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E-mail: rijwan2224@gmail.com

Phone No: 0568475032


Intend to build a career in the field of Mechanical development, where I can prove my
technical, analytical and logical skills. Willing to get job in a challenging and creative

Career Summary:

More than 8+ years of experience in the field of Piping, welding,Brazing, NDT,Tanks

quality control department for Reviewing and preparation of welding procedures, Brazing
procedures,qualification of welding procedures, qualification of welders/welding operators,
Brazing oparators,inspection and NDE of finish welds for Piping fabrication, Pipe supports
and steel structures.
Supervised erection / installation / inspection of the following: Tanks,
Piping,welding.,Brazing, Pre-fabrication activities of piping systems, pre-shutdown and
shutdown activities. Critical pipe supports, Line checks prior to hydro testing, Mechanical
completion check activities etc.
Having Experience in Aramco,sabic,sadara,satorp Projects & Approvals
Educational qualification:

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU University, Hyderabad, India

Diploma in Process piping as per ASME B31.3

Certified Welding Inspector CSWIP 3.1 from TWI Cambridge, U.K

(certificate no: 69167)
ASNT-Level II certification in Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Penetrating Testing
Magnetic particle Testing

Software Exposure:

Auto-cad, Micro-station
PDS (Plant design system)

Job experiences:
Worked in PCQ-2 Project,Jubail chemical storage & service company
Project : PCQ-2 project
Designation : QC Welding inspector (Welding/Brazing/piping/Tanks/NDE)
Project : PCQ-2 Project,SABIC
Company : CNCEC
Duration : March 2015 Dec 2016

Worked in Taal E & I ,Saudi Arabia

Designation : QC Welding inspector (Welding/Brazing/piping/Tanks/NDE)

Project : SADARA Dow chemical launch project
Company : Technimont Saudi Arabia
Duration : Nov 2014 Feb 2015

Worked in TCC ( Third chemical Engineering construction company of


Designation : QC Welding inspector (Welding/Brazing/piping/Tanks/NDE)

Project : SADARA Dow chemical launch project
Company : Daelim Isocynates (Chem-2)
Client : SADARA Dow chemical launch project
Duration : AUG 2013 October 2014

worked in Al-Khatlan contracting (MRK)

Designation : QC Welding Inspector (Welding/Brazing/piping/Tanks).

Client : SATORP-Jubail Export Refinery project.
Project : Auxiliary Utilities (Package-5c).
Duration : July 2010 Jun 2013.

Worked in BGR Energy Systems limited

Designation : Piping Engineer

Company : BGR energy
Client : Tata project
Date : September 2008 Jan 2010

Worked in Power Mech projects Pvt Ltd

Designation : Piping Engineer

Client : IOCL Refinary,panipat
Consultant : M/S BHEL
Date : July 2006 Aug 2008

Duties & Responsibilities :

Preparation of inspection test plan [ITP], Review of welding procedures & Brazing
procedures other quality documents, Prepare Punch List for Project Job, Controlling
subcontractor peoples like NDT and Produce of final Documentation package for client
Review of Welding Procedure Qualification,brazing procedure, Welder Performance
Qualification &Welding Consumables Certificate
Witnessing Procedure Qualification, Welders & Welding operator Performance
Perform inspection of Fit ups and dimensional as per isometric and specifications
Perform inspection on erection and installation of pre fabricated line pipes
Random Witnessing of various NDT methods like PT, MT & UT.
To attend Pre Inspection Meetings and other meetings as required.
Witnessing Visual inspection of Weldments.
Witnessing of cleaning, hydro test and pneumatic test.
Review of calibration reports.
Knowledge of Work permits like hot work, cold work

Inspected Conducted complete inspection of the various tanks such as basic

repair and maintenance.
Monitored the tank inspection by checking tanks, keeping it clean.
Coordinating with client and third party inspectors.
Review of job specifications, preparation of inspection and test plan
Preparation of Inspection and Test plan for Above-ground Storage Tanks.
Monitoring Erection, Fit-up and welding activities as per API 650
Witnessing vacuum test for bottom plate and NDT activities.
Familiar with international codes and standards(B31.3,B31.4,B31.8,ASME,SEC IX,
Knowledge of Aramco Standards (SAES-W-10, SAES-W-11, SAES-W-12).
Reviewing and Understanding of Welding Procedure Specifications
Reviewing and Understanding the all Procedures e.g. NDT, Hydro test
Incoming material inspection against MTC.
Review and prepare Weld Maps as per site condition.
Checking of complete weldment against requirement of drawing and jobs
Witnessing the hydro test and pneumatic test
Ensure the compliance of all piping and welding construction and associated activities
to client approved drawing and specification, by inspection, witnessing and
Inspection of welding consumables like Electrodes, Filler Wires and Shielding Gas as
per the Specification.
Welding Visual Inspection of tanks , Review the Welding Summary.
Monitor welding parameters in accordance with WPS.
Maintaining welders performance continuity record.
To check the working condition of Baking and Drying Ovens.
To check the condition of electrodes during working.
Coordination with NDT company for RT,UT,MT,PT
Reviewing all NDT reports,Hardness reports and PWHT reports
Repair marking on joints to execute repair after the application of NDT
Clearing Punchings as per site condition
Preparing weld maps and weld summary as per drawings
Inspection of welding consumable as per approved WPS.
To verify the required equipment for welding, like welding machine, baking equipment,
welding torch or holder, clamping, etc.
To inspect backing of low hydrogen electrodes and handling of consumables.
Witness of joint preheating, post heating and purging as required.
Witnessing and monitoring the required NDE has been covered as per the project
Piping line check, prior to release for hydro testing.
To grind and do applicable NDT if found any defects on the base metals.
To check the fit-up before welding for root gap, root face and bevel preparation as per
the WPS.
To check the current and voltages are supplied as per the WPS range.
To check the welding machines for their calibration.
To inspect the travel speed which is to be in the range of WPS.
To carry out Inspection Processes as per welding Procedures.
To check the internal cleaning of the pipes before fit-up
Verifying weather the sub contractor covered the required percentage of NDT
Maintaining and verification of RT, PT and MT reports
Reviewing of RT films and getting approval from owner
Conducting all pressure test activities at site
Inspect joint preparation, joint configuration, and cleanliness and preheat
temperature as per WPS.
Visual inspections of weld joints for Piping, Pipe Line.
Ensure satisfactory identification of materials, proper protection of piping and fittings.
Verify proper size and schedule of pipe, proper rating and face of flanges.
Ensure that pipe supports, hangers and guides have been installed in accordance
with the piping drawings and the pipe supports details.
Inspection of Materials and Consumables.
Witnessing Hydrostatic testing, Post Weld Heat Treatment [PWHT], Welders
Qualification Test [WQT].
Witnessing Pneumatic test for nozzle re-enforcement pads.

Personal information:

Name : Mohammad Rijwan

Languages Known : English,hindi,urdu, telugu
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Present location : Al-jubail
Iqama number : 2339775211

I hear by certify and confirm that the above statements and informatation true

( MD.Rijwan )