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The last time the core of this team won the Francisco Division crown was 3 years ago as Team
Marquez, it was already the oldest team ever to win an ABL title consisting of 48 to 50 year old
members. That championship moved the team to tougher divisions especially the 1980s where
they could have won another championship if the game was only played in 3 quarters.

To celebrate the 11 year anniversary of another title run as Team Tan (Tan placed second), the core
decided to go back to the Francisco Division while still also playing in the 1980s. Condition was
they would be without their top scorers ofTeam Marquez. A condition which seemed odd when
some teams in Francisco were stacking up their teams with younger and better players while the
52 and 53 year old scorers of Team Marquez was not allowed. Old age is now a penalty.

With this development, Team Tan added a couple more players to make for that loss. Enter, a
couple of 58 and 56 year old shooters. Yes, 58 as in the age where grandfathers are made.

So how did an aged team without scorers win the title. Heres the breakdown.


15 years plus of playing with one another, its the assist that brings everything together. No
Golden State mode of taking a quick shot, but rather a Spurs system of moving the ball until the
best shot. Its a team that can never break down a defender one on one but will bore the defender
with a series of ball movement. Team Tan led the division with 14.3 assists per game. The starting
frontcourt was where most of the plays came from. Small forward Ray Veloso finishing at 4,
power forward Dino Jalandoni at 6 and center Bernie Cruz at 9 in the top ten passers of the


3 point shooting has always been the hallmark of this team. Team Tan led the division with 34 long
range shots made. 58 year old bomber Marcel Banzon finished first in 3 point field goal % at .314
followed by swingman Hubert Guevarra at .275. Also in the top ten was Ray Veloso at number 6
with a .206 clip.


As the old saying goes Boards wins championships. Team Tan ranked second with a 47.6
rebound average per game. Bernie Cruz was number 4 with 7.7 rebounds ave. PF Dino Jalandoni
was 8th with 6.2 and back up center Lito Bernardino rounding out the top ten with 6.6 clip. Aside
from the 3, four other teammates finished with high rebounding averages. Combo forwards Sonny
Borja and Aaron Matti averaged 6.2 and 5.7 boards respectively. Center Richmond Tan comes o
the bench with 4.7 rebounds in his arsenal while Hubert Guevarra has 4.6 boards from the


The team has played together for so long that everything is auto pilot whether we have the lead or
being down in the scoreboard. Oensive spacing, ball movement, physical but not rough defense
(although some teams may mistakenly disagree), double down on post players, opponent cutters
are stopped halfway with a little nudge form the basic tenets of the team. But it doesnt mean it
cant adjust. After losing a big lead and barely hanging on for the win in the eliminations against
their future finals opponents, Team Tan knew they would face the same man to man pressure in
the finals. Coach Jem Bengzon and Captain Gerry Sison had the team ran plays to counter that
move in the practice before the championship. In the finals, Team Tan did not rely on their 3 point
shooting but instead drove hard resulting in a come from behind overtime thriller built on steadily
cutting down the lead thru free throws. Smarts not age defines their experience.

Take a bow (but not too much or youll strain your backs), ancient warriors.

You just made History.

SG Marcel Banzon b. 1958

SG Rene Peralta b. 1960

PF Dino Jalandoni b.1965

C Bernie Cruz b.1965

PG Gerry Sison b. 1965

PG Jem Benzon b. 1965

SF Ray Veloso b. 1966

SG Sio Marquez b. 1966

C Lito Bernardino b.1967

C Richmond Tan b. 1967

SG Hubert Guevarra b. 1967

PF Aaron Matti b. 1967

PG Ramil De Guzman b. 1967

SG Don Marquez b. 1968

SF Sonny Borja b. 1969