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DocuClass Payables is designed to streamline traditionally time consuming A/P processes

such as invoice processing and approval, purchase to pay, electronic invoicing, 3 way
matching and partial invoicing handling.

DocuClass Payables not only allows companies to easily capture and access all their A/P
related documents, but also provides a comprehensive set of features such as invoice
processing automation, transaction record management, collaborative vendor-customer
portals, integration with Line of Business applications as well process metrics dashboards.

USA Headquarters
1000 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Latin America
Calle Loma Umbrosa 260
Urb. Prolongacin Benavides
Santiago de Surco, Lima Per
Telfono +51.1.6378810

Xynda 7
Athens 111 41, Greece


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DocuClass Payables will allow your organization to:
Have instant and secure access to all A/P documents
Optimize process requisition and invoice approval processes -
Process invoices more eciently and in less time
Lower operational costs by:
o Reducing the number of hours needed to complete a task
o Eliminating duplicate payments
o Improving vendor payment terms and more
Improve employee productivity and accountability
Improve customer-vendor relationships
Promote transparency and collaboration with your customers and vendors
Obtain real time information about the overall status of youre A/P process.
o Invoices processed vs Outstanding
o Aging reports
o Transactions processed in a period of time, by vendor, accounts, cost center etc
Comply with auditing and regulation requirements

AP documents Management

Vendor Invoices

Packing Slips
Purchase Orders Validate
Accounts Payables Approve
Checks Review
Delivery Receipts Document
Capture &
AP Correspondence
PO Requesition

to Pay

2015 Cima Software Corp. All rights reserved.