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2 Market Analysis

Market analysis is the process to gain information about internal and external
environment in the company.

2.2.1 Internal Analysis

a. Resources
Since 1974 until 2014 Yamaha Indonesia has produced 30 million units of
motorcycles. For the last 5 years (2010 - June 2014), automatic motorcycle
segment is the largest contributor in sales with 52.9% followed Yamaha manual
motorcycles 32.5% and 14.6% of sport motorcycles.(S)
Yamaha has 6 factories in Indonesia. Two manufacturing factories and four
special factory produce spare parts. The second factory Yamaha named Yamaha
Motor Manufacturing West Java (YMMWJ) in an industrial area Karawang,
West Java KIIC inaugurated by President SBY which operating in area of 53
hectares. The production capacity will reach 11.000 to 13.000 units of
motorcycles per-day.(S)
Yamaha has 7 groups company and 160 vendors spread in Jabodetabek. The
current number of Yamahas employee is approximately 20.000. Yamaha has
2972 dealers, service and stores in Indonesia. It includes 6 DDS (Direct
Distribution System), known as the Flagship Stores (FSS) in Jakarta, West Java,
Central Java, Bali, Jambi, Madiun, Kediri.(S)
Yamaha Indonesia is trusted by Yamaha Motor Company Ltd Japan opened a
facility Global Training Center at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java
(YMMWJ) which is a training center to train the mechanical skill of Yamaha
Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries.(S)
Yamaha Indonesia has the largest factory in the world that are important for the
global Yamaha.(S)
Product line are limited, so consumers do not have a varied selection of the
product Yamaha. (W)
The production capacity is still relatively limited, so they often pivot. (W)
The number of authorized workshops unbalanced and uneven with the number
of motorcycles sold. Although many official garage but spread only in the scope
of most of the island of Java alone, and it was uneven. (W)
Less excels in the low end market low price, with the average price yamaha
motor is more expensive compared with competitors with the machine and the
model is almost the same (W)
Innovation engine less, only innovation body. Though some consumers would
rather look keiritan engine on the bike than from the motor model, Yamaha
certainly can not get rid of most of these consumers, because this is their market
as well. (W)
Yamaha has the original spare parts prices are expensive, so when compared
with other competitor Yamaha will certainly care more expensive than the other
brand. (W)