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Who are mentors? Basically according to wikipedia A mentor is a person or

friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive
behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable,
engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee. Today, most youth
development organizations recognize the importance of a child having a caring
responsible adult in their lives. For children who come from less than ideal
circumstances, mentoring can be a critical ingredient towards positive youth
It is really an honor to have my mentor because during my entire internship she
became my mother and my friend, she is always there when I ask questions, she is
always there to correct my mistakes, she molded me to love my future career, she
inspired me to love the children whom Ill company with in my entire future
profession. There are no words or any materials that can give back all the good things
she has done.

She is a wonderful teacher, boss, leader, and friend. She is everything one could
look for in a good mentor. She groomed us to be sound professionals and made
working with her an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful
to her for her support and kindness, and I am really thankful to her because I have
always my snack during break time. I will miss her consistently maintained strong
business ethics while keeping a smile on her face and those of the people around her.
Thank you so much to her for her guidance and useful advice.

Her perseverance, integrity and people-loving nature are just a few of her qualities
to inspire me. Thank you for being my mentor.


How important the learning environment of the students is? It is really important
because the conduciveness is based on how the students learned. Do you think if the
environment is such a chaos would the students inspired to study? I admire the
classroom(the environment) of where I held my practice teaching because they have
their own mini library inside their classroom, it is like house where our students are
comfortable to stay, there is a bathroom and it is clean, there are lot of ceiling fans
(maybe 7) for just 8 by 7 size of a classroom. The ambiance of classroom is really
refreshing it is not too hot and not that cold.
One thing I really like in the classroom is that the organization of the files of our
students as well as my mentor is really organized. Good vibes inside the classroom is
really amazing because eventhough the students have different diversity in terms of
their personalities, they treated each other not just their classmates but they treated
each other as their brothers and sisters.
We cannot remove to an elementary students, that sometimes they got mad, but
for my own observation they are not letting their pride just to look humble, but they
are using their heart to really felt sorry from one another.
I really admired the students, because they are helping each other no matter what



During my internship (referring to the first and second week of my internship),

honestly, it is really hard to approach the students because you are still not close to
them, you still dont know the things how they communicate and how they treat you
as their intern. When my first teaching daily lesson. I cant control their noise I do not
know how to handle the class because first and for all, I do not know their names. So
it is hard for me to ask them not to make any noise. There is a time that I shouted
them angrily, thats why all of them stop what they are doing, maybe it is their first
time to see me angry and mad. I said to myself that sometimes you need to pretend
angry for you to manage the class when it comes to their noise. They are not also
cleaning! They are just playing outside, we understand because they are elementary
students, but as a future educator you must show to your students the value of being
independent and knowing how to make chores as early as possible. As the time goes
by, when my heart begins close to them, I can now ask them not to make noise, I can
now ask them to clean into their areas, I can now manage the class when it comes to
their seating arrangement. I have no problem into their learning process because they
are all good, if I am teaching they are actively participating in the class discussion,
they are just frustrated to enter the SPED section. They can get high scores in their
quizzes and excellent into their performance task. But above all, you teacher, should
be the one who will manage the class, you should be the one to teach them what they
need to learn.



When it comes to activities the students are enjoying group activity, for instance,
when we have our lesson in Science specifically Solar system and its planet, they really
like the group-quiz activity wherein, each group will have a card board a chalk and an
eraser and I will ask questions and after 5 seconds when I said GO! They will write their
answer in the cardboard and they will be graded for that activity. With the help of this
activity it will boost the confident of the student to answer because she/he has companion
and he/she will not hesitate for the answer. The essence of this activity is to boost the
students cooperation and everyone will think of what is the answer of my question two
or more heads are better than one isnt it?

For their problem-based activities, some of them are not doing well in
mathematics, maybe because they are still in the process of mastering numbers. Few of
them, love mathematics and love math activities but most of them are still coping to learn
mathematics. The problem is that, when it comes to activity, most of them are not
participating, and during their assessment, most of them got low scores. So as a teacher, it
is your duty and RESPONSIBILITY to have a better strategy/ies for the students to learn,
or love to learn mathematics.


