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Match the situation in column A with the barriers in column B.

Write the letter of

your answer before the number.

_____ 1. John didnt understand the lesson because his a. attitude toward the
classmates were also talking during the discussion. sender or the
_____ 2. Mark was not able to read and understand what was b. negative attitude
written on the board for everyone was passing by in front.
_____ 3. The message was not sent because his e-mail c. bad phone
address was wrong. connections
_____ 4. I cant hear you clearly on my phone because Ive d. e-mail not working
got poor signal.
_____ 5. Do not text me at midnight because I may receive e. poor listening skills
your message but I wont be able to read it.
_____ 6. I am having a hard time reading nursing books f. fear
because there are a lot of medical terminologies which I do
not know.
_____ 7. After running 4 rounds in the oval, I could hardly g. emotions
hear what my coach was saying to me.
_____ 8. It is difficult for me to take down notes important h. time of day
details while listening actively to the speaker.
_____ 9. I will not respond to his invitation because I am not i. noise
_____ 10. I was not able to give the right answer in the j. sender used too
recitation because our teachers facial expression was many technical
intimidating. words for the

_____ 11. I was just very happy last time thats why I didnt k. fatigue
notice your greeting.
_____ 12. I will not reply to his e-mail because hes a l. distraction