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1 is a chair with wheels, used when walking is
Wheel Chair difficult or impossible due to illness, injury,
2 Stretcher
Pocket Pulse Oximetri
5 Stethoscope
6 Sphygmomanometer Digital
7 Sphygmomanometer Aneroid
8 Digital thermometer
9 Weighting Scale/Baby
10 Weighting Scale
1 Defibrilator
2 Resusitator Kit
4 Emergency Trolley/ Resucitation Crash
5 Film Viewer
6 Examination lamp
7 Lamp/Hanging Lamp
8 Laryngoscope
9 Nebulizer
10 Pulse Oximetry
11 Stethoscope
12 Suction Pump
13 Portable / Aspirator/Vacuum
14 Infusion Pump
15 Syringe Pump
16 Bed Patient Electric
17 Bed Patient Manual
19 Sphygmomanometer
20 Aneroid/Tensimeter Anaeroid
21 Termometer Digital
22 Table/Tempat Tidur Ginekologi
Head Lamp/Lampu Kepala
24 Lampu Periksa/Examination
25 Lamp/Hanging Lamp
26 Operating Lamp Mobile
27 Minor Surgery Set
28 Bed Patient Electric/Tempat Tidur Pasien
29 Bed Patient Manual/Tempat
30 Tidur Pasien Manual
31 Defibrilator
32 electrocardiography is a medical device whose
function is to record the electrical activity or
electrical occurring within the heart. The result
ECG/EKG/ Electrocardiograph 12 can be seen on the electrocardiogram. Usually
Channels used in diseases associated with the function of
the heart.

33 Emergency Trolley/
34 Resucitation Crash Cart
35 Infusion Pump
36 Pneumatic Splint Set
37 Resusitator Kit/Resucitation Bay
38 Stethoscope/ Stetoskop
39 Suction Pump
40 Portable/Aspirator/Vacuum
41 Syringe Pump
42 Sphygmomanometer
43 Digital/Tensimeter Digital

1 Operating Table
2 Mayo Table
3 Operating Lamp Ceiling Type
4 Lampu Periksa/Examination
5 Lamp/Hanging Lamp
6 ETT, LMA, Nasotracheal, Dewasa
7 dan Pediatric
8 Laringoscope Set (Dewasa Dan
9 Pediatric)
10 Fiber Optic
11 Mesin Anesthesi
12 Defibrilator
13 Ventilator Anesthesi
14 Electro Surgery Unit (ESU)
15 Autoklaf
16 Major Surgery Instrument Set
17 Untuk Kepala (Dewasa Dan
18 Pediatric)
19 Bor
20 Major Surgery Instrument Set untuk
leher (Dewasa dan pediatric)
21 Major Surgery Instrument Set
22 untuk thorak dan cardiac Dewasa
23 Major Surgery Instrument Set
24 untuk thorak dan cardiac Baby
25 Major Surgery Instrument Set
26 untuk abdomen Dewasa
27 Major Surgery Instrument Set
28 untuk abdomen pediatric
29 Major Surgery Instrument Set
30 untuk urologi Dewasa
31 Major Surgery Instrument Set
32 untuk urologi pediatric
33 Major Surgery Instrument Set
34 untuk bedah plastik
35 Major Surgery Instrument Set
36 untuk vaskuler
37 Minimal invasive surgery set
38 Mastektomi set
Operating Microscope
Infusion pump
Suction pump
Patient Monitor
Patient Stracher
Syringe Pump
Endoscopy THT, Bronchoscopy,
gastrocoscopy, colonoscopy
Endoscopy THT, Bronchoscopy,
gastrocoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP
Cryo surgery
Captriton Ultra Sonic Aspiration (CUSA)
Harmonic Scalpel
Caiman Seal and Cutting Device
USG guided
Blood Gas Analyzer
Electrolyte Analyzer
CCTV For Operation

1 Incubator
2 Infant Warmer
3 Baby Suction pump
4 Infant dan baby weighting scale
5 Infant stetoscope
6 Sypgmomanometer dengan
manset untuk bayi dan anak
7 Termometer Rectal
8 Termometer Axial
9 Tongue Spatel
10 Photo Therapy
12 Baby Resusitasion Set
13 Infusion Pump
14 Syringe Pump
15 Baby Examination table
16 Examination lamp
17 Bed Side Monitor
18 Reflex hammer
19 Phono Cardiograph
21 Intubation set
1 Lumbal needle Punction
2 Incubator
3 Incubator Transpor
4 Baby Resusitasion Set
5 Baby Suction pump
6 Infant Stetoscope
7 Sypgmomanometer dengan
manset untuk bayi dan anak
8 Termometer rectal
9 Termometer axial
10 Reflex hammer
11 Tongue Spatel
12 Tempat tidur bayi
13 Vena section set
14 Infant Warmer

Examination lamp

Fetal Detector




Infusion Stand
Infant weighing scale
Suction pump
Oxygen Set + Flow meter

Emergency light
Recusitation for adult
Recusitation for infant

Delivery instrument set

Minor surgery instrument

Infus set

Thermometer Measure temperature of human body
Ventilator Assist the patient breathing
used to treat life threatening conditions that
affect the rhythm of the heart such as cardiac
arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation and
pulseless ventricular tachycardia.
acoustic medical device for auscultation, or
listening to the internal sounds
to measure blood pressure or blood pressure.
Tensimeter Used for examination of patients

that should be available to ensure that a collap

Resusitation kit sed patient recovers orremains viable until anot
her professional can take over the patient's care
used to deliver fluids into a patients body in a
Infusion pump
controlled manner.
designed to deliver measured amounts of a dru
Syringe pump g or IV solution through IV injection over time
a display of major body functions on a device
that looks like a television screen or computer
Bed site monitor
monitor. The number of body functions the
monitor measures is up to the doctor and nurse.