There is no problem when it comes to the behavior of the students because as you
order them, they will follow you, we can never remove that sometimes the students
are very insensitive in terms of their behavior but we should understand that they are
elementary students and they are in the process of maturation wherein they are
confuse on their feeling, there will comes a time that they will realize what are the
things they should and should not do. It is not really hard to adjust yourself to them,
because they are very approachable, they are concern of what you are doing maybe
because of their curiosity. Our students are easy to love because they will treat you as
their older brother or sister. I can consider that my entire stay in my practice teaching
is a good vibe moments.
On their assessment, they are very good literally, because 9 out of 10 percent
students got a perfect score during their quizzes or examination, I saw and I observed
when you first saw them, you can say that they are not serious in their study but, I am
really wrong, they are seems to be not listening but they are really listening and their
desire to study is there, their willingness to have a perfect or a high score just to have
a high grades.
Internship, where you can mold yourself, one step for your preparation into your
future career. It is really a nice experienced when we have our practice teaching. Because,
some of our traits before replaced by a newly improve traits now.

Honestly, before, I have a crowd fright, stage fright, and speaking fright. When I face
people and speak in front of them, all my body parts are shaking and sweating.
I am really thankful that I experienced practice teaching. I do not love children
before, but during our practice teaching it made me realize that for you to enter teaching
profession is that, you should first have the passion to love children because they are the
foundation of your career. Without them, how can you say that it is teaching? Isnt it?

I am really grateful that I took my practice teaching, because I experienced many

new things, I experienced to have a gift came from my students, I experienced to shout
very loud for them to stop their noise, I experienced not to sleep just to make my Daily
Lesson, we interns, experienced to do some teachers activities like decorating stages and
bulletin boards inside the principals office. We experienced making Item analysis and
Table of specifications of our mentors, but we know that these things can help us in the
future, we can consider it as our first training that we can use when we are now in field.


Who am I after 2 years? I can visualize myself teaching to a naughty but lovely
students. I can see myself doing lot of lesson plans, joining some town activities as coach
of my students, Emcee of a program, joining BSP guardian and attending seminars.
Maybe after the LET examination it is all going to happen. All the things in my thoughts
are the things that my heart wanted to be accomplished. I am planning to take my
Masters degree after I passed the Board examination if there is an opportunity after
taking Masters degree I will immediately take my Doctors degree. I just really want to
be included in the hall of teachers of my entire family having high positions in their field.

On the other side of my visualization session, I can visualize also myself teaching
students that are foreign faces, deliberating to a foreign faculty members and staff.
Maybe, if this is the will of God, for me to teach outside of our country, then Ill not
hesitate to go abroad to teach. I will just do my best to impart my knowledge to other
students outside our country. Indeed, this is the plan that I want to achieve someday.

Who am I after 2 years?

O n th e o th e r sid e o f m y
visu a liza tio n se ssio n , I ca n
visu a lize also m yse lf
tea ch ing stu d e n ts th a t a re
fore ig n fa ce s , d e lib e ra tin g
I a m p la n ning to ta ke m y to a fo re ig n fa cu lty
M a ste r s d e g re e a fte r I m e m b ers a n d sta ff . M ay b e ,
p a sse d th e B o ard if th is is th e w ill o f G o d , fo r
e x a m in a tio n if th e re is an m e to te a ch o u tsid e o f ou r
o p p o rtu n ity a fte r ta kin g co u n try, th en Ill n o t
I ca n v isu a lize m y se lf M a ste r s d e g re e I w ill h e sita te to g o a b roa d to
tea ch in g to a n a ug h ty im m e d ia te ly ta ke m y tea ch . I w ill ju st d o m y b est
b u t lo v e ly stu d e n ts. I D o ctor s d e g re e . I ju st to im p a rt m y k n o w le d g e to
re ally w an t to b e in clu d e d o th e r stu d e n ts o u tsid e o u r
c an se e m y se lf d o in g in th e h all o f tea c he rs o f co u n try. In d e e d , th is is th e
lo t o f le sso n p la n s, m y e n tire fam ily h a v in g p la n th at I w an t to ach ie ve
jo in in g so m e tow n h ig h p o s itio n s in th e ir fi eld . so m e d ay.
a ctiv itie s a s co a ch o f
m y stu d e n ts, E m ce e o f
a p ro g ram , jo in in g
B S P g u ard ian a n d
a tte n d in g se m in a rs.
M ay b e afte r th e LE T
e xa m in atio n it is a ll
g o in g to h ap p e n .


The foundations of how children learn are laid down in the early years. Many

ways were established in order for the children to adopt and engaged to an adequate type

of learning. As teacher, we must be prepared to modify how our students learn properly,

using our different form of strategies in teaching. We are trained not to sit and just talk,

we were paid to impart knowledge to our students. How is my practice teaching

experience? I learned many things, I adopted many strategies, and I