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Fluency Vocabulary Grammar Details

and accent

Smooth and fluid speech;

Excellent control of Excellent level of
few to no hesitations; no Accuracy & variety of

5 attempts to search for

words; volume is
Pronunciation is excellent;
good effort at accent
language features; a
wide range of well-
chosen vocabulary
description; additional
details beyond the

Some errors in
Smooth and fluid speech;
Good language control; grammatical Good level of

4 few hesitations; a slight

search for words;
inaudible word or two.
Pronunciation is good;
good effort at accent
good range of relatively structures possibly description; all required
well-chosen vocabulary caused by attempt to information included
include a variety.

Speech is relatively
Frequent grammatical
smooth; some hesitation
Pronunciation is good; Adequate language errors that do not Adequate description;
3 and unevenness caused
by rephrasing and
searching for words;
Some effort at accent, but
is definitely non-native
control; vocabulary
range is lacking
obscure meaning;
little variety in
some additional details
should be provided
volume wavers.

Speech is frequently Frequent grammatical

Weak language control; Description lacks some
hesitant with some Pronunciation is okay; No errors even in simple

2 sentences left
uncompleted; volume very
effort towards a native
basic vocabulary choice
with some words clearly
structures that at
times obscure
critical details that make
it difficult for the listener
to understand
soft. meaning.

Speech is slow, hesitant &

strained except for short Pronunciation is lacking Frequent grammatical
Weak language control; Description is so lacking
1 memorized phrases;
difficult to perceive
continuity in speech;
and hard to understand;
No effort towards a native
vocabulary that is used
does not match the task
errors even in simple
structures; meaning is
that the listener cannot