Country Fair Grounds,
640 Fifth Street, Lincoln 209 Fairgate Road in Auburn
When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost: $16-$26
Saturday, April 22 Info: (916) 726-7404 ext. 306, gold-
Info: all4art.net countryprorodeo.com

april 29 april 29-30

Yomen: A spring celebration 11th annual art studios trek

Celebrate and experience California South Placer artists will show their work,
Indian culture. See tribal dancer groups, and provide demonstrations in their
traditional art and craft demonstrations, studios. See mixed media, sculpture,
guided trail tours, native storytelling, jewelry, wood, stone, painting, gourds
childrens activities, food and craft fair. and more.

Where: Maidu Museum and Where: Roseville, Granite Bay

Historic Site, 1970 Johnson and Rocklin
Ranch Drive, Roseville When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost: Free
Cost: Free Info: ArtStudioTrek.com
Info: roseville.ca.us/events

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rocklin calendar

April 2017 To submit an event email jamieh@goldcountrymedia.com

april 8

Rocklin Reveal
Kick off the entertainment season with
the sneek peak at upcoming events and
a special City of Rocklin Open House.

Where: Quarry Park,

4000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin
Mention this ad to hear about our April Specials!
When: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
General Household Pest Control Saturday, April 8
Rodent, Bat and Bird Control Cost: Free
Termite and Dry Rot Inspections Info: (916) 625-5232 or rocklin.ca.us
Structural Repairs
Real Estate Inspections

Family Owned and Operated april 8

and serving Placer County since
2005 Super surplus book sale
Sale sponsored by Rocklin Friends of the
916 630-1212 Rocklinpestcontrol.com Library. Fill a bag full of books for one

Where: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Saturday April 8
When: Rocklin Library,
4890 Granite Drive in Rocklin
Fountain Cost: $5 to fill a bag.
$2 for members. $10 to join
Drink with Info: rocklinfriends.org
Large Bowl

10% OFF
april 21

John Muir with Lee Stetson

Proceeds benefit the Sierra College
For Regular Bowl Natural History Museum.
New Customers Only
Where: Sierra College Rocklin, Dietrich
HOURS: Theatre, 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin
Mon. - Thurs. - 11AM9PM When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 21
Fri. - Sat. - 11AM10PM Cost: $5 general, $2 students and
seniors, museum members free.
Sun. - 11AM8PM Info: (916) 660-7926

6696 Lonetree

